• Mess and distribution of mail
    Mess and distribution of mail
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n distributer electrical device that distributes voltage to the spark plugs of a gasoline engine in the order of the firing sequence
    • n distributer someone who markets merchandise
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Distribution of charge Distribution of charge

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: In a pack of Skittles candy, there is an equal 20% distribution of each flavour
    • n Distributer One who, or that which, distributes or deals out anything; a dispenser.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: By partially filling saucers with vinegar and distributing the saucers around a room, you can eliminate odors
    • n distributer One who or that which distributes.
    • n distributer In printing, the appliance in a linotype machine which returns to the magazine for re-use the matrices which have just been used in composition and casting.
    • n distributer In electricity, a panel, pillar or small switchboard by means of which the various circuits for a building or suite of rooms are connected to the mains.
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  • Matthew Arnold
    “Our society distributes itself into Barbarians, Philistines and Populace; and America is just ourselves with the Barbarians quite left out, and the Populace nearly.”
  • Sitting Bull
    Sitting Bull
    “The white man knows how to make everything, but he does not know how to distribute it.”
  • Rene Descartes
    Rene Descartes
    “Nothing is more fairly distributed than common sense: no one thinks he needs more of it than he already has.”
  • Leslie Lamport
    Leslie Lamport
    “A distributed system is one in which the failure of a computer you didn't even know existed can render your own computer unusable.”
  • Francis Bacon
    “Of great wealth there is no real use, except in its distribution, the rest is just conceit.”
  • Clare Boothe Luce
    “In politics women type the letters, lick the stamps, distribute the pamphlets and get out the vote. Men get elected.”


In literature:

How was it distributed?
"The Sins of Séverac Bablon" by Sax Rohmer
He preferred such expeditions in the dark, that he might successfully hide himself outside while his wife went in to distribute his bounty.
"The Book-Hunter" by John Hill Burton
Sometimes there is a very apparent reason for the check to distribution of a species.
"Northern Nut Growers Association Report of the Proceedings at the Second Annual Meeting" by Northern Nut Growers Association
The distribution of the organic world in time is very similar to its present distribution in space.
"Contributions to the Theory of Natural Selection" by Alfred Russel Wallace
As mayor he lived like a prince distributing bounty liberally among his supporters.
"A Political History of the State of New York, Volumes 1-3" by DeAlva Stanwood Alexander
The English government had lavishly distributed signs of authority.
"Old Fort Snelling" by Marcus L. Hansen
The Province of Ontario has been distributing trees free to landowners since 1907.
"Northern Nut Growers Association Report of the Proceedings at the Thirty-Eighth Annual Meeting" by Northern Nut Growers Association
Analogous facts could be given in relation to the distribution of marine animals.
"On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection" by Charles Darwin
A fourth and last distribution was made, and, in the twinkling of an eye, our last resources were consumed.
"Perils and Captivity" by Charlotte-Adélaïde [née Picard] Dard
These disputes chiefly occurred when Ormond distributed gifts of calico, beads, tobacco, pipes and looking-glasses.
"Captain Canot" by Brantz Mayer
No animal is more widely distributed over the earth.
"Quadrupeds, What They Are and Where Found" by Mayne Reid
But man who does not endow with life, must not distribute death.
"The Day of Wrath" by Maurus Jókai
The parasitic Myxomycetes affecting plants include but few (four or five) species, distributed among four genera.
"The North American Slime-Moulds" by Thomas H. (Thomas Huston) MacBride
Distribution, as thus defined, is the element that appears in economic life in consequence of social organization.
"Essentials of Economic Theory" by John Bates Clark
Money was distributed to everyone for the journey.
"Ten Years' Captivity in the Mahdi's Camp 1882-1892" by F. R. Wingate
The distribution of this species, therefore, is discontinuous.
"The Amphibians and Reptiles of Michoacán, México" by William E. Duellman
These two distributions are not exactly the same.
"Principles of Orchestration" by Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov
Like the Nova Scotians, they were anxious to facilitate the distribution of newspapers.
"The Development of Rates of Postage" by A. D. Smith
The springtails have even a wider distribution.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Slice 3" by Various
Such a distribution indicates that two basically independent groups of birds are being considered.
"The Breeding Birds of Kansas" by Richard F. Johnston

In poetry:

One only knows our needs, and he
Does all of the distributing.
I quarrel not with destiny:
The best is good enough for me.
"The Best is Good Enough" by James Whitcomb Riley
'Their names can scarce be read,
Depend on't, all who care for them are dead.'
So went the tomb, whose shards were as path-paving
"The Obliterate Tomb" by Thomas Hardy
While at her side another went
With gleams of enigmatic white?
A spirit who distributes scent,
To vale and height,
In footsteps of the rosy light?
"Occult" by Madison Julius Cawein
He that distributes crowns and thrones
Hangs on a tree, and bleeds, and groans!
The Prince of Life resigns his breath,
The King of Glory bows to death!
"Hymn 37 part 1" by Isaac Watts
Your vanity is crazy, sweet and fair girl. Do
you believe that Love will let your youth go by
without your devoting yourself to the pleasures
of love which distribute things in many cases:
sometimes joy, sometimes pain?
"Love To The Lady" by Christine de Pizan
At first, an unity of heart and soul,
A distribution of an outward dole,
And ev'ry member of the body fed,
As equally belonging to the head,
With what it wanted, was, without suspense,
True Church-Communion in the Christian sense.
"On Church Communion - Part III." by John Byrom

