dissenting opinion


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n dissenting opinion an opinion that disagrees with the court's disposition of the case
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In literature:

Obviously the silences were of the same opinion, for there came no suggestion of dissent.
"Kings in Exile" by Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts
We record with satisfaction the fact that Judge Danforth uttered a strong dissenting opinion.
"History of Woman Suffrage, Volume III (of III)" by Various
Judge Cassody dissented from this opinion.
"The History of Woman Suffrage, Volume IV" by Various
He was present on this occasion, and he dissented from the opinion which was expressed by the officers of the army.
"Cyrus the Great" by Jacob Abbott
Why is it that in nearly all decisions of the Supreme court the most interesting opinions are delivered by the dissenting justices?
"The So-called Human Race" by Bert Leston Taylor
We must here dissent as to facts and opinions, and must qualify.
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 57, No. 353, March 1845" by Various
This is the opinion long held by Dissenters, and latterly by an increasing number of independent inquirers.
"The Religious Life of London" by J. Ewing Ritchie
If you want criticisms, read the dissenting opinions of the court.
"Contemporary American History, 1877-1913" by Charles A. Beard
Swartboy alleged that these were intended to feed the young when they came out of the shell: but Hans dissented from this opinion.
"The Young Yagers" by Mayne Reid
I mention this opinion merely to express unqualified and total dissent from it.
"Through Nature to God" by John Fiske
From this opinion I am inclined to dissent altogether.
"A Sketch of the Life and Labors of George Whitefield" by John Charles Ryle
Their opinions hold no element of change or dissent.
"All the Days of My Life: An Autobiography" by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr
But, as I never saw them in the dark, you will allow me to dissent from your opinion.
"Conversations on Natural Philosophy, in which the Elements of that Science are Familiarly Explained" by Jane Haldimand Marcet and Thomas P. Jones
But I have known many excellent men who did not take dissent from their opinions in good part.
"Bygones Worth Remembering, Vol. 2 (of 2)" by George Jacob Holyoake
Do you think it is a wise practice for judges who disagree with the majority of the court to file dissenting opinions?
"Government in the United States" by James Wilford Garner
The Chief Justice dissented and delivered one of the most powerful opinions he ever wrote.
"The Life of John Marshall Volume 4 of 4" by Albert J. Beveridge
We dissent very strongly from his opinion and we support the bill in respect to notice as it now is.
"Arguments before the Committee on Patents of the House of Representatives, conjointly with the Senate Committee on Patents, on H.R. 19853, to amend and consolidate the acts respecting copyright" by United States Committee on Patents
He quotes indeed the opinion of Giordano Bruno to that effect, but with dissent.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 15, Slice 7" by Various
Any dissent from the opinions of our particular party or group is trampled down.
"The Behavior of Crowds" by Everett Dean Martin
But it is only fair to state the dissenting opinion on this point.
"The Trial of Jesus from a Lawyer's Standpoint, Vol. I (of II)" by Walter M. Chandler

In news:

There is an odd anomaly found in Justice Scalia's dissenting opinion in today's Obamacare decision.
I write in response to Eric Dent's letter to the editor, "Society Can't Be Fearful of a Dissenting Opinion," published in The Robesonian on Oct 1.
Most good managers don't want a "yes man," or woman, but you need to be able to share a dissenting opinion without ruining your relationship.
Dissenting opinions should be sought.
Highlights from majority and dissenting opinions in the Supreme Court's immigration ruling.
Dissenting Opinion A witness from inside the Supreme Court is not impressed.
(Lawyers Weekly No 08-80162 – 11 pages dissenting opinion ).
(Lawyers Weekly No 08-80142 – 5 pages concurring/ dissenting opinion ).
The dissent (read it here, starting on page 127) repeatedly refers to the "dissent," not a majority opinion .
The joint dissent issued by Justices Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, and Alito certainly reads as though it were written to be the majority opinion .
This strongly suggests to me that the joint dissent was written first, as the proposed majority opinion , but failed to garner the fifth vote from the Chief.
Scalia's dissenting opinion made clear that he believed the majority's decision was fundamentally wrong and opposed a kind of immigration federalism in which states act in their "sovereign" capacity.
The dissenting opinion in the Wal-Mart sex-discrimination ruling presumes male managers are guilty of bias.
(Lawyers Weekly No 08-79261 dissenting opinion).
Rose (Michigan Court of Appeals unpublished dissenting opinion Lawyers Weekly No 08-79717).

In science:

However, it has been shown meanwhile by a simple scaling argument, that these special solutions found in the minisuperspace models have no direct counterpart in 4-dimensional supergravity because there states in the empty and filled sectors cannot exist (for a dissenting opinion see ).
Supersymmetric minisuperspace with non-vanishing fermion number