• WordNet 3.6
    • adj dexter on or starting from the wearer's right
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Dexter is the smallest type of cow. This cow was bred to be a small size for household living
    • Dexter (Her) On the right-hand side of a shield, i. e., towards the right hand of its wearer. To a spectator in front, as in a pictorial representation, this would be the left side.
    • n Dexter One of a breed of small hardy cattle originating from the Kerry breed of Ireland, valuable both for beef and milk. They are usually chiefly black, sometimes red, and somewhat resemble a small shorthorn in build. Called also Dexter Kerry .
    • Dexter Pertaining to, or situated on, the right hand; right, as opposed to sinister, or left. "On sounding wings a dexter eagle flew."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The word "dexterity", to do with skill is related to the right hand. The opposite of the word "deter" is "sinister", to do with evil, it is related to the left hand
    • dexter Pertaining to or situated on the right hand; right, as opposed to left: as, the dexter side of a shield.
    • n dexter In heraldry, that side of the shield which is toward the right when the shield is braced or fitted upon the arm; hence, the side of the field toward the left of the spectator.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Dexter deks′tėr on the right-hand side: right:
    • adj Dexter deks′tėr (her.) of that side of the shield on the right-hand side of the wearer, to the spectator's left
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L.,; akin to Gr. , , Skr. dakshiṇa,cf. daksh, to be strong, suit); Goth. taihswa, OHG. zeso,. Cf. Dexterous
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. dexter; Gr. dexios, Sans. dakshina, on the right, on the south.


In literature:

I tell you Mrs. Danny Dexter and Miss O'Gorman think old Sally Blossom is a peacherino.
"Mary Louise and Josie O'Gorman" by Emma Speed Sampson
Now and then he flung his cap aloft, and, as it came down, ducked his head under and dexterously caught it.
"The Hunters of the Ozark" by Edward S. Ellis
He was far stronger than Mr. Dootleby, but not nearly so quick and dexterous.
"Tin-Types Taken in the Streets of New York" by Lemuel Ely Quigg
They are dexterous in the use of arms, and can most skilfully decapitate a foe at a single stroke.
"The Philippine Islands" by John Foreman
An elderly farmer, Job Dexter, offered him a dollar a week and board if he would work for him.
"Chester Rand" by Horatio Alger, Jr
They do not eat the leaves but only the white soft roots, which they dive for and pluck up with great dexterity.
"The Young Voyageurs" by Mayne Reid
Feint and appeal, the most desperate and dexterous, were resorted to.
"Rookwood" by William Harrison Ainsworth
He became remarkably dexterous in rhyme, and grew to be the recognized celebrant of class reunions and public dinners.
"American Men of Mind" by Burton E. Stevenson
He grew dexterous by practice, and every sheet enabled him to write the next with more facility.
"The Works of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. in Nine Volumes" by Samuel Johnson
The tools and processes were all rude and great skill and dexterity were required in the operator.
"Folkways" by William Graham Sumner
The choice was dexterous enough.
"History of the English People, Volume VI (of 8)" by John Richard Green
He did the work speedily and dexterously, and then departed as silently as he had come.
"The River of Darkness" by William Murray Graydon
With incredible dexterity it pecks a hole in the eggs and sucks their contents.
"The Voyage of the Vega round Asia and Europe, Volume I and Volume II" by A.E. Nordenskieold
He piqued himself, moreover, on his dexterity in unravelling mysteries.
"Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" by Charles Mackay
The libretto is one of the best which was ever written by the dexterous and fertile Scribe.
"The Standard Operaglass" by Charles Annesley
I really think her needle can paint almost as dexterously as the brush of any other artist.
"Fairy Fingers" by Anna Cora Mowatt Ritchie
Mr. Dexter discovered with Interviewer.
"From a Cornish Window" by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
Leicester was jealous of the Duke and of Simier, his dexterous and personally fascinating agent.
"Sir Walter Ralegh" by William Stebbing
Dexter, the chairman of the state committee, a thin-faced man who talked little, shook his head ominously.
"The Candidate" by Joseph Alexander Altsheler
"English Synonyms and Antonyms" by James Champlin Fernald

In poetry:

As I was saying, every night
I steal one painting
With enviable dexterity.
But the road’s very long
"Paintings" by Marin Sorescu
I have now a wizard's wand,
Underneath my dexter hand,
Bringing happiness to me,
Through its runic melody,
Making time without the waste
Of the ink quill in the paste.
"My Remington" by Samuel Alfred Beadle
At length, after changing her chiefs at her will,
As their mischievous zeal grew remiss,
She sought a fresh fav'rite, with dexterous skill,
From Obscurity's darkest abyss.
"The Fury Of Discord" by Sir John Carr
"Ah!" cried his Worship. "Sly; so sly!"
(Again he drooped his dexter eye)
"I've read you thro'; I've marked you well.
You're cunning as an imp from Hell . . .
Nay, keep your temper; for I can
Withal admire a clever man.
"The Debate" by C J Dennis
And to see that heroic woman the scene was most grand,
Because as she drew the water a shot cut the rope in her hand;
But she caught the pail with her hand dexterously,
Oh! the scene was imposing end most beautiful to see.
"A Humble Heroine" by William Topaz McGonagall
Then the Sikhs caught the bayonets with their left hand,
And rushed in with their swords, the scene was heroic and grand.
Whilst they slashed and cut with great dexterity,
But the British charge was irresistable, they had to flee.
"The Battle Of Gujrat" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

Born Aug 17, 1911, in Dexter, daughter of the late Jesse and Alice Reed Ross, she moved to Detroit in 1937.
On Dec 1, 1929, in Dexter, she married Cecil J Wamble who preceded her in death on June 1, 1999.
Concerns over sewage mixing in with the water supply prompted Lane County and EWEB to offer free well water testing in Dexter Monday.
Wordperfect 6.0 Has the Muscle, but What of Dexterity.
Miami's Dexter Pittman caught winking after flagrant foul.
Debra Morgan dropped quite a bomb on her brother in the ultimate moments of Sunday's 'Dexter' episode "Chemistry," one that will likely change their entire relationship across the rest of the series.
Dexter wins fourth title in the last seven seasons.
The victim, identified by police as Eric Dexter, was taken to the local hospital.
The Colorado Rockies have activated outfielder Dexter Fowler from the 15-day disabled list and optioned him to Triple-A Colorado Springs.
Premier Darrell Dexter speaks to reporters in Halifax on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 THE CANADIAN PRESS/Andrew Vaughan.
In this heartwarming YouTube video, adorable pooches-turned-chemists Paige and Dexter explain the basics of chemistry using their toys.
Dexter McCoil's Tulsa Golden Hurricane football team has a game to play Saturday at home against Tulane.
9 pm Sunday, Showtime SEVEN SEASONS in, the man who plays Dexter Morgan still manages to maintain what seems like a healthy distance from TV's most sympathetic serial killer.
Leelanau Good Harbor Golden Ale Dexter, Mich. 4 beer of our top 10, the Good Harbor Golden Ale from Leelanau, brewed in Dexter, Mich.
A YouTube user has posted amateur video from the tornado that swept through Dexter, Michigan, near Ann Arbor around 5:30 this evening.

In science:

The author also had many helpful conversations with Eva Cogan, Scott Dexter, Mel Fitting, Alex Heller, Roman Kossak, Mirco Mannucci, and Paula Whitlock.
A Universal Approach to Self-Referential Paradoxes, Incompleteness and Fixed Points
Now let us come to consider the limit of the dexter series in inequalities (14) and (17).
The Level Densities of Random Matrix Unitary Ensembles and their Perturbation Invariability
Observe that sometimes the Sign Rule requires some dexterity in application.
Classification of Finite Dimensional Modular Lie Superalgebras with Indecomposable Cartan Matrix
Dexter Kozen, Jens Palsberg, and Michael Schwartzbach. Efficient recursive subtyping.
Subtyping for F-Bounded Quantifiers and Equirecursive Types (Extended Version)
The authors of these approximations show great dexterity and ingenuity in their derivations and use a variety of techniques to obtain them.
The AGM Simple Pendulum
Expert-Verlag, Ehningen 1993 Osswald, D.; Wörn, H.: Mechanical System and Control System of a Dexterous Robot Hand. International Conference on Humanoid Robots, Tokyo, 2001 Czinki, A.: Konstruktion, Aufbau und Regelung servopneumatischer Roboterhände.
CAGD - Computer Aided Gripper Design for a Flexible Gripping System
In this paper we investigate the existence of redundant isotropic architectures, which should add to the dexterity of the wrist under design by virtue of its extra degree of freedom.
The Computation of All 4R Serial Spherical Wrists With an Isotropic Architecture
Dibi, S., Drappeau, S., Fragile, P.C., Markoff, S. and Dexter, J., “GRMHD simulations of accretion onto Sgr A*: How important are radiative losses?”, arXiv, e-print, (2012). [ADS], [arXiv:1206.3976 [astro-ph.
Foundations of Black Hole Accretion Disk Theory