• WordNet 3.6
    • adj detractive causing to decrease in importance or value "detractive influences on the volume of investment"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Detractive Tending to detractor draw.
    • Detractive Tending to lower in estimation; depreciative.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • detractive Having the quality or power of drawing or taking away.
    • detractive Seeking or tending to lessen repute or estimation; depreciative; defamatory.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adjs Detractive tending to detract: derogatory
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  • Marguerite Duras
    “Acting doesn't bring anything to a text. On the contrary, it detracts from it.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. de, from, and trahĕre, to draw.


In literature:

That would detract somewhat from the glory of the other when he arrived.
"The Radio Boys on the Mexican Border" by Gerald Breckenridge
Still nothing can detract from the credit of having educated such men.
"Ireland In The New Century" by Horace Plunkett
Mention not a blemish which is thy own, in detraction of thy neighbor.
"Hebraic Literature; Translations from the Talmud, Midrashim and Kabbala" by Various
Nothing so detracts from a girl's appearance as soiled or untidy hair.
"Confidences" by Edith B. Lowry
Must we endure detraction from a slave?
"The Seven Plays in English Verse" by Sophocles
The tongue of detraction was never more busy with his alleged infidel doctrines or to more damaging effect.
"William Lloyd Garrison" by Archibald H. Grimke
Unnecessary shading tends to detract from the clearness of the sketch.
"Military Instructors Manual" by James P. Cole and Oliver Schoonmaker
As we detract from this, so will be our weakness and downfall.
"Continental Monthly, Vol. I, No. V, May, 1862" by Various
The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it far above our power to add or detract.
"Speeches and Letters of Abraham Lincoln, 1832-1865" by Abraham Lincoln
It detracts from his claim to genius.
"Father Stafford" by Anthony Hope
The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it far above our poor power to add or detract.
"Our Holidays" by Various
But a detracting editor is a paricide.
"Life of Lord Byron, Vol. 6 (of 6)" by Thomas Moore
Detraction was not silent at the home-coming of the victor.
"From Pole to Pole" by Sven Anders Hedin
Unfortunately, they also show exaggeration of compliment and praise which detract from his words of sincere and honest admiration.
"Deaconesses in Europe" by Jane M. Bancroft
No doubt what you say is true, but it does not detract in the least from the value of your own services.
"A Pirate of the Caribbees" by Harry Collingwood
For several miles you feel that there is nothing to detract from the spell of the sea.
"Riviera Towns" by Herbert Adams Gibbons
Men generally were madly fascinated with her, then as suddenly disenchanted, and then detracted from her in every way.
"Memoirs" by Charles Godfrey Leland
Anything which needlessly adds to the expense, or detracts from the efficiency of the work, should be regarded as a mistake.
"Prairie Farmer, Vol. 56: No. 3, January 19, 1884." by Various
This interruption detracted nothing from the pleasure of the visit for which we had originally set out.
"The Story of a Cannoneer Under Stonewall Jackson" by Edward A. Moore
That it sometimes struck her as maniacal did not detract from its interest.
"The Green Carnation" by Robert Smythe Hichens

In poetry:

Such is the man, whose noble soul,
When roused to proper action,
Disdains a sordid, base control,
Or enemies' detraction.
"No Enemies" by Benjamin Cutler Clark
But vainly should detraction preach
If once I made it known,
The art of pleasing thou would'st teach
Acknowledg'd for thy own.
"Vignette - XII" by Matilda Betham
Forgetting that their pride of spirit
Their exultation in their trial
Detracts most largely from the merit
Of all their boasted self-denial.
"Granta: A Medley" by Lord George Gordon Byron
Since free from a detracting spirit,
You bear to hear a rival's merit;
The praise which is to Celia due,
Fair Nymph! but echoes back to you.
"To A Young Lady" by Samuel Bowden
The trail of the snake is over thy name,
Dimm'd are thy gems, and sullied thy fame:
Virtue will triumph, detraction will die,
The rose and the gem smile up to the sky.
"Be Hopeful: II -- The Rose" by Janet Hamilton
Detraction like a scorpion stands
To strike at men and things;
The spider with her hideous hands
Clings to the skirts of kings;
Be sure thy cot shall not escape
The poison of that dreaded shape.
"Detraction" by Martin Farquhar Tupper

In news:

Although having the stage to oneself may seem an attractive proposition, it has had its detractions since I began participating in the SB forum at the outset.
Pete Weber's flamboyance, once thought to be a detraction, is now being embraced by the PBA.
Elusive and prolific, the artist-inventor owns a pop-culture profile that both lures and detracts.
Even sting of defeat can't detract from amazing season.
Nook HD's Screen Dazzles, but Quirks Detract .
Romney tries to detract from flak.
A couple 'knuckleheads' shouldn't detract from whole Secret Service.
NIMBYs Concerned That Streetcar Barn Will Detract From Historic Housing Project.
How that doesn't detract from the ad.
Edwards says Stallworth's injury status won't detract from offense's plans.
The present discussion on whether college athletes should be allowed to leave school and turn pro before completing their academic requirements for graduation detracts from the real issues surrounding college sports.
When you arrange flowers, it's critical to place them in containers that will showcase the blooms--not detract from their beauty.
I didn't publish it at the same time because both dishes were so good that I didn't want them to detract from each other.
It detracts from Mitt Romney's desired focus on economic issues.
Wendy Steiner's report on the exhibit of Soviet art of the 1920's and 30's in Moscow stresses the absence of a catalogue and how this detracts from the full impact of such a show.

In science:

Xray intensity (averaged over possible X-ray pulsations), which may detract from the millisecond pulsar hypothesis if many of the DCXSs are shown to be single and variable.
Bondi-Hoyle-Lyttleton Accretion Model for Low-luminosity X-ray Sources in Globular Clusters
It has been found that at least for the transonic solution, viscosity acts as a mechanism that detracts from the effectiveness of gravity.
Viscosity in spherically symmetric accretion
This implies that the presence of viscosity detracts from the effectiveness of gravity in spherically symmetric accretion.
Viscosity in spherically symmetric accretion
Adding other finite data-types such as integers or floating point is conceptually straightforward, but the technical complications would detract from the main point.
Function Interface Models for Hardware Compilation: Types, Signatures, Protocols
Lastly, we emphasise that nothing in this article should detract from the fact that anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions are a ma jor threat to global society and ecology.
The Runaway Greenhouse: implications for future climate change, geoengineering and planetary atmospheres
Its analysis exclusively concerns the equivalent time dilation of the onboard clocks , which not only avoids the detracting notion of acceleration, but is factually closer to the actually measured quantity δz .
The correct analysis and explanation of the Pioneer-Galileo anomalies
S N .) This, however, does not, in general, detract from the consistency of the quantum equations of motion.
Membranes and Consistent Quantization of Nambu Dynamics
Though as discussed above some issues remain, they should not however be seen as detracting significantly from the overall success of the approach and the general consistency between e+ e− and DIS.
Event shapes in e+e- annihilation and deep inelastic scattering
By virtue of the fact that f < 1, the logarithm of f will be negative, and consequently its effect on k0 would be to detract from its value in the Newtonian limit (where f = 1).
Perturbations on steady spherical accretion in Schwarzschild geometry
However these remarks do not detract from the fact that the principle as commonly used relates to real restrictions that will plausibly apply to existence of any materially-based form of intelligent life, and hence is indeed an interesting topic of discussion.
Editorial note to "Large number coincidences and the anthropic principle in cosmology"
The representation of ambiguity at the word level only detracts from the distinctiveness of the grammatical representation. (cid:3) Reference to phrases and clauses is di(cid:14)cult. (cid:3) Grammar rules are somewhat lacking in transparency because of their partiality and roundaboutness.
Three studies of grammar-based surface-syntactic parsing of unrestricted English text. A summary and orientation
Already in Morphological disambiguation, I argued for a more uniform grammatical representation by showing how the sequentiality and unoptimal interaction between the various grammar components detracted from the accuracy of the resulting parser.
Three studies of grammar-based surface-syntactic parsing of unrestricted English text. A summary and orientation
Similarly, they say that they can compute those nonuniformities analytically; again, that does not detract from the fact that they are there.
Reply to M.Campostrini's and P.Rossi's Comment on our paper `Nonuniformity of the $1/N$ Expansion for Two-Dimensional $O(N)$ Models'
Syntactic technicalities only detract from the main points and we shall ignore them without remorse.) However we can use the size of a proof of F (n) as a measurement of the feasibility of n.
Looking from the inside and from the outside
This does not in any way detract from the significance of Bohm’s general point of view regarding the causal interpretation.
Bohmian trajectories for photons