• Si Was Disposed to Grumble 181
    Si Was Disposed to Grumble 181
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj disposable designed to be disposed of after use "disposable paper cups"
    • adj disposable free or available for use or disposition "every disposable piece of equipment was sent to the fire","disposable assets"
    • n disposable an item that can be disposed of after it has been used
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The life expectancy of a garbage disposal is about 5 to 10 years
    • Disposable designed to be disposed of after use; -- of articles of commerce. The term implies that it is less expensive to manufacture a new one than to clean and recycle the used item to make it fit for use again; as, disposable dishes; disposable diapers; disposable gloves. Opposite of reusable.
    • a Disposable Subject to disposal; free to be used or employed as occasion may require; not assigned to any service or use. "The great of this kingdom . . . has easily afforded a disposable surplus."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Approximately 18 billion disposable diapers end up in landfills each year. These diapers can takes as long as 500 years to finally decompose
    • disposable Subject to disposal; that may be disposed of; free to be used or employed as occasion may require; available: as, disposable property; the whole disposable force of an army.
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  • P. J. O'Rourke
    “Government proposes, bureaucracy disposes. And the bureaucracy must dispose of government proposals by dumping them on us.”
  • Francis Bacon
    “To be free minded and cheerfully disposed at hours of meat and sleep and of exercise is one of the best precepts of long lasting.”
  • Patrick Henry
    “I have now disposed of all my property to my family. There is one thing more I wish I could give them, and that is the Christian religion.”
  • Thomas Kempis
    “Man proposes, but God disposes.”
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
    “It is the duty of the President to propose and it is the privilege of the Congress to dispose.”
  • Blaise Pascal
    “Imagination disposes of everything; it creates beauty, justice, and happiness, which is everything in this world.”


Man proposes, God disposes - Your fate lies in the hands of God.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
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In literature:

There was, however, one individual who, in the days of my childhood, was disposed to form a favourable opinion of me.
"Lavengro the Scholar - the Gypsy - the Priest" by George Borrow
This motion, after a very disorderly debate, was disposed of by adjournment.
"Memoir of the Life of John Quincy Adams." by Josiah Quincy
The father was half disposed to hold "Al-f-u-r-d" partly responsible and a trip to the cellar was strongly threatened.
"Watch Yourself Go By" by Al. G. Field
I think, sir, that Wychecombe and one or two of the adjoining manors, would dispose of him.
"The Two Admirals" by J. Fenimore Cooper
I personally am not disposed to.
"Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo" by E. Phillips Oppenheim
It was difficult to know how to dispose of them.
"Memoirs of the Jacobites of 1715 and 1745" by Mrs. Thomson
The Indians seem disposed, too, to make war on us.
"The Writings of Thomas Jefferson" by Thomas Jefferson
But, Gentlemen, I have to tell my learned friends, that if they could dispose of all this, their task would be but just beginning.
"The Trial of Charles Random de Berenger, Sir Thomas Cochrane," by William Brodie Gurney
It was evident they were not disposed to believe anything I told them, except the one hideous fact.
"My Friend Smith" by Talbot Baines Reed
Yet beyond the narrow confines of Syria were the Mongols, well disposed toward Christians, but enemies of Mohammedan Arab and Turk.
"Beginnings of the American People" by Carl Lotus Becker
What was in those packages, and where did you dispose of them before you entered the second carriage?
"That Affair Next Door" by Anna Katharine Green
As you say, we can take comfort, now, from what we were disposed to think, at the time, a little cross.
"For Name and Fame" by G. A. Henty
He blushed and seemed disposed to screen himself from observation.
"The Young Acrobat of the Great North American Circus" by Horatio Alger Jr.
When this motion is disposed of, Lord Liverpool will move that the Secret Committee shall meet on Wednesday.
"Memoirs of the Court of George IV. 1820-1830 (Vol 1)" by Duke of Buckingham and Chandos
Perhaps you are no longer disposed to regard me as your chief?
"Captain Canot" by Brantz Mayer
I asked the brave captain how he would dispose of us.
"Old Jack" by W.H.G. Kingston
The remainder of the compartment was at their disposal.
"The Albert Gate Mystery" by Louis Tracy
The mail bags disposed of, Bradley climbed into place, gathered his lines, the hostler let go the leads and the stage was off.
"Laramie Holds the Range" by Frank H. Spearman
The pilot had work only a portion of the year on the lake, and he was not disposed to find other employment when not so engaged.
"All Adrift" by Oliver Optic
Trigger was at first disposed to tell Sir Thomas that he was interfering in things beyond his province.
"Ralph the Heir" by Anthony Trollope

In poetry:

These will produce, disposed aright,
The name of a refulgent star,
Which 'mid the beaming hosts of night,
Transcendant glitters from afar.
"Enigma XVI." by Elizabeth Hitchener
'I stand before you, shamed and grieved;
At your disposal is my life.
Destroy me! slay me! do your will.
My breast is ready for your knife.
"Gamzrdeli" by Akaki Tsereteli
Every flower its beauty bestows,
Your lips the dearest gems dispose.
May your lips nurture our souls
With the wine that every spirit knows.
"Rubaiyat 36" by Shams al-Din Hafiz
Wait, while these few swift-passing days fulfil
The wise-disposing Will,
And, in the evening as at morning, trust
The All-Merciful and Just.
"The Last Eve Of Summer" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Generous and kind, disposed to lend—
Ready to give and to forgive;
The poor man's hope—the poor man's friend
He lives, and he shall ever live.
"Virtue its own Reward" by John Bowring
From thee all pitie flows.
Mothers are kinde, because thou art,
And dost dispose
To them a part:
Their infants, them; and they suck thee
More free.
"Longing" by George Herbert

In news:

I thought I would immediately start spending my suddenly-increased disposable income but I didn't.
How to dispose of frozen cows.
Kip Davis, left, and Larry Whitehouse, right, dispose of oil during the annual Household Hazardous Waste Event Saturday morning.
The author describes automated equipment that uses functionally closed disposables.
This paper examines the process of gamma irradiation of plastic materials used as part of single-use disposable systems in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, with a focus on validation requirements.
Contract approved for garbage disposal .
BACKUS — Cass County Board Tuesday approved a new five year contract for solid waste (garbage) disposal with two existing vendors, but with slightly different terms.
Garbage disposal and sleuthing.
A Garden Grove, California woman named Catherine Kieu Becker will face a judge Wednesday, after she reportedly sliced off her husband's penis with a 10-inch knife and tossed it into the garbage disposal .
Man's privates cut off, put through garbage disposal .
Woman accused of cutting off husband's penis, putting it down garbage disposal .
This is the disposal that's underneath your sink.
As this video begins, one is impressed with the speed with which this garbage man jumps from his truck and begins disposing of the waiting trash bags.
Disposal will have their trash, yard waste and recycling picked up one day later because of inclement weather.
Disposal for information at 360 452-7278.

In science:

Since we always have the compactification radius R at our disposal, it makes physical sense to focus on gs ls/R.
IIA/B, Wound and Wrapped
With the inverse at our disposal we can introduce a division operation for two quaternions r and q , but due to the non-commutativity of × we must distinquish between left-division, (q ↑ −1) × r, and right-division, r × (q ↑ −1).
Bicomplex algebra and function theory
Moreover we have at our disposal several theorems (which essentially are rooted in [Kun01a], Prop. 3) guaranteeing consistency with respect to linear distributional geometry resp. the smooth setting.
Nonlinear distributional geometry and general relativity
It is then convenient to have the following notation at our disposal.
Compactifications defined by arrangements I: the ball quotient case
Moreover we have at our disposal several theorems (which essentially are rooted in , Prop. 3) guaranteeing consistency with respect to linear distributional geometry resp. the smooth setting.
Generalized pseudo-Riemannian geometry
Unfortunately there are two of these embeddings at our disposal and we have to worry which is the correct one.
Branching rules of semi-simple Lie algebras using affine extensions
The player must play this game for as few timesteps as possible: he has at his disposal only two types of operation, each of which corresponds to an oracle.
Parrondo Games and Quantum Algorithms
Now that we have typed generic traversal combinators at our disposal, we also want to inhabit the generic type TP.
Typed Generic Traversal With Term Rewriting Strategies
To help simplify matters, we delay any inclusion of the irrotational fluid until we have the full mathematical machinery of the variational principle at our disposal.
Variational Principles in General Relativity
With such a metric at our disposal, we can formally evaluate the Weil-Petersson volume over the space of all random Regge triangulations.
The modular geometry of Random Regge Triangulations
Although the “idealic” tricks are not disposal for the case of quantales, we are able to prove similar results.
On simple and semisimple quantales
Apart from the interesting new physics that we will uncover in the study of quantum random walks we will want to employ some of the ’weird’ effects of the walk provided by quantum mechanics to enhance the computing power at our disposal.
Quantum random walks - an introductory overview
At redshift larger than zero, in the I band the only observations at our disposal are the ones by Lilly et al. (1996) at 1 µ.
The cosmic evolution of the galaxy luminosity density
The analysis of coherent states – so important in other studies – is not considered here, because, typically, we do not expect to have an underlying classical model at our disposal.
A random matrix formulation of fidelity decay
The reason for that lies in the fact that in these two extra cases one has at disposal the division-algebra principal conjugation (which simply coincides, for real numbers, with the identity operator) to further play with.
Hermitian versus holomorphic complex and quaternionic generalized supersymmetries of the M-theory. A classification