• Beard's Dissolving Carrier
    Beard's Dissolving Carrier
  • WordNet 3.6
    • v dissolve declare void "The President dissolved the parliament and called for new elections"
    • v dissolve come to an end "Their marriage dissolved","The tobacco monopoly broke up"
    • v dissolve bring the association of to an end or cause to break up "The decree officially dissolved the marriage","the judge dissolved the tobacco company"
    • v dissolve become or cause to become soft or liquid "The sun melted the ice","the ice thawed","the ice cream melted","The heat melted the wax","The giant iceberg dissolved over the years during the global warming phase","dethaw the meat"
    • v dissolve pass into a solution "The sugar quickly dissolved in the coffee"
    • v dissolve cause to go into a solution "The recipe says that we should dissolve a cup of sugar in two cups of water"
    • v dissolve become weaker "The sound faded out"
    • v dissolve cause to fade away "dissolve a shot or a picture"
    • v dissolve lose control emotionally "She dissolved into tears when she heard that she had lost all her savings in the pyramid scheme"
    • v dissolve cause to lose control emotionally "The news dissolved her into tears"
    • v dissolve stop functioning or cohering as a unit "The political wing of the party dissolved after much internal fighting"
    • n dissolve (film) a gradual transition from one scene to the next; the next scene is gradually superimposed as the former scene fades out
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The citric acid found in lemon juice is said to be able to dissolve a pearl
    • Dissolve (Law) To annul; to rescind; to discharge or release; as, to dissolve an injunction.
    • Dissolve To become fluid; to be melted; to be liquefied. "A figure
      Trenched in ice, which with an hour's heat Dissolves to water, and doth lose his form."
    • Dissolve To break the continuity of; to disconnect; to disunite; to sunder; to loosen; to undo; to separate. "Nothing can dissolve us.""Down fell the duke, his joints dissolved asunder.""For one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another."
    • Dissolve To convert into a liquid by means of heat, moisture, etc.,; to melt; to liquefy; to soften. "As if the world were all dissolved to tears."
    • Dissolve To fade away; to fall to nothing; to lose power. "The charm dissolves apace."
    • Dissolve To relax by pleasure; to make powerless. "Angels dissolved in hallelujahs lie."
    • Dissolve To separate into competent parts; to disorganize; to break up; hence, to bring to an end by separating the parts, sundering a relation, etc.; to terminate; to destroy; to deprive of force; as, to dissolve a partnership; to dissolve Parliament. "Lest his ungoverned rage dissolve the life."
    • Dissolve To solve; to clear up; to resolve. "Dissolved the mystery.""Make interpretations and dissolve doubts."
    • Dissolve To waste away; to be dissipated; to be decomposed or broken up.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: If you like your espresso coffee sweet, you should use granulated sugar, which dissolves more quickly, rather than sugar cubes; white sugar rather than brown sugar or candy; and real sugar rather than sweeteners which alter the taste of the coffee.
    • dissolve To liquefy by the disintegrating action of a fluid; separate and diffuse the particles of, as a solid body in a liquid; make a solution of: as, water dissolves salt and sugar; to dissolve resin in alcohol; to dissolve a gas in a liquid. See solution.
    • dissolve In general, to melt; liquefy by means of heat or moisture; soften by or cover with moisture: chiefly figurative and poetical. See melt.
    • dissolve To disunite; break up; separate into parts; loosen the connection of; destroy, as any connected system or body, or a union of feeling, interests, etc.; put an end to: as, to dissolve a government; to dissolve Parliament; to dissolve an alliance; to dissolve the bonds of friendship.
    • dissolve To explain; resolve; solve.
    • dissolve To destroy the power of; deprive of force; annul; abrogate: as, to dissolve a charm or spell; to dissolve an injunction.
    • dissolve To consume; cause to vanish or perish; end by dissolution; destroy, as by fire.
    • dissolve Synonyms Thaw, Fuse., etc. See melt.
    • dissolve To become fluid; be disintegrated and absorbed by a fluid; be converted from a solid to a fluid state: as, sugar dissolves in water.
    • dissolve To be disintegrated by or as if by heat or force; melt or crumble; waste away.
    • dissolve To become relaxed; lose force or strength; melt or sink away from weakness or languor.
    • dissolve To separate; break up: as, the council dissolved; Parliament dissolved.
    • dissolve To break up or pass away by degrees; disappear gradually; fade from sight or apprehension: as, dissolving views (see view); his prospects were rapidly dissolving.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Pearls can melt/dissolve in vineger.
    • v.t Dissolve di-zolv′ to loose asunder: to separate or break up: to put an end to (as a parliament): to melt: to destroy, as by fire:
    • v.i Dissolve to break up: to waste away: to crumble: to melt
    • v.t Dissolve di-zolv′ (arch.) to resolve, as doubts
    • ***


