• Mary Mapes Dodge
    Mary Mapes Dodge
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v dodge avoid or try to avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing (duties, questions, or issues) "He dodged the issue","she skirted the problem","They tend to evade their responsibilities","he evaded the questions skillfully"
    • v dodge make a sudden movement in a new direction so as to avoid "The child dodged the teacher's blow"
    • v dodge move to and fro or from place to place usually in an irregular course "the pickpocket dodged through the crowd"
    • n dodge a quick evasive movement
    • n dodge an elaborate or deceitful scheme contrived to deceive or evade "his testimony was just a contrivance to throw us off the track"
    • n dodge a statement that evades the question by cleverness or trickery
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The General Lee cars used in the popular show The Dukes of Hazards were 1969 Dodge Chargers
    • Dodge Fig.: To evade by craft; as, to dodge a question; to dodge responsibility.
    • n Dodge The act of evading by some skillful movement; a sudden starting aside; hence, an artful device to evade, deceive, or cheat; a cunning trick; an artifice. "Some, who have a taste for good living, have many harmless arts, by which they improve their banquet, and innocent dodges , if we may be permitted to use an excellent phrase that has become vernacular since the appearance of the last dictionaries."
    • Dodge To evade a duty by low craft; to practice mean shifts; to use tricky devices; to play fast and loose; to quibble. "Some dodging casuist with more craft than sincerity."
    • Dodge To evade by a sudden shift of place; to escape by starting aside; as, to dodge a blow aimed or a ball thrown.
    • Dodge To follow by dodging, or suddenly shifting from place to place.
    • Dodge To start suddenly aside, as to avoid a blow or a missile; to shift place by a sudden start.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The first Ford cars had Dodge engines
    • dodge To start suddenly aside; shift place by a sudden start, as to evade a blow or escape observation.
    • dodge To shift about; move cautiously, as in avoiding discovery, or in following and watching another's movements: as, he dodged along byways and hedges; the Indians dodged from tree to tree.
    • dodge To play tricks; be evasive; play fast and loose; raise expectations and disappoint them; quibble.
    • dodge To jog; walk in a slow, listless, or clumsy manner.
    • dodge To evade by a sudden shift of place, or by trick or device; escape by starting aside, or by baffling or roundabout movements: as, to dodge a blow; to dodge a pursuer or a creditor; to dodge a perplexing question.
    • dodge To play fast and loose with; baffle by shifts and pretexts; trick.
    • n dodge A shifty or ingenious trick; an artifice; an evasion.
    • dodge In change-ringing, to change the place or order of (a bell) in the series used.
    • n dodge Of a bell in change-ringing, a change in its place or order in the series used.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: As mentioned, the first Fords used Dodge engines. Many ford vehicles now use Nissan engines, especially in Mini-vans.
    • v.i Dodge doj to start aside or shift about: to evade or use mean tricks: to shuffle or quibble
    • v.t Dodge to evade by a sudden shift of place: to trick
    • n Dodge an evasion: a trick: a quibble
    • ***


  • Marie Ebner-Eschenbach
    Marie Ebner-Eschenbach
    “Fear not those who argue but those who dodge.”
  • Sir Josiah Stamp
    Sir Josiah Stamp
    “It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities.”
  • Joseph Fort Newton
    Joseph Fort Newton
    “A duty dodged is like a debt unpaid; it is only deferred, and we must come back and settle the account at last.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “Life is mostly froth and bubble. Two things stand like stone: Dodging duty at the double, leaving work alone.”
  • Larry Speakes
    Larry Speakes
    “I would dodge, not lie, in the national interest.”
  • Edgar Quinet
    “Philosophy may be dodged, eloquence cannot.”


