• WordNet 3.6
    • adj dominant exercising influence or control "television plays a dominant role in molding public opinion","the dominant partner in the marriage"
    • adj dominant (of genes) producing the same phenotype whether its allele is identical or dissimilar
    • adj dominant most frequent or common "prevailing winds"
    • n dominant an allele that produces the same phenotype whether its paired allele is identical or different
    • n dominant (music) the fifth note of the diatonic scale
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Catnip can affect lions and tigers as well as house cats. It excites them because it contains a chemical that resembles an excretion of the dominant female's urine. Cats have 32 muscles in each ear.
    • a Dominant Ruling; governing; prevailing; controlling; predominant; as, the dominant party, church, spirit, power. "The member of a dominant race is, in his dealings with the subject race, seldom indeed fraudulent, . . . but imperious, insolent, and cruel."
    • n Dominant (Mus) The fifth tone of the scale; thus G is the dominant of C, A of D, and so on.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • dominant Exercising rule or chief authority; governing; predominant: as, the dominant party or faction.
    • dominant Hence Having a controlling effect or influence; most conspicuous or effective; overshadowing.
    • n dominant In music: The reciting tone in Gregorian scales or modes.
    • n dominant The fifth tone in the modern scales or modes: so called because of its importance in relation to the key-note or tonic.
    • dominant Having the crown free to light on all sides because of greater height. See crown *class.
    • dominant Characterized by or exhibiting dominance. See dominance, 2.
    • n dominant In biology, when the cross-bred offspring of parents with antagonistic or mutually exclusive characters visibly exhibits a character of one parent, while it does not visibly exhibit but is able to transmit to descendants the antagonistic character of the other parent, then the character which is manifested, and the cross-bred organism
    • n dominant which exhibits it, and
    • n dominant those of its descendants which exhibit it, and
    • n dominant the parental character, and
    • n dominant the parent that exhibits it, are all called dominants. On the other hand, the parental character which is not visibly manifested by the crossbred organism, but is transmitted to and visibly manifested by some of its descendants and their descendants, is called a recessive, as are also the organisms that exhibit it. See inheritance.
    • n dominant The greatest of a set of numbers without regard to sign.
    • n dominant In petrography, in the quantitative classification (see rock), a factor which dominates over another between the ratios and .
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Dominant dom′in-ant prevailing: predominant
    • n Dominant (mus.) the fifth note of the scale in its relation to the first and third
    • ***


  • Jean Baudrillard
    “What you have to do is enter the fiction of America, enter America as fiction. It is, indeed, on this fictive basis that it dominates the world.”
  • James Allen
    “You will become as small as your controlling desire; as great as your dominant aspiration.”
  • Ambrose Bierce
    “Incompatibility. In matrimony a similarity of tastes, particularly the taste for domination.”
  • Herbert Marcuse
    Herbert Marcuse
    “The web of domination has become the web of Reason itself, and this society is fatally entangled in it.”
  • Gloria Steinem
    “Pornography is about dominance. Erotica is about mutuality.”
  • Andrea Dworkin
    “All personal, psychological, social, and institutionalized domination on this earth can be traced back to its source: the phallic identities of men.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. dominans, -antis, p. pr. of dominari,: cf. F. dominant,. See Dominate


In literature:

Our own expression upon evolution by successive dominants and their correlates is against it.
"The Book of the Damned" by Charles Fort
Consequently the democratic principle dominated the whole organisation.
"Canada" by J. G. Bourinot
At this moment of the Regency's domination, Joseph C. Yates showed himself the coming man.
"A Political History of the State of New York, Volumes 1-3" by DeAlva Stanwood Alexander
They might be crushed for a moment, but they could never be kept under, nor really dominated.
"Paul Patoff" by F. Marion Crawford
His presence magnifying, vitalizing, and using every human power, yet Himself the dominant personality.
"Quiet Talks on the Crowned Christ of Revelation" by S. D. Gordon
V. Domine exaudi etc.
"The St. Gregory Hymnal and Catholic Choir Book" by Various
For, in its very hour of apparent triumph, Western domination was challenged as never before.
"The New World of Islam" by Lothrop Stoddard
What thought dominates Spencer's works?
"Elementary Guide to Literary Criticism" by F. V. N. Painter
Anthony is lame, and one of the most dreaded boys in Saint Dominic's.
"The Fifth Form at Saint Dominic's" by Talbot Baines Reed
Shall the charming Henriette be sacrificed to gratify her mother's domineering temper and the base designs of an impostor?
"A History of French Literature" by Edward Dowden
They range from some under feudalistic domination to countries with varying degrees of republican democracy.
"Adaptation" by Dallas McCord Reynolds
His natural impulse as commander of his craft dominated his feelings as a father.
"Blow The Man Down" by Holman Day
The use of clothing and the invention of tools would alone make mind a dominant fact in human life.
"Religion & Sex" by Chapman Cohen
But he had always dismissed the idea of such domination as wholly improbable, if not quite impossible in America.
"Carmen Ariza" by Charles Francis Stocking
Mary Magdalene, Paul, and Dominic as witnesses.
"The Shores of the Adriatic" by F. Hamilton Jackson
But in the South they did not dominate social and political life as the slave holder did.
"The Evolution of the Country Community" by Warren H. Wilson
Still think you should be a dominant?
"Earthsmith" by Milton Lesser
The immediate postwar years were dominated by the Liberal Party of the Old Kingdom.
"Area Handbook for Romania" by Eugene K. Keefe, Donald W. Bernier, Lyle E. Brenneman, William Giloane, James M. Moore, and Neda A. Walpole
When the embassy was over, the bishop and Dominic repaired to Rome, and Innocent III.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 8, Slice 6" by Various
Indians of Siouan stock; formerly the dominant people of South Carolina.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 5, Slice 5" by Various

In poetry:

To the mighty, magnificent temples of God,
In the hearts of the dominant hills,
Bill’s eyes are as blind as the fire-blackened clod
That burns far away from the rills.
"Bill the Bullock-Driver" by Henry Kendall
Rough-hewn was he for power, a massive mould,
Broad-brained, far-sighted, honourable, free
From narrowing envy, with a heart of gold
As wide and deep and dominant as the sea.
"Seddon" by George Essex Evans
Abandon, abandon, thy headlong career—
But downward thou rushest—my words are in vain,
Bethink thee that oft-changing winds domineer
On the billowy breast of the time-serving main.
"Ode To A Mountain-Torrent (From The German Of Stolberg)" by George Borrow
And if in some sweet inner sphere,
Some home of love apart,
An angel's duty she fulfil
With but a woman's heart,
Haply the red leaf, in its advent, may
Find Hope o'er sorrow dominant for aye.
"Little Kate" by Mary Gardiner Horsford
Lord of Hosts, before whose frown
Nations in their might bow down,
Thou who bidd'st the strong man's might
Work Thy will in blood-red fight,
Lord of Hosts on land and sea,
Gloria tibi, Domine!
"Hymn Of Thanksgiving After Victory" by Cicely Fox Smith
See, from Nadir to Zenith one aureole doth reach!
Of yore, the souls exalted by faith's high mysteries
Saw, in the domination of those star-clouded skies,
Jehovah's hand resplendent and heard His silent speech.
"The Glory Of The Heavens" by Emile Verhaeren

In news:

Members of the Bull Run Hunt dominated the field during the second semi-annual Hunter Pace Challenge at Morven Park, benefiting Loudoun Therapeutic Riding (LTR) and Morven Park.
A year of retirement looked good on former school-district Planning Director Dominic Shambra.
Government troops exchanged sporadic gunfire with Hutu rebels today, the third day of fighting since the Tutsi-dominated army tried to drive the guerrillas from the outskirts of the capital.
A citywide strike that many feared could set off widespread ethnic violence was averted today when Burundi 's powerful Tutsi-dominated opposition party said it had won its battle to oust the Prime Minister.
World domination and a great steak await at this new Plano steakhouse.
The days of the USA's total dominance in women's soccer are over.
The man who dominates foreign stock trades in Iraq used to wait tables in Little Italy.
The fifth-year UW senior hasn't dominated cross country in college like he did at Lake Stevens High School, but he relishes his role as team leader for Washington.
Everything from President Bush's continued dominance of the political agenda to the price of a T-shirt.
A reader recently asked how big the big wine companies are in California and how much wine they make and how they dominate the market.
Can there be dominance without degradation.
Liberalism's undemocratic streak has become its dominant feature.
They're about dismantling the final barrier to the domination of American politics by the power of money.
Creating high-energy dance songs for female pop stars is a crowded business in 2012, one dominated by professional hit makers such as.
That she was a woman refusing to submit information in a male-dominated society added fuel to their fire.