  • Proverb
    “Gifts dissolve rocks.”
  • Willa Cather
    “That is happiness: to be dissolved into something complete and great.”
  • Emily Dickinson
    “Heaven is so far of the mind that were the mind dissolved -- the site of it by architect could not again be proved.”
  • Gunther Grass
    Gunther Grass
    “Information networks straddle the world. Nothing remains concealed. But the sheer volume of information dissolves the information. We are unable to take it all in.”
  • Thomas Kempis
    “How sweet it is to love, and to be dissolved, and as it were to bathe myself in thy love.”
  • Michel Foucault
    “Madness is the absolute break with the work of art; it forms the constitutive moment of abolition, which dissolves in time the truth of the work of art.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. dissolvere, dissolutum,; dis-, + solvere, to loose, free. See Solve, and cf. Dissolute
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. dissolvĕre, -solutumdis, asunder, solvĕre, solūtum, to loose.


In literature:

Add a tablespoonful of cornstarch, dissolved in a little cold water and mix well.
"My Pet Recipes, Tried and True" by Various
This will effervesce during the time the acid is dissolving the zinc.
"Practical Mechanics for Boys" by J. S. Zerbe
They are too easily dissolved in appreciation.
"Human Traits and their Social Significance" by Irwin Edman
There his soul and strength were dissolved.
"The Iliad of Homer (1873)" by Homer
He dissolved the Cabinet, and, advancing with all speed to Nykoeping, stormed the castle.
"The Swedish Revolution Under Gustavus Vasa" by Paul Barron Watson
Dissolve nut-milk in little water, cook all ingredients together in double-boiler for 1-1/2 hours, strain and serve.
"No Animal Food" by Rupert H. Wheldon
Boil until arsenic and soda have dissolved, stirring frequently.
"Home Taxidermy for Pleasure and Profit" by Albert B. Farnham
If the precipitate is not dissolved, it is albumen; if dissolved it is probably urate or hippurate of ammonia.
"Special Report on Diseases of the Horse" by United States Department of Agriculture
When dissolved, add enough alcohol to make it rather thin.
"Searchlights on Health: Light on Dark Corners" by B.G. Jefferis
They will soften or dissolve it.
"Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Household Management" by Ministry of Education
The white powder is put into it, and dissolves just as sugar dissolves in water.
"Diggers in the Earth" by Eva March Tappan
He became a Protestant, dissolved the order, and received in fief of the king of Poland the duchy of Prussia.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 11, Slice 8" by Various
Add the eggs and a tablespoonful of milk in which the soda has been dissolved.
"The Myrtle Reed Cook Book" by Myrtle Reed
Neither water nor acid of vitriol will separately dissolve iron, so as to produce inflammable air, but both together will do it.
"Heads of Lectures on a Course of Experimental Philosophy: Particularly Including Chemistry" by Joseph Priestley
The National Assembly was dissolved on the 30th.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 11, Slice 2" by Various
Dissolve the soap in a small quantity of hot water, then mix the whole in three pints of thin gruel.
"The American Reformed Cattle Doctor" by George Dadd
The Bath proves still more effectual, if a little Soap be dissolved in it.
"Advice to the people in general, with regard to their health" by Samuel Auguste David Tissot
Be sure it is all dissolved.
"Home Occupations for Boys and Girls" by Bertha Johnston
The steel dissolves the carbon of this fuel even more quickly than water would dissolve salt under like conditions.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 14, Slice 7" by Various
In other words, the objects are not wholly dissolved in the understanding.
"The Positive Outcome of Philosophy" by Joseph Dietzgen

In poetry:

They know not Death's dissolving pangs,
Which softly set their spirits free;
And while his friendly arrow hangs,
Give life and immortality.
"On The Tomb Of An Infant" by Thomas Noon Talfourd
High o'er the earth his mercy reigns,
And reaches to the utmost sky;
His truth to endless years remains,
When lower worlds dissolve and die.
"Psalm 57" by Isaac Watts
Britain was doomed to be a slave,
Her frame dissolved, her fears were great;
When God a new supporter gave,
To bear the pillars of the state.
"Psalm 75" by Isaac Watts
WHERE is the fount of sweeter flow,
Replenish'd by the fost'ring skies,
Than that which springs at others' woe
From sympathy's dissolving eyes?
"Ode On Sympathy" by Emma Lyon
When pain and anguish seize me, Lord,
All my support is from thy word:
My soul dissolves for heaviness;
Uphold me with thy strength'ning grace.
"Psalm 119 part 17" by Isaac Watts
And cloudy shapes with rippling hair
That shaded eyes of dreamy calm,
Formed and dissolved into the air
Which laved my brow with waves of balm.
"The Isle of Sleep" by Kate Seymour Maclean

In news:

