• Grinding Device
    Grinding Device
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n device any clever maneuver "he would stoop to any device to win a point","it was a great sales gimmick","a cheap promotions gimmick for greedy businessmen"
    • n device an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose "the device is small enough to wear on your wrist","a device intended to conserve water"
    • n device an emblematic design (especially in heraldry) "he was recognized by the device on his shield"
    • n device any ornamental pattern or design (as in embroidery)
    • n device something in an artistic work designed to achieve a particular effect
    • ***

Additional illustrations & photos:

Both brass and pottery candlesticks have been found. The candle was the standard lighting device during the 17th century Both brass and pottery candlesticks have been found. The candle was the standard lighting device during the 17th century
De Worde's 'Sagittarius' Device De Worde's 'Sagittarius' Device
Richard Pynson's Device Richard Pynson's Device
William Faques' Device William Faques' Device
Richard Faques' Device Richard Faques' Device
Robert Copland's Device Robert Copland's Device
Robert Wyer's Device Robert Wyer's Device
Thomas Berthelet's Device Thomas Berthelet's Device

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: A rocket-like device can be traced back to Ancient Greece when a flying steam-powered pigeon was built out of wood.
    • Device A spectacle or show.
    • Device An emblematic design, generally consisting of one or more figures with a motto, used apart from heraldic bearings to denote the historical situation, the ambition, or the desire of the person adopting it. See Cognizance.
    • Device any artifactual object designed to perform an action or process, with or without an operator in attendance.
    • Device Anything fancifully conceived.
    • Device Improperly, an heraldic bearing.
    • Device Opinion; decision.
    • Device Power of devising; invention; contrivance. "I must have instruments of my own device ."
    • Device That which is devised, or formed by design; a contrivance; an invention; a project; a scheme; often, a scheme to deceive; a stratagem; an artifice. "His device in against Babylon, to destroy it.""Their recent device of demanding benevolences.""He disappointeth the devices of the crafty."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The metal instrument used in shoe stores to measure feet is called the Brannock device.
    • n device Disposition; desire; will; pleasure.
    • n device Opinion; view.
    • n device The act or state of devising or inventing; invention; inventiveness; a contriving.
    • n device An invention or a contrivance; something devised or fitted for a particular use or purpose, especially something of a simple character or of little complexity: as, a device for checking motion.
    • n device A scheme or plan; something devised or studied out for promoting an end; specifically, something contrived for an evil or a selfish purpose; a wrongful project, stratagem, or trick.
    • n device Something fancifully designed, as a picture, a, pattern, a piece of embroidery, the cut or ornament of a garment, etc.
    • n device The representation of some object, group of objects, or scene, generally accompanied by a motto or other legend, and used as an expression of the bearer's aspirations or principles. It is usually emblematic in character, and often contains a puzzle or a very recondite allusion. It differs from the badge and the cognizance in not being necessarily public and used for recognition, although the device, or a part of it, was often used as a cognizance. Book-plates formerly often bore a device, and still occasionally display one. See emblem, impress.
    • n device The motto attached to or suited for such an emblem.
    • n device A spectacle; a show.
    • n device Synonyms Contrivance, Shift, etc. (see expedient, n.; see also artifice), wile, ruse, manœuver, trick.
    • n device Design, symbol.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: While fighting with the French underground during World War II, Jacques-Yves Cousteau invented the aqualung, the self-contained device that supplies air under pressure for underwater divers.
    • n Device de-vīs′ that which is devised or designed: contrivance: power of devising: genius:
    • n Device de-vīs′ (her.) the emblem borne upon a shield: a picture of some kind, with a motto illustrative of a man's life or character, borne by an individual rather than by a family
    • ***


  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “The human body is a peculiar device, pat it on the back and the head swells.”
  • Calvin Coolidge
    “The government of the United States is a device for maintaining in perpetuity the rights of the people, with the ultimate extinction of all privileged classes.”
  • Horace Mann
    “Education, then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equalizer of the conditions of men -- the balance-wheel of the social machinery.”
  • Benjamin Lee Whorf
    Benjamin Lee Whorf
    “We dissect nature along lines laid down by our native language. Language is not simply a reporting device for experience but a defining framework for it.”
  • Lorne Sanny
    Lorne Sanny
    “We have so many labor-saving devices today that we go broke keeping them repaired. Everything is easier, but requires greater maintenance.”
  • Source Unknown
    Source Unknown
    “The best labor saving device is doing it tomorrow”


Left to your own devices - If someone is left to their own devices, they are not controlled and can do what they want.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
OE. devis, devise, will, intention, opinion, invention, fr. F. devis, architect's plan and estimates (in OF., division, plan, wish), devise, device (in sense 3), in OF. also, division, wish, last will, fr. deviser,. See Devise (v. t.), and cf. Devise (n.)
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
O. Fr. devise. See Devise.


