• WordNet 3.6
    • v destine design or destine "She was intended to become the director"
    • v destine decree or designate beforehand "She was destined to become a great pianist"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The most popular vacation destinations for Americans in 1956 was Niagara Falls
    • v. t Destine To determine the future condition or application of; to set apart by design for a future use or purpose; to fix, as by destiny or by an authoritative decree; to doom; to ordain or preordain; to appoint; -- often with the remoter object preceded by to or for. "We are decreed,
      Reserved, and destined to eternal woe."
      "Till the loathsome opposite
      Of all my heart had destined , did obtain."
      "Not enjoyment and not sorrow
      Is our destined end or way."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The high level of unemployment in Canada makes it one of the least popular destinations for illegal immigrants.
    • destine To set apart, ordain, or appoint to a use, purpose, office, or place.
    • destine To appoint or predetermine unalterably, as by a divine decree; doom; devote.
    • destine Synonyms To intend, mark out, consecrate, dedicate, decree, allot.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Destine des′tin to ordain or appoint to a certain use or state: to fix: to doom—also Des′tinate (obs.)
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  • Burton Hills
    Burton Hills
    “Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life.”
  • Ben Sweetland
    Ben Sweetland
    “Happiness is a journey not a destination.”
  • Doug Horton
    “If the destination is heaven, why do we scramble to be first in line for hell?”
  • Carl Rogers
    Carl Rogers
    “The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction not a destination.”
  • H. Stanley Judd
    H. Stanley Judd
    “A good plan is like a road map: it shows the final destination and usually the best way to get there.”
  • Earl Nightingale
    “All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
F. destiner, L. destinare,; de, + the root of stare, to stand. See Stand, and cf. Obstinate
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—L. destinārede, inten., and root sta-, in stāre, to stand.


In literature:

But promising as this attempt looked, it was destined to immediate failure.
"The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow" by Anna Katharine Green
This attempt was in any case destined to prove equally adverse to the fortunes of Columbus.
"South America" by W. H. Koebel
Now I knew that my destination was situated in a valley.
"Round About the Carpathians" by Andrew F. Crosse
On the 9th of May, 1812, Napoleon, hitherto always triumphant, quitted a palace which he was destined never again to enter victorious.
"History of the Expedition to Russia" by Count Philip de Segur
But we were not destined to make a through run to the capital.
"Sixteen Months in Four German Prisons" by Henry Charles Mahoney
He aimed for his destination, his face very grim.
"This World Is Taboo" by Murray Leinster
Nature had destined him for a military career, and his tendency to a soldier's life was early manifest.
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. CCCLXXVI. February, 1847. Vol. LXI." by Various
Now we have spread sails of inertia and glide on a wind of pure momentum toward our destination.
"Operation: Outer Space" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
The criminal, it seems, is destined not to suffer.
"The Best Short Stories of 1921 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story" by Various
Two men destined to immortal fame had met and passed with scarcely a glance at each other.
"The Victim" by Thomas Dixon
But our destination was not reached.
"Sketches and Studies in Italy and Greece, Complete" by John Symonds
And o'er the mountain-surges, as they roll, Subdues his destined way, and speeds from pole to pole.
"The Poetical Works of William Lisle Bowles, Vol. 1" by William Lisle Bowles
My orders were, after delivering the horse at its destination, to return on foot, calling on my way at the hay merchant's with an order.
"Kilgorman" by Talbot Baines Reed
His inaction, however, was not destined to last long.
"A Dog with a Bad Name" by Talbot Baines Reed
When they reached their destination, they were announced in due course, and Monsieur de Valmont came forward to meet them.
"Sister Anne (Novels of Paul de Kock, Volume X)" by Charles Paul de Kock
But Richelieu was not destined to fail.
"Lord Montagu's Page" by G. P. R. James
But Toustain was destined to disappointment.
"Danes, Saxons and Normans" by John G. Edgar
The Reformation had begun, and, in spite of many hindrances, was destined to be successful.
"A History of the Reformation (Vol. 2 of 2)" by Thomas M. Lindsay
I did not believe it at first, as there was a report that Charleston was our destination.
"Diary of an Enlisted Man" by Lawrence Van Alstyne
But Mr. Pickens was destined to enjoy senatorial honors but a short while.
"Makers and Romance of Alabama History" by B. F. Riley

In poetry:

'Tis vain to struggle -
The ways of heaven are the ways of heaven.
Is he the destined saviour, by whose arm
His God, for whom he fights, intends to lead thee
Into the land, which thou wast born for -
"Nathan The Wise - Act III" by Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
Then may I trust in you, your fortunes, days, my country;
—Who knows that these may be the lessons fit for you?
From these your future Song may rise, with joyous trills,
Destin'd to fill the world.
"Wandering At Morn" by Walt Whitman
A look, a pressure of the hand,
A sign of hope, a song of cheer,
May journey over sea and land,
Outliving many a sterile year,
To find at last the destined hour
When they shall leap to bud and flower.
"Influence" by John Lawson Stoddard
"Fool, to that body to return
Where it condemn'd and destin'd is to burn!
Once dead, how can it be,
Death should a thing so pleasant seem to thee,
That thou should'st come to live it o're again in me?"
"The Despair" by Abraham Cowley
He saw the poetry in forlorn stations
under clouds vast as Asia, through districts
that could gulp Oklahoma like a grape,
not these tree-shaded prairie halts but space
so desolate it mocked destinations.
"Forest Of Europe" by Derek Walcott
Come, little wretch — ah, silly heart,
Mine only joy, what can I more?
If there be any wrong thy smart,
That may the destines implore,
'Twas I, I say, against my will; I wail the time, but be thou still.
"A Sweet Lullaby" by Nicholas Breton