When a laser "scratches," dye microcapsules dissolve away.
Spain's prime minister and interior minister both ruled out negotiations and said Eta 's gesture falls short and the group must simply dissolve.
Made with super-fine granules, this scrub will refine and brighten skin by dissolving dead skin cells.
Egypt dissolves parliament and the military gains full authority.
Abbas isn't revolutionary enough to dissolve PA. Is the Palestinian Authority really a ' fig leaf ' for Israeli occupation.
Abbas isn't revolutionary enough to dissolve PA. Is the Palestinian Authority really a 'fig leaf' for Israeli occupation.
The foam clings to the surface and you actually see it dissolving the grease right before your eyes.
Dissolve yeast in warm water.
She would shout, dissolving into giggles .
Watch Chick Hernandez dissolve in hysterical laughter.
On the social circuit this week, there was talk of the attractive way John and Patricia Kluge, who are said to be the country's wealthiest couple, are dissolving their marriage of nine years.
(CBS News) AeroShot caffeine inhalers deliver "airborne energy," according to its makers, by providing a caffeine boost on-the-go when users breathe in a dissolved fine powder from the lipstick-sized canister.
In the boiler, high suspended solids and/or high dissolved solids can cause deposits on the inside of the boiler tubes.
MI – Jackson Community College is dissolving its campus security department and privatizing the service in hopes of saving about $300,000 in this year's budget.
The Tully and Fabius village boards met tonight, but neither took action on a proposal to study whether taxpayers would save money if the villages were dissolved.

In science:

Integral membrane proteins are dissolved in the bilayer: they can freely diffuse laterally, but cannot move out of the surface.
Amphiphilic Membranes
Alternatively, on can dissolve the lipid in ethanol, and then inject the solution via a fine needle into water.
Amphiphilic Membranes
In order to show that quantum computations can be done successfully using liquid-crystal solution NMR, we have implemented the Grover search algorithm for two qubits using 13CHCl3 dissolved in ZLI-1167.
Experimental Quantum Computation with Nuclear Spins in Liquid Solution
Complications do arise with the use of liquid crystal solvents: (1) the NMR lines of small molecules dissolved in liquid crystal solvents are susceptible to a broadening mechanism not found in isotropic solution, most likely due to variations in the degree of orientation caused by thermal gradients in the sample.
Experimental Quantum Computation with Nuclear Spins in Liquid Solution
The monopole is clearly visible at well 39, moves toward well 47 and dissolves at the collector.
Photon-assisted transport in semiconductor nanostructures
Caccianiga and Giammarchi propose to dissolve 1.56 t of enriched Xe in liquid scintillator.
Neutrino Mass Patterns and Future Double-Beta Decay Experiments
The dissociation rates of the cometary molecules are usually much higher than the ionization rates of ions, so one expects that all the material injected into the solar wind in the breakup region (including also the dust grains, Mann et al. 2004) will be totally dissolved into atomic ions.
Are the sungrazing comets the inner source of pickup ions and energetic neutral atoms?
In principle, the advantage of having to deal with the simplest native environment of the first stars (no heavy elements, dust, dynamically significant magnetic fields, UV radiation background) is rapidly dissolved within the lack of similar counterparts in the local universe that can be used as working laboratories.
The First Cosmic Structures and their Effects
Secondly, they give increases in profiles of lines having more highly excited states and reductions in continuum absorption for dissolved lines (see Appendix A of Paper I).
Up-dated opacities from the Opacity Project
Looked at in reverse order the evolution depicted in Fig. 5 is quite natural: the hadrons under increased pressure dissolve at first into constituent quarks (as in the additive quark model) but under increased pressure gluons are easily freed from the constituent quarks and yield a genuine QGP.
Multiparticle Dynamics 2004
At this stage the M5-branes will reheat the universe by dissolving into the boundaries through small instanton transitions.
M-Theory Inflation from Multi M5-Brane Dynamics
In particular the M5branes colliding with the visible boundary will reheat our universe when they dissolve with the boundary via small instanton transitions , .
M-Theory Inflation from Multi M5-Brane Dynamics
The examples of some recently constructed spectral triples on quantum spheres we have described dissolve the widespread belief that Connes’ approach to noncommutative geometry does not match quantum-group theory.
Geometry of Quantum Spheres
Results are reported from the complete salt phase of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory experiment in which NaCl was dissolved in the D2O target.
Electron Energy Spectra, Fluxes, and Day-Night Asymmetries of $^{8}$B Solar Neutrinos from the 391-Day Salt Phase SNO Data Set
In-situ measurements of the source strength and efficiency have also been made in the D2O and dissolved-salt phases.
Electron Energy Spectra, Fluxes, and Day-Night Asymmetries of $^{8}$B Solar Neutrinos from the 391-Day Salt Phase SNO Data Set