• WordNet 3.6
    • adj dicky (British informal) faulty "I've got this dicky heart"- John le Carre"
    • n dicky a man's detachable insert (usually starched) to simulate the front of a shirt
    • n dicky a small third seat in the back of an old-fashioned two-seater
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Dicky A donkey.
    • Dicky A false detachable shirt front or bosom.
    • Dicky A gentleman's shirt collar.
    • Dicky A hat; esp., in U. S., a stiff hat or derby; in Eng., a straw hat.
    • Dicky A seat at the back for servants.
    • Dicky A seat for the driver (In a carriage); -- called also dickey box or dickie seat.
    • Dicky Any small bird; -- called also dickeybird or dickey bird.
    • Dicky The haddock.
    • Dicky The hedge sparrow.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n dicky An ass; a donkey.
    • n dicky A leathern apron.
    • n dicky A child's bib.
    • n dicky A shirt-front; a separate front worn over the breast in place of a shirt, or to hide a shirt not fit to be seen. Separate shirt-fronts of this kind, also called false bosoms and shams, were worn over plain shirts for many years in the first half of the nineteenth century.
    • n dicky A kind of high standing shirt-collar formerly worn.
    • n dicky The seat in a carriage on which the driver sits, whether in front or not; a seat behind the body of a carriage for servants, etc.
    • dicky Poor in quality or condition; ‘sorry’; ‘queer’: as, a dicky lot; a dicky concern.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Dicky a leathern apron for a gig, &c.: the driver's seat in a carriage: a seat for servants at the back of a carriage: a false shirt-front.
    • n Dicky dik′i (East Anglian) an ass
    • ***


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
From Dick, familiar of Richard—like Jack, in jackass.


In literature:

We had a visit in the afternoon from the C.O., Agassiz, and Dickie.
"The Incomparable 29th and the "River Clyde"" by George Davidson
Possibly she could have taken it with her, but she felt confusedly that Dickie would not be appreciated in other people's houses.
"The Job" by Sinclair Lewis
Dicky did not either.
"New Treasure Seekers" by E. (Edith) Nesbit
I would rather call him Demon than Dickie; but Sylvia named him Dickie when he was but a baby thing, so the name has stuck to him.
"Betty Vivian" by L. T. Meade
And just then Dicky ran up breathlessly.
"Five Little Peppers at School" by Margaret Sidney
The little boy's name was Dicky.
"Fairy Prince and Other Stories" by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott
Dicky," she moved a little closer to him, "is it me or yourself you are angry with about the other night?
"To Love" by Margaret Peterson
You'd better give in, really, Dickie!
"Vice Versa" by F. Anstey
Ain't got no more sense for this life than a dicky-bird.
"Northern Lights" by Gilbert Parker
And which was Dickie Lowe?
"The Girls of St. Olave's" by Mabel Mackintosh
Dickie would be sorry to make sister lose her pleasure, wouldn't he?
"Nine Little Goslings" by Susan Coolidge
Dicky Diamond gave me the tip, and I cleared out from my hotel just in time.
"The Golden Face" by William Le Queux
And Dickie, of course.
"'Mid Pleasures and Palaces" by James McKimmey
Everybody likes Dicky, and Dicky, as a rule, likes everybody.
"Portia" by Duchess
At a fair in Zamboanga, Datto Dicky was about to take unto himself a wife, the little lady being as diminutive as her prospective husband.
"The Story of General Pershing" by Everett T. (Everett Titsworth) Tomlinson
Master Dicky Glaire, my true old friend's son, mean wrong by my lass Daisy?
"The Parson O' Dumford" by George Manville Fenn
See what mischief she has been in; and here's Dicky with quite a handful now.
"A Little World" by George Manville Fenn
At last we saw that funny Dicky Willis, your old crony, peeping in the window, and made him come in and be the minister.
"The William Henry Letters" by Abby Morton Diaz
You'll do, Dicky; that you will.
"Draw Swords!" by George Manville Fenn
No vests, or stocks, or dickies crowd my nice laces, and ribbons, and muslins.
"The Life and Beauties of Fanny Fern" by Anonymous

In poetry:

Do not sigh or fear, Dicky,
How is it right
To grudge the dead their ghostly dark
And wan moonlight?
"Dicky" by Robert Graves
"Domestic bliss has proved my bane, -
A harder case you never heard,
My wife (in other matters sane)
Pretends that I'm a Dicky bird!
"Baines Carew, Gentleman" by William Schwenck Gilbert
But now, as at some nobler places,
Amongst the Leaders 'twas decreed
Time to begin the DICKY RACES;
More fam'd for laughter than for speed.
"Richard and Kate: A suffolk Ballad" by Robert Bloomfield
"Where be ye gaun, ye broken men?"
Quo fause Sakelde; "come tell to me?"
Now Dickie of Dryhope led that band,
And the nevir a word o lear had he.
"Kinmont Willie" by Andrew Lang
"Why trespass ye on the English side?
Row-footed outlaws, stand!" quo he;
The neer a word had Dickie to say,
Sae he thrust the lance thro his fause bodie.
"Kinmont Willie" by Andrew Lang
She milked the cow; and all the morn was hushed -
(It was a beast that never kicked or rushed)
The startled dicky-birds of early Spring
Sat up amazed to mark this splendid thing,
Nigh fainting with delight upon the bough . . . .
She milked the cow.
"The Martyr of Bovinia" by C J Dennis

In news:

Dickie Peterson dies at 63.
JOHN MCCUSKER / THE TIMES-PICAYUNE Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse in the French Quarter.
Dickie Todd Still Fights Smoking Ban.
But Reiner insists that the part is the character of an average man, and everyone knows Dickie 's childhood was such a nightmare, he could never play a normal person.
Dickie 's one step lower on the fast-food chain than even Dustin "Screech" Diamond, Corey Feldman and Leif Garrett, who attend Dickie 's weekly poker games with other Nick at Nite escapees, among them Barry Williams and Danny Bonaduce.
Dickie 's one rung lower on the fast-food chain than even Dustin "Screech" Diamond, Corey Feldman, and Leif Garrett, who attend Dickie 's weekly poker games with other Nick at Nite escapees, among them Barry Williams and Danny Bonaduce.
Get the latest news, stats, videos, and more about golfer Dicky Pride on ESPN.com.
Micky Ward and Dicky Eklund's mother dies.
Showcase at The Hideout , Paradigm Showcase, Dickies Sounds & Orthy at The Madison.
Horace & Dickies to open next week in Takoma.
Just what will happen now for the remainder of the Cats season as they lose their number one receiver in Dicky Lyons .
Chef Dickie's Shellpoint Nassau Grits.
Dickie Greenwood from Disibility Resources, Inc visited KTXS This Morning and gave an update on sales from their pumpkin patch .
Selectman Dickie Powell refused to approve and sign the final ballot.
Dickie Carreker and Joe Sims of the BPD probe what was originally reported as a pipe bomb at Ingles Friday afternoon.

In science:

Dickie, C., Hart, J., Vertegaal, R., and Eiser, A. (2006).
A Prototype System for Controlling a Computer by Head Movements and Voice Commands