In literature:

Notable devices invented at the factory.
"The War in the Air; Vol. 1" by Walter Raleigh
This time, he decided, he'd want quite a few protective devices.
"The Weakling" by Everett B. Cole
This device is recommended for use only in connection with wet roasted coffee.
"All About Coffee" by William H. Ukers
The commonest form of reversing device (invented by George Stephenson) is known as Stephenson's Link Gear.
"How it Works" by Archibald Williams
This device consists in a division of railroad business and is commonly called a pool.
"The Railroad Question" by William Larrabee
Ropes were reeved through pulleys in the ceiling, for raising the wire-ball device to permit entrance.
"The Affair of the Brains" by Anthony Gilmore
It is by such devices that the German Government is wont to launch into war.
"England and Germany" by Emile Joseph Dillon
They are prevented from colliding with meteors by an automatic magnetic device.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science April 1930" by Various
Accordingly nature has concocted many devices by which she assists her favored children in escaping this relentless persecution.
"The Meaning of Evolution" by Samuel Christian Schmucker
Such a device as must have been used would need power and lots of it for operation.
"Astounding Stories of Super-Science, March 1930" by Various

In poetry:

The moon, like a round device
On a shadowy shield of war,
Hangs white in a heaven of ice
With a solitary star.
"Snow" by Madison Julius Cawein
That moulds the iron into shape
Of all device and plan;
This moulds a subtler power than all—
The intellect of man.
"Anvil And Newspaper" by Alexander Anderson
Who fathoms the Eternal Thought?
Who talks of scheme and plan?
The Lord is God! He needeth not
The poor device of man.
"The Eternal Goodness" by John Greenleaf Whittier
Several men are standing on the pier
Unloading the sea
The device on the trolley says MOTHER'S MEAT
Which means Until the end.
"The End is Near the Beginning" by David Gascoyne
Not against man's most fell device
The shell, the gas, the mine;
These he shall meet with steady eyes
And courage half-divine.
"The Secret Foe" by Katharine Tynan
All Profit, all Device, all Truth,
Written it was or said
By the mighty men of their mighty youth,
Which is mighty being dead.
"Our Fathers Also" by Rudyard Kipling

In news:

Here's Apple's background and summary of the invention: Several kinds of input devices are known for performing operations in a computing device.
A recent survey of app users has troubling implications for mobile devices in the workplace: Developers and users are paying little attention to the security of the applications that populate so many privately owned devices.
Another ATM skimmer device found in Volusia Co. 3 skimming devices found on area Publix stores.
Non-compliant medical device packaging has been at the tip of the tongue of medical device manufacturers over this past year.
Affordable device for sharing and streaming data from USB storage device s.
Hard drive and storage device maker Seagate Technology announced June 29 that has made available the industry's first 3TB desktop storage device , a new version of its popular FreeAgent GoFlex.
Rand McNally's new HD 100 device provides electronic hours of service recording, text- and dispatch-integrated messaging plus driver performance monitoring capabilities, through mobile devices.
With the release of iSync 1.1 last week, Apple has vastly improved its mobile device support, but Wireless Supersite Editor Ross Rubin notes the Mac could still use a few tweaks to become the best platform for working with mobile devic.
But the 2-to-3- THz frequency range has long been considered a "terahertz gap" region: too high for purely electronic devices and too low for photonic devices.
Gastroenterology and Urology Devices Panel of the Medical Devices Advisory Committee Meeting Announcement (May 10-11, 2012).
Seppo Vahasalo, Product Line Manager, Medical Devices, SGS Medical Device Services.
Vernier Software and Technology launched the Connected Science System, which networked educator and student devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Google Chromebooks, and Android devices with LabQuest 2 this June.
Networking company Cisco has more than 50 different mobile devices on its IT approved list, which allows devices to access corporate e-mail, calendars and contacts.
With New WLAN , Mobile Devices Are Not Left to Their Own Devices.
Apple 's iOS device line-up has increased to six screen sizes now with the iPad mini and iPhone 5, creating more devices for developers to build for with their apps.

In science:

Moreover, in such low-yield devices, much less tritium is bred in situ during the explosion so that the efficiency η is essentially equal to the amount of tritium burnt over the amount of tritium initially present in the device.
A comparison of delayed radiobiological effects of depleted-uranium munitions versus fourth-generation nuclear weapons
Yet these active devices share a key property with the passive instruments — they are linear devices in the sense that the input modes are linear transformations of the output modes.
Quantum Physics of Simple Optical Instruments
The methods used here for quantum tomography can be applied in other problems of quantum estimation, such as for example the calibration of measurement devices or the estimation of transformation of states under the action of quantum mechanical devices.
An invitation to quantum tomography (II)
In their device as well as ours, the interaction only exists in the quantum dot (QD) and the other parts of the device should be non-interacting, so all Green functions (except G< dd (ω )) can be exactly expressed using the intradot Green function Gr dd (ω ).
Reply to the comment on "Do intradot electron-electron interactions induce dephasing?"
Before relying on the results of the device, it is necessary to see the linearity of the device.
Simple 8085 microprocessor compatible I/O card