In news:

"Since 2007," the paper reported, "Ohio State has spent more than $64,000 on bow tie s, bow tie cookies and O-H and bow tie pins for Gee and others to distribute.".
The new product is being distributed from Meritor's North American distribution centers in Florence, KY, and Brampton, Ontario.
It hasn't gone Hollywood yet but a Norwich State Hospital history film is getting wider distribution.
Jenkins owns three brick plants in Alabama, in addition to its tile distribution and stone fabrication businesses.
American Greetings Properties is expanding the reach of its evergreen property, Care Bears, with new global distribution, new licensing agents and a new apparel program.
An employee of Argo Distribution, he was a member of the Lake City United Methodist Church.
Lynn Steadman talks about how he started his distribution business as Grandpa's Grain.
Midpoint Trade Books has signed a distribution deal with Bunker Hill Publishing, a New Hampshire-based independent publisher.
Burl 's charges stemmed from his May 3 arrest for marijuana possession with intent to distribute, illegal carrying of a weapon and possession of a firearm while in possession of narcotics.
There is talk on the dealer side that a new era of equipment distribution will result from current market conditions.
Jamie Kennedy Entertainment will first help distribute Cabana 's 2011 documentary "The Wrestling Road Diaries" to a larger audience and then get to work on other wrestling-related projects with the Wicker Park resident.
In his new role, Wingold is responsible for driving product awareness and developing new business opportunities across all distribution channels in North America.
STAR ZoneScan, an automated system from Aclara that can pinpoint underground leaks on water mains to within a few feet, is now commercially available for widespread distribution.
A sampling of produce ready for distribution.
Experienced distributor network stands ready to support facilities' in-buildings, between-buildings and distributed recipient emergency communications needs.

In science:

We see that the distribution of an unordered (not just uniform) infinite sample does not depend on the underlying one-dimensional distribution on (0, 1) provided that the latter distribution has a strictly positive density on (0, 1).
Brownian local minima and other random dense countable sets
However, this example also shows that, for this function g , the asymptotic distribution of the tail of M g σ depends on σ not just through its marginal distribution (as in the results of Theorems 1 and 2), but through the joint distribution of σ and {ξn }n≥1 .
The probability of exceeding a high boundary on a random time interval for a heavy-tailed random walk
By scaling, this distribution does not depend on a, hence equals the distribution of | inf t<σ(1) Bt |. L´evy’s identity tells us that (Bt − inf s
Valleys and the maximum local time for random walk in random environment
Note that condition (34) holds for the normal distribution, gamma distribution (in the left tail) and any other distribution which has bounded support on the left.
Saddlepoint approximation for moment generating functions of truncated random variables
However, the uncertainty of the result was obtained (see also [6,7]) by comparison of two distributions of the nuclear charge, which were the homogenous spherical distribution and the Fermi distribution.
Precision physics of simple atoms: QED tests, nuclear structure and fundamental constants
When applying the tomographic theory, it is possible to use the empirical degree distribution, but as the theoretical distributions appear to fit the empirical power laws very well, we will use the theoretical distributions instead.
Tomography of random social networks
We use three different distributions for the random potential: (a) a box distribution, i.e., the Wn are uniformly distributed on the interval [−W/2, W/2]; (b) a Gaussian distribution with zero mean and variance W 2 /12; and (c) a Cauchy n + W 2 ).
Resonance width distribution for high-dimensional random media
This function allows us to change from an axis-symmetric galactic distribution to a one-parameter distribution (measured by a parameter k, where k=0 corresponds to the uniform circular distribution) in a chosen direction which we choose it to be the longitude l = 0◦ direction.
Are Ti44-Producing Supernovae Exceptional?
This allows us to identify classes of non-identical and (generally) correlated random variables with a sum distributed according to one of the three (k-dependent) asymptotic distributions of extreme value statistics, namely the Gumbel, Fr´echet and Weibull distributions.
Generalised extreme value statistics and sum of correlated variables
The latter is one of the limit distributions appearing, for integer values a = k , as the distribution of the k th extremal value of a set of independent and identically distributed random variables [7, 8].
Generalised extreme value statistics and sum of correlated variables
If a random variable X is distributed according to a Gumbel distribution Ga , then the distribution of the variable Y = eλX (λ > 0) is a generalised Fr´echet distribution.
Generalised extreme value statistics and sum of correlated variables
Table 2 tabulates the six bivariate polynomial encodings in Figure 3 for the distribution in (3.6), the semicircle distribution for Wigner matrices and the Marˇcenko-Pastur distribution for Wishart matrices.
The polynomial method for random matrices
If F An and F BM converge in distribution almost surely (or in probability) to non-random d.f.’s F A and F B respectively, then F CN will also converge in distribution almost surely (or in probability) to a non-random distribution function F C given by F C (x) = c F A (x) + (1 − c) F B (x).
The polynomial method for random matrices
Without changing of links among vertices, this construction allows us to have a regular network with uniform weight distribution (p=0, δ distribution) and random weight distribution (p=1, Gaussian distribution).
Effects of Weight on Structure and Dynamics in Complex Networks
As shown in Fig. 3, from the initial homogeneous case, the distribution of link betweenness becomes power-law and the distribution of vertex betweenness turns into Γ distribution.
Effects of Weight on Structure and Dynamics in Complex Networks