In science:

In dimensions d ≤ 2, this disorder-dominated phase exists at all temperatures, whereas in dimensions d > 2, there exists a phase transition between this disorder-dominated phase at low temperature and a diffusive phase at high temperature [36, 75].
Random walks and polymers in the presence of quenched disorder
We find that the gravitational perturbation dominates for the first two modes and overall precession is prograde, but for the remainder of the modes, the precession is retrograde and dominated by pressure.
The dynamics of eccentric accretion discs in superhump systems
Recent interferometric observations at millimeter wavelengths (Garc´ıa-Burillo et al. 2001) show that while the chemistry of the molecular gas in the disk-halo interface is dominated by shocks, the chemistry of the molecular gas in the M 82 disk seems to be dominated by the intense UV flux.
Detection of CO+ in the nucleus of M82
CO+ is a reactive ion that can only survive in the highly ionized layers of photon-dominated and X-rays dominated regions (PDRs and XDRs) (see e.g.
Detection of CO+ in the nucleus of M82
If true, we should find that the ensembles members that are dominated by mobile regions should exhibit a prominent F-SE behavior, while the members dominated by immobile regions should tend to follow a normal SE behavior.
Fractional Stokes-Einstein and Debye-Stokes-Einstein relations in a network forming liquid
P are called coweights of R. A coweight λ ∈ P is said to be dominant if hλ, αi i ≥ 0 for all i ∈ I0 , and we write P + for the set of all dominant coweights.
Isotropic random walks on affine buildings
The onsite Coulomb interaction plays the dominant role in the “spin Griffiths phase” corresponding to ξJ > ξt for the coupling distributions on Fig. 1b and d, whereas hopping is dominant in the “orbital Griffiths phase”, corresponding to ξt > ξJ for the coupling distributions on Fig. 1c and e.
Strongly disordered Hubbard model in one dimension: spin and orbital infinite randomness and Griffiths phases
We finally introduce a new notion “compact domination” (domination of a definable set by a compact space) and raise some new conjectures in the o-minimal case.
Groups, measures, and the NIP
Due to the previous lemma, we can conclude that the random field σ with ˆξ chosen with law ˆP (p) is stochastically dominated by the site Bernoulli percolation with parameter ˜p, which is stochastically dominated by the random field τ with ˆξ chosen with Poisson law ˆPρ′ .
Mott law as upper bound for a random walk in a random environment
We say that ck1 µk1 =: dom( ˜S ) is the dominant term of ˜S and µk1 =: mag( ˜S ) is the (dominant) magnitude of ˜S (equivalently, mag( ˜S ) = µmin Ω ˜S ).
Topological construction of transseries and introduction to generalized Borel summability
So when radiative effects dominate, it is actually natural to expect that some forbidden transitions might be important (although this is not true in a regime where collisonal rates dominate which is often the case in astrophysics).
The effect of forbidden transitions on cosmological hydrogen and helium recombination
Reviewing briefly the quintom scenario of dark energy, we will study the conditions of validity of the generalized second law of thermodynamics in three cases: quintessence dominated, phantom dominated and transition from quintessence to phantom will be discussed.
Generalized Second Law of Thermodynamics in Quintom Dominated Universe
The quintom model of dark energy is of new models proposed to explain the new astrophysical data, due to transition from w > −1 to w < −1, i.e. transition from quintessence dominated universe to phantom dominated universe.
Generalized Second Law of Thermodynamics in Quintom Dominated Universe
To investigate the validity of equation (19), we will consider three different cases, the first case we dominate the phantom fluid, the second, the quintessence will be dominated, and the third, the transition from quintessence to phantom.
Generalized Second Law of Thermodynamics in Quintom Dominated Universe
By considering the quintessence dominated case, influence of the transition from the quintessence to phantom dominated universe on the GSL , one can obtain that the time derivative of the future event horizon and the entropy must be zero at the transition time.
Generalized Second Law of Thermodynamics in Quintom Dominated Universe