digital scanner


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n digital scanner an electronic device that generates a digital representation of an image for data input to a computer
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In news:

Like many digital copiers , at its heart this machine is essentially a digital scanner married to a laser printer.
NEW YORK — Nice Shoes ( has purchased a Scanity high dynamic range, 2K/4K electronically pin-registered scanner from Digital Film Technology.
DFT offers the Scanity film scanner, Spirit family of DataCines and telecines, the Shadow telecine, the Scream grain reducer, the LUTher color calibration tool, and the Bones digital intermediate workflow solution, among other products.
With the increasing use of kiosks and digital checkout scanners, stores are using technology to speed up the shopping experience and make paying for items easier.
Tenable and Digital Bond add SCADA plug-ins into Nessus vulnerability scanner.
While Microsoft touts the plug-and-play features of its Windows operating systems, connecting a new printer, digital camera, mouse, scanner or other device sometimes requires some troubleshooting .
The hospital says it plans on bringing in digital mammography scanners by the end of the year.
Scanners create a completely accurate, digital snapshot of a scene which contains millions of points recorded as X-Y-Z coordinates.
Finally, a scanner that keeps pace with the urban emergency room: The Statscan is a digital X-ray device that can produce a full-body image in 13 seconds.
Police switch to digital scanners .
Douglas County has started broadcasting on a new digital frequency and some information isn't picked up by analog scanner units.
Scanners and Cameras Scanners are similar to digital cameras, except cameras can focus into infinity.
The federal requirement that all medical records be digitized has forced this profession to buy document scanners and many companies are replacing fax machines with scanners that have scan to fax or to email capability.
The 3M True Definition Scanner is a digital impression system that is boldly redefining the economics of CAD/CAM dentistry with an unprecedented price – making it a feasible investment for any practice.
How to Scan Slides Before digitizing a slide or negative, check the scanner 's resolution, as the original may be smaller than the final image.

In science:

Dynamics of crystallization is recorded with FujiPix 6000 digital camera and still high-resolution images are produced by scanning containers with crystallized sodium acetate in HP Deskjet 5100 scanner.
Hot Ice Computer
Teachers use network-enabled photocopier/scanners, scanners with automatic feeder or even fax machines for digitalizing the response forms, and then WebTest can read them and produce a data file in the right format for WebCheck.
WebTeach in practice: the entrance test to the Engineering faculty in Florence
In cases where images or profiles of the deformed shapes of the cylinders were available, these were digitized using a scanner and then imported into XFig (Sutanthavibul et al. ).
Validation of the material point method and plasticity with Taylor impact tests
CA.M.M. routinely performes to better than 1 micron stability (Lattanzi et al. 2001, Bucciarelli et al. 2003). In order to have an independent check of the astrometric properties of our scanners, we made a direct comparison between the x,y measurements on a particular plate digitized with TO.
Digitatio and Scientific Exploitation of the Italian and Vatican Astronomical Plate Archives