• WordNet 3.6
    • v destabilize make unstable "Terrorism destabilized the government"
    • v destabilize become unstable "The economy destabilized rapidly"
    • ***


In literature:

Kosovo is a golden opportunity to destabilize NATO (by provoking Turkey against Greece, for instance).
"After the Rain" by Sam Vaknin
Stop destabilizing interventions and actions by Iraq's neighbors.
"The Iraq Study Group Report" by United States Institute for Peace
He flipped it open and, bracing himself against the side of the silver cone to try to overcome the destabilizing down- draft, looked in.
"Project Cyclops" by Thomas Hoover

In news:

Mansoor al-Jamri, former editor of Alwasat, Bahrain's largest independent newspaper, faces charges that his paper intentionally published false news reports to destabilize the Persian Gulf kingdom.
Tutu said the war in Iraq had destabilized and polarized the world.
Destabilization of the Middle East.
The events in Pakistan over the past few days have clearly demonstrated how much the region has been destabilized by this administration.
Returning to the gold standard would destabilize the money system while tying the hands of policymakers.
Arctic seabed stores of methane are now destabilizing and venting vast stores of frozen methane—a greenhouse gas 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide.
Referendum to be called in Greece: Prime Minister George Papandreou called for a referendum that may further destabilize the economy in Europe and undermine euro.
Each one will help to destabilize the atmosphere and generate rainfall.
Frustration is deep over Western support for independence that Russia sees as destabilizing and against international law.
Metra and IDOT are working together to remove destabilized railway bridge.
The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston was not a profitable institution, even before it was destabilized by Hurricane Ike.
Critics worry the move could destabilize the country.
And growing policy uncertainty could result in a flood of capital to Asia -- a destabilizing trend.
New report highlights potentially destabilizing impact of ICC trials related to 2007 Kenyan election violence.
Pope Benedict XVI denounced organized crime as a "gravely destabilizing threat" to society during an audience Friday with members of Interpol, and called for greater international cooperation to fight it.

In science:

Destabilization induced by stochastisising interactions requires explicit involvement of the factors that ensures long-term stability.
Fluctuations and Long-Term Stability: from Coherence to Chaos
Obviously, the latter immediately would stop destabilization.
Fluctuations and Long-Term Stability: from Coherence to Chaos
Alone the fine-tuning is enough to provide damping in the former case while in the case of spatially extended permanent perturbations it causes destabilization.
Fluctuations and Long-Term Stability: from Coherence to Chaos
The first task of the present chapter was to make evident that the multi-valuedness of stochastising interactions is a source for destabilization in open systems at any value of the control parameters.
Fluctuations and Long-Term Stability: from Coherence to Chaos
Thus the pivotal task is to find out mechanism that eliminates the induced destabilization. It turns out that it should be grounded on non-local feedback that couples distant entities.
Fluctuations and Long-Term Stability: from Coherence to Chaos
The others are destabilized by the interaction and figuratively speaking, are “swallowed up” by the stable one. An important property of eqs.(6.4) is that its solution does not depend on N .
Fluctuations and Long-Term Stability: from Coherence to Chaos
Independently of the relative stability of both wave-functions, the superconducting d-wave wave-function itself is strongly destabilized by the Coulomb repulsion as indicated by the decrease of the variational gap parameter for increasing V0 and the suppression of superconductivity at V0 ≃ 7 (see Fig. 5).
Bond-order modulated staggered flux phase for the $t{-}J$ model on the square lattice
It is known to drive the system toward destabilization of the classical antiferromagnetic state and sometimes even result in a total destruction of it, namely, in a spin disordered state.
Theoretical Aspects of Charge Ordering in Molecular Conductors
Absorption of counter-rotating null particles: Destabilizing the minimally spinning black ring by slowing it down.
Dynamics and Stability of Black Rings
These dissipative effects dominate the behavior of quiescent structures with current sheets and may even destabilize simulated CME-bearing systems Lin and van Ballegooijen (2002), making modeling of solar evolution difficult at best.
Fluxon Modeling of Low-Beta Plasmas
Namely, this implies a contribution of order (−3β1 + 18β2v/MP l )F to the off-diagonal Higgs mass term which, without fine-tuning, requires F ≤ TeV in order not to destabilize the Higgs masses.
Proton decay, supersymmetry breaking and its mediation
Although it may be possible to find a local (very shallow) minimum for the volume in this model (marked by a star), the generic situation is that both τ1 and τ2 will be dynamical, and indeed, the evolving τ2 could force τ1 out of a local minimum, thereby destabilizing what may have once been stabilized.
Roulette Inflation with K\"ahler Moduli and their Axions
We also showed volume destabilization can occur even if it is initially stabilized if there are only two K¨ahler moduli, T1 , T2 .
Roulette Inflation with K\"ahler Moduli and their Axions
The additional nonzero linear term, which either stabilizes or destabilizes solutions depending upon the sign of its coefficient, in turn depends on the statistics of the bottom variations.
Long wave expansions for water waves over random topography
Coulomb repulsion and for the spinfull case it would correspond to an ”antiferromagnetic” order (but no unit cell doubling) with unequal spin population of the two sublattices, although details of the short range part of the repulsive interactions could destabilize it towards the inversion symmetry broken state.
Renormalization group approach to 2D Coulomb interacting Dirac fermions with random gauge potential