• WordNet 3.6
    • n dint interchangeable with `means' in the expression `by means of'
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Dint A blow; a stroke. "Mortal dint .""Like thunder's dint ."
    • Dint Force; power; -- esp. in the phrase by dint of. "Now you weep; and, I perceive, you feel
      The dint of pity."
      "It was by dint of passing strength
      That he moved the massy stone at length."
    • Dint The mark left by a blow; an indentation or impression made by violence; a dent. "Every dint a sword had beaten in it [the shield]."
    • v. t Dint To make a mark or cavity on or in, by a blow or by pressure; to dent.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n dint A blow; a stroke.
    • n dint A mark made by a blow or by pressure on a surface: now dent.
    • n dint Force; power: now chiefly in the phrase by dint of: as, by dint of argument.
    • dint To make a mark or depression on or in by a blow or stroke: now usually dent.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Dint dint a blow or stroke: the mark of a blow (often Dent): force: power (as in 'by dint of')
    • v.t Dint to make a dint in
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By dint of - This means 'as a result of' or 'because of': It would be good to think he'd risen to position of Chief Executive by dint of hard work.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. dint, dent, dunt, a blow, AS. dynt,; akin to Icel. dyntr, a dint, dynta, to dint, and perh. to L. fendere,in composition). Cf. 1st Dent Defend


In literature:

And another helper came to Finn one time he was fighting at a ford, and all his weapons were used or worn with the dint of the fight.
"Gods and Fighting Men" by Lady I. A. Gregory
The Pasha asked for an audience, and by dint of patience and perseverance his prayer was heard.
"The Inside Story Of The Peace Conference" by Emile Joseph Dillon
By dint of Miss Ingate's unscrupulous tricks with small baggage they contrived to keep a whole compartment to themselves.
"The Lion's Share" by E. Arnold Bennett
These are the dints made by thy mallet.
"The Elder Eddas of Saemund Sigfusson; and the Younger Eddas of Snorre Sturleson" by Saemund Sigfusson and Snorre Sturleson
Her fortune, though handsome and easy, was not large enough to make way by dint of showy entertainments, and so forth.
"The Journal of Sir Walter Scott" by Walter Scott
Edmund Singer, a Hungarian, born in 1831, by dint of hard work and talent reached a high position.
"Famous Violinists of To-day and Yesterday" by Henry C. Lahee
By dint of continually studying my role, my dislike to it gradually diminished, nay, at length was converted into positive enthusiasm.
"Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 1, December 18, 1841" by Various
By dint of much wading, tugging, and rolling the carcass was teased to the dry beach.
"The Silent Places" by Steward Edward White
Intelligence is accordingly conditioned by a modification of both structure and consciousness by dint of past events.
"The Life of Reason" by George Santayana
By dint of efforts and sacrifices an enormous fleet was assembled for the relief of Port Arthur.
"The Awakening of China" by W.A.P. Martin
By dint of growls and several winks he sought to enlighten me respecting the identity of these tradekillers.
"The Green Eyes of Bâst" by Sax Rohmer
By dint of hard travel we had accomplished 104 miles in twenty-seven hours.
"The Great Lone Land" by W. F. Butler
Leaving it, I acquired by dint of religious merit many high regions.
"The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 1"
It made a tremendous dint on me.
"Captivity" by M. Leonora Eyles
By dint of persuasion and a promise to stay all night at last we got the boy to sleep and went to bed.
"Paradise Garden" by George Gibbs
By dint of great effort Lane pulled it sideways on the ledge, and turned most of the water out.
"The Day of the Beast" by Zane Grey
By dint of frequently passing us in notorious circumstances, they give the impression of a throng.
"The Unpopular Review, Volume II Number 3" by Various
We shall enter it as conquerors, by dint of producing masterpieces.
"His Masterpiece" by Emile Zola
Onto its head was a liberty cap, and by its side wuz a sword, considerably dinted, and with all the gildin knocked off.
"“Swingin Round the Cirkle.”" by Petroleum V. Nasby
Thus by dint of continual practice and with the assistance of his natural talent he far surpassed the manner of his teachers.
"The Book of Art for Young People" by Agnes Conway

In poetry:

Which they by dint of sword have won,
From their most daring foe;
While he lies by as still as stone,
Not knowing what they do.
"Of Death" by John Bunyan
`See the children troop, ere they dint their beds,
And, hushing their pagan glee,
Raise dimpled hands, bow flaxen heads,
And pray at their mother's knee.
"The Fallen Elm" by Alfred Austin
When lo! where it once rose, robed and crowned,
Was naught but the leafless air:
Its limbs were low on the dinted ground,
And its body lay stripped and bare.
"The Fallen Elm" by Alfred Austin
What ghosts now throng the Holy Ground,
With rusted armour, dinted sword,
Listening? The earth shakes with the sound;
The wind brings hither a fierce word:
To arms, to arms, Sons of Mahound!
"Palestine: 1917 " by Katharine Tynan
The world itself was changed, and all
That I had loved before
Seem'd as if gone beyond recall,
And I could hope no more;
The sear of fire, the dint of steel,
Are easier than Love's wounds to heal.
"The Troubadour. Canto 2" by Letitia Elizabeth Landon
From out her shabby rain-coat pocket
The little Jew girl in the train
Produced a dinted silver locket
With pasted in it portraits twain.
"These are my parents, sir" she said;
"Or were, for now I fear they're dead.
"The Locket" by Robert W Service

In news:

But the 54-year-old Peterson has earned a special place as a memorable crook, mostly by dint of his chutzpah.
We are all called, by dint of our baptism, to be disciples of Jesus.
People who bike, even if they don't own cars, are also paying for roads by dint of existing.
Sentinels flank the entry to the condo at 36 Gramercy Park East, whose residents, by dint of proximity, are allowed inside the park.
Athletes who by dint of raw talent, force of will, and power of personality transcend national borders and become mythical figures to people all over the planet.

In science:

Let us consider now the collection Dint consisting of triples (j, δ, ϕ) ∈ D with an integrable complex structure j .
Semi-classical properties of geometric quantization with metaplectic correction
The fractal sets obtained by dint of the recursive constructions introduced by the aforementioned authors may actually be seen as particular cases of the set Θ.
Random fractals and tree-indexed Markov chains
Indeed, the figure of merit has been found to be a growing function of the number dint of internal degrees of freedom, Z T = (d + 1 + dint)/2, where d is the geometric dimension.
A microscopic mechanism for increasing thermoelectric efficiency
Rj , where each Rj is isomorphic to a shifted copy of some eiA (1 ≤ i ≤ n), and if its differential is of the form dint + δ , where dint is the direct sum of the differential of the Rj ’s, and δ , as a degree 1 map from LN j=1 Rj to itself, is a strictly upper triangular matrix whose entries are in A.
On tilting complexes providing derived equivalences that send simple-minded objects to simple objects
Convergence en l oi des suites d’int ´egrales sur l’espace D1 de Skorokhod.
Weak convergence of stochastic integrals driven by continuous-time random walks
We endow Y with the degree 1 graded endomorphism dint + δY , where dint is the same notation as in Definition 4.8.
Almost complete cluster tilting objects in generalized higher cluster categories
It is not hard to check the identity f (dint + δY ) = dX f .
Almost complete cluster tilting objects in generalized higher cluster categories
N´eel (1949), and subsequently reexamined by Brown (1963), by dint of the theory of stochastic processes.
On the Statics and Dynamics of Magneto-Anisotropic Nanoparticles
R′ (σ± ) have been eliminated by dint of Eq. (A.12).
On the Statics and Dynamics of Magneto-Anisotropic Nanoparticles
Since the integrals in those equations also depend on T via the integration limits, the required T -derivative can be taken by dint of the Leibniz formula (4.16).
On the Statics and Dynamics of Magneto-Anisotropic Nanoparticles
In the Markovian regime, the auto- and cross-correlations of ~b(t) and ˆκ(t) can be obtained by dint of Eqs. (6.64), (6.66), and (6.67).
On the Statics and Dynamics of Magneto-Anisotropic Nanoparticles
In these remaining four dimensions, we wish to preserve Poincar´e invariance, therefore the ten-dimensional metric is split into a direct product of a (dext = 4) external and a (dint = 6) internal manifold, M10 = M4 × M6 .
Primordial Fluctuations in String Cosmology
For compactification of the dint = 6 internal dimensions of superstring theory on a Calabi Yau manifold Y, we again start with a simplified discussion of metric fluctuations δgab (though we know that the components of the Kalb Ramond field must be considered on an equal footing).
Primordial Fluctuations in String Cosmology
The matrix Ξ is the embedding of the heterotic background into a bosonic (D+dint)-dimensional background, and the group O(D , D+dint) is the subgroup of O(D+dint , D+dint) that preserves the form (4.4.3).
Target Space Duality in String Theory
Note that the space-time metric GI J (the symmetric part of EI J in (4.4.3)) is the quotient metric of the (D + dint)-dimensional space modulo {Y A} (here, GAB is the fiber metric).
Target Space Duality in String Theory