In news:

Not sure whether they'd travel to DC to face the Nationals in the NLCS or fly home to take on the Cardinals, they wait for a destination, then fuel, then mechanics to fix the hydraulics.
Whether for a honeymoon, a destination wedding or an indulgent romantic escape, some tips to make your Polynesian fantasy a luxurious reality.
That discussion about Winnipeg being destined for a revamped Central Division for the 2012-13 season.
New dean using proven track record, strategic planning to make school national recruiting destination.
A Business Traveler -Friendly Destination. is "an online destination where buyers and sellers of returned, off-lease, used, demo, off-rental, and refurbished carpet cleaning and disaster restoration equipment can meet to buy and sell ," the company said.
It is not farm-raised like most salmon destined for the smoker but is caught in the Baltic Sea and cold-smoked in Denmark.
Pamela Selbert Photos by Guy Selbert October 22, 2012 Filed under Destinations, Travel.
Scenic Byways must link "intrinsic resources" that are "exceptional, significant and distinctive," each of which could be considered "a destination unto themselves.".
Rahall said marketing for destinations like the byways and for businesses is crucial to success.
Los Cabos is generally a scenic tourist destination.
In 2008, Khodr opened a second location of Camellia Grill in Destin, Florida, but that restaurant has since closed.
Mars rover spies far-off crater destination.
A few weeks ago, I talked about "destination" on Desert Bloom.
In many new destinations for Hispanics, however, the inability to speak English fluently is a growing challenge.

In science:

Each edge has a unique integer label, eN M ∈ Z+ , and the labels of its inputting node and destination MAC are given by the functions vIN (eN M ) and vOUT (eN M ) respectively. 7) EM N : the output edges from a MAC to a node.
The Case for Structured Random Codes in Network Capacity Theorems
Each edge has a unique integer label, eM N ∈ Z+ , and the label of its MAC and destination node are given by the functions vIN (eM N ) and vOUT (eM N ) respectively. 8) Xvj vk [i]: the channel input on the edge (vj , vk ) at time i.
The Case for Structured Random Codes in Network Capacity Theorems
We thus naturally decide that the best way to go is to select paths along the straightest possible line between the departure airport and the destination airport.
Order-Optimal Consensus through Randomized Path Averaging
R) its starting node, d(R) its destination node, and ℓ(R) = ℓs(R)d(R) + 1 its number of nodes.
Order-Optimal Consensus through Randomized Path Averaging
However very distant destinations remain problematic.
Order-Optimal Consensus through Randomized Path Averaging
We denote by ℓ(r) the number of nodes in route r, s(er) the starting box of route er and d(er) its destination box.
Order-Optimal Consensus through Randomized Path Averaging
Destination boxes are still chosen uniformly at random with probability 1/k because there are k boxes in total.
Order-Optimal Consensus through Randomized Path Averaging
Just as before, we consider only (↔, l)-box routes so that a box route is entirely determined by its starting box and its destination box, and we count box routes of different length ij be the set of box routes of size ℓ including bi and bj . separately.
Order-Optimal Consensus through Randomized Path Averaging
Examples of such graphs are adding outgoing edges from each vertex with destinations chosen independently (as in Kleinberg’s work ) or allowing each edge, either seen as directed or undirected, to exist independently of all others (like in classical random graphs and long-range percolation ).
Decentralized Search with Random Costs
This problem is in many ways similar to that which we discuss above: like with the edge costs, degree distributions may incentivize away from a pure greedy strategy, and instead call for a trade-off between getting close to the destination, and other factors (in this case, wanting to route a vertex with high degree).
Decentralized Search with Random Costs
Their method is fundamentally similar to ours: they also seek to choose the neighbor which minimizes the expected number of steps to the destination (as we do if the costs are fixed to a unit value).
Decentralized Search with Random Costs
To apply our methods above to the problem, we let the weights be a function not only of the distance to the destination, but also of the degree of the vertex.
Decentralized Search with Random Costs
Instead, we let the weight vector at each vertex x be calculated as the mean of the entries in a FIFO buffer, showing the cost of the last m queries x has routed destined for vertices of every distance category.
Decentralized Search with Random Costs
We have showed that this method is optimal among all such algorithms that monotonically approach the destination of the query, and that the necessary weights can be calculated iteratively.
Decentralized Search with Random Costs
Under thi s assumption, for a unicast transmission (one source node transfers information to one destination node), the maximum transmission rate is bounded by the size of the minimum cut between the source and the destination.
Network Coding Capacity of Random Wireless Networks under a SINR Model