Dodge the bullet - If someone has dodged a bullet, they have successfully avoided a very serious problem.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Of uncertain origin: cf. dodder, v., daddle, dade, or dog, v. t


In literature:

She had brought it upon herself, but now she dodged the issue.
"Brand Blotters" by William MacLeod Raine
Two of Judge Chapman's daughters married Francis Dodge, junior; first Jane, then Frances Isabella.
"A Portrait of Old George Town" by Grace Dunlop Ecker
Dodge was the mistress.
"A Vanished Hand" by Sarah Doudney
The striking distance of a snake is about one-third the creature's length, and the stroke is so swift that no creature can dodge it.
"Scouting For Girls, Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts" by Girl Scouts
And more in the rear ranks were dodging or leaping the fallen knights and horses.
"The Saracen: The Holy War" by Robert Shea
He slid his gears into high and dodged around corners recklessly.
"Rimrock Trail" by J. Allan Dunn
He had lost some time in the dodging and twisting, and now the whole Blue eleven were thundering at his heels.
"Bert Wilson on the Gridiron" by J. W. Duffield
Dodge had been one of Lester's best friends.
"Jennie Gerhardt" by Theodore Dreiser
I saw him jest before he pulled and I dodged.
"Chit-Chat; Nirvana; The Searchlight" by Mathew Joseph Holt
I dodged behind three chairs and moved them hastily into a rampart.
"The O'Ruddy" by Stephen Crane
I dodged quickly aside but not in time to escape entirely.
"A Mountain Boyhood" by Joe Mills
But a plane pilot, stunting madly to dodge tracer bullets, has little time to spare for revolver work.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, June, 1930" by Various
Dodge and Miss Bissell.
"The History of Woman Suffrage, Volume IV" by Various
Instead of dodging or ignoring the requests of women's committees their advice and wishes were sought.
"The History of Woman Suffrage, Volume VI" by Various
The stranger dodged with uncanny swiftness.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science January 1931" by Various
David dodged Saul's javelin.
"Flowers of Freethought" by George W. Foote
From one point of the trench to the other we dodged.
"How I Filmed the War" by Lieut. Geoffrey H. Malins
Jose dodged, staggered, screeched in feline fury, the knife buried in his left arm.
"The Pathless Trail" by Arthur O. (Arthur Olney) Friel
Leonidas Dodge has the only ones in captivity.
"Side-stepping with Shorty" by Sewell Ford
Close up, there; dodge the big drops, and go ahead.
"Si Klegg, Book 6 (of 6) Si And Shorty, With Their Boy Recruits, Enter On The Atlanta Campaign" by John McElroy

In poetry:

When I look into the looking glass
I'm always sure to see -
No matter how I dodge about -
Me, looking out at me.
"The Looking Glass" by C J Dennis
Along the most forsaken roads,
Intent on dodging graft,
He headed for the Great North West,
And laughed, and laughed and laughed.
"The Swagless Swaggie" by Edward Harrington
Only, there was a way… you crept
Close by the side, to dodge
Eyes in the house, two eyes except:
They styled their house "The Lodge."
"Confessions" by Robert Browning
And here he took a careful aim,
And gaily cried "Here goes!"
I tried to dodge it as it came,
But somehow caught it, all the same,
Exactly on my nose.
"Phantasmagoria Canto III ( Scarmoges )" by Lewis Carroll
"Ho! you Boatswain that walks the deck,
How does it happen you're not a wreck?
One and another have come to grief,
How have you dodged by rock and reef?"
"The Old Cruiser" by Oliver Wendell Holmes
They roped Bill into a game of "draw"
(Against which, in Dodge, there was no law).
The stakes for a time were very low,
In fact, the playing was very slow.
"Bill Springer's Hand" by Frank Maynard

In news:

BD offers the X-Power Ram performance module for 2003 and newer Dodge 5.9-liter diesels.
George Washington Carver defeats Dodge County.
A group of Fort Dodge businesses are presenting "It's a Ghoul 's Night Out" from 5 to 8 pm Tuesday.
An eagle sits watching the North Umpqua River as a vultures swoops down dodging the eagle.
Living in Dodge makes me downright happy.
Man smears grease on license plate to dodge toll at Goethals Bridge, police say.
Dodging Co-Workers That Take Advantage of Your Good Nature.
Poster Boy dodges jail on judge's goof .
The subway vandal known as Poster Boy just barely dodged jail yesterday, thanks to an oversight by the judge sentencing him.
Fort Dodge Senior High is getting a new grand piano for its band room.
Elkhorn High School, northeast of 204th Street and West Dodge Road.
Al Jones Gazette A new Chrysler minivan sits outside the new Zeigler Chrysler Dodge Ram dealership Tuesday morning at 3939 Stadium Drive.
KALAMAZOO — The Harold Zeigler Automotive Group will officially open its new Chrysler, Dodge, Ram dealership Thursday evening.
Conditions at Augusta, Bush Field, GA. James Arness, the 6-foot-6 actor who towered over the television landscape for two decades as righteous Dodge City lawman Matt Dillon in " Gunsmoke ," died Friday.
Independent Danny Dalton, independent Andrew Ian Dodge and Democrat Cynthia Dill.

In science:

Since we have to do the more disruptive moves anyway, we use them for everything and dodge this point.
Dual 2-complexes in 4-manifolds
Arthanari and Dodge (1981) and Sukhatme et al.
Optimum allocation in multivariate stratified random sampling: Stochastic matrix optimisation
This approach has been treated in detail by Arthanari and Dodge (1981).
A modified Pr\'ekopa's approach in optimum allocation in multivariate stratified random sampling
Of course there is the well-known Turing Test (Turing, 1950), however this paradoxically seems to be more about dodging the difficult problem of explicitly defining intelligence than addressing the real issue.
An Approximation of the Universal Intelligence Measure
Dodge Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Oklahoma, 440 W.
The ELM Survey. IV. 24 White Dwarf Merger Systems
Dodge Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Oklahoma, Norman OK, United States of America 35 Department of Physics, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater OK, United States of America 36 LAL, Univ.
Prototype ATLAS IBL Modules using the FE-I4A Front-End Readout Chip
Dodge (1996): Turbulent Cascades in Foreign Exchange Markets.
Multifractal random walks with fractional Brownian motion via Malliavin calculus
Dodge Department of Physics and Astronomy, The University of Oklahoma, 440 W.
Concurrent Supermassive Black Hole and Galaxy Growth: Linking Environment and Nuclear Activity in z = 2.23 H-alpha Emitters
In both our paper and McFadden’s book, this issue is not dodged.
Comment on Book Review of `Quantum Evolution' (Johnjoe McFadden) by Mathew J. Donald
The aim of this paper is to expound this analogy as a means to dodge some of the problems with the “full wave equation” represented by the Wheeler-DeWitt equation.
Huygens-Fresnel Principle in Superspace
Dodge Department of Physics & Astronomy, Univ. of Oklahoma, 440 W.
Observational approaches to understanding dark energy
Stating, that stressed system decreases thermodynamic mismatch with its environment by dodging to a state with the minimal stress allowed by external constraints, the principle describes perhaps the simplest known self-organization in nature. H.
Discrete Thermodynamics of Chemical Equilibria
But the large increment in the number of Type I errors obtained using a sample standard deviation drawn from the comparison star instead of the actual error (Table 2), as well as arguments given above about the loss of power of the test when the data is binned, warns against any simple approach to dodge this problem.
Testing tests on AGN microvariability
It has to be stressed, however, that these techniques are just dodges and workaround, and do not provide a real solution to the ’sign problem’.
QCD at High Temperature : Results from Lattice Simulations with an Imaginary mu
Figure 6: CLAS data for xg1 in several bins of Q2 for the proton (left) and deuteron, per nucleon (right) (Taken from Dodge’s talk).
Summary of the workshop DUBNA-SPIN 07