descriptive geometry


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n descriptive geometry the geometry of properties that remain invariant under projection
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Descriptive geometry that branch of geometry. which treats of the graphic solution of problems involving three dimensions, by means of projections upon auxiliary planes.
    • Descriptive geometry that part of geometry which treats of the graphic solution of all problems involving three dimensions.
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In literature:

Lines at any slope and at any angle can be drawn by this descriptive geometry.
"The Theory and Practice of Perspective" by George Adolphus Storey
The general courses usually include an elementary course and a course in descriptive geometry.
"College Teaching" by Paul Klapper
Also Professor Davies's "Descriptive Geometry," and Hay's "Symmetrical Drawing.
"Guide to the Kindergarten and Intermediate Class and Moral Culture of Infancy." by Elizabeth P. Peabody
These geometries will be called "Projective Geometry" and "Descriptive Geometry.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 11, Slice 6" by Various
His labours were chiefly in the field of descriptive geometry, with its application to the arts and mechanical engineering.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 12, Slice 7" by Various

In science:

In general, models based on nearest neighbour 1D and 2D geometries can provide only limited range of description of real life phenomena, where interactions between agents are usually long range and structureless.
Simple queueing approach to segregation dynamics in Schelling model
This is why the equations of space-time within GR return to the flat geometry of special relativity, corresponding to the Newtonian description of space, at large radial distances from a mass source.
Some Comments on the Tests of General Relativity
Physical observables associated with both matter and geometry simply diverge signalling a fundamental flaw in our description of Nature.
Singularity Resolution in Loop Quantum Cosmology: A Brief Overview
Solodukhin, “On the description of the Riemannian geometry in the presence of conical defects,” Phys.
Holographic Entanglement Entropy: An Overview
We give only a sketchy description which lacks even proper definitions; one needs a serious course in algebraic geometry to treat these matters in a rigorous way.
Zariski decomposition: a new (old) chapter of linear algebra
A contains a description of our conventions and notation and of the geometry of the AdS4×C P 3 superspace.
String instanton in AdS(4)xCP(3)
In Section 6.3 we mentioned that the three distinct geometries describing the simple, deformed and resolved conifold are, in the exact string theory description beyond the leading supergravity order, related by so-called geometric transitions.
Primordial Fluctuations in String Cosmology
The geometry description in Mokka is interfaced to GEAR for reconstruction and analysis.
Summary of the Linear Collider Testbeam Workshop 2009 - LCTW09
The reduced field structure near the planet is modeled in Section 3, and provides a description of the flow geometry in the region where the outflow is launched (see Figure 2).
Magnetically Controlled Outflows from Hot Jupiters
Popescu et al. 2011 for spiral galaxies, Siebenmorgen & Kr¨ugel 2007 for starburst galaxies) which are the most precise description of a galaxies if all parameters, including the geometry, is known.
Dust in dwarf galaxies: The case of NGC 4214
We stated the problem over Q, because most algebraic geometry is done over an algebraically closed field and we wanted the input to admit a finite description.
Undecidable problems: a sampler
The study exploits the explicit description of compact Calabi-Yaus by means of toric geometry.
Models of Particle Physics from Type IIB String Theory and F-theory: A Review
Roughly speaking the gauge generators are lifted to a geometric description in F-theory, so that for example the 2-form flux with generator index in the 8-dimensional theory is lifted to a 4-form flux in a pure geometry background.
Models of Particle Physics from Type IIB String Theory and F-theory: A Review
We present at first the description of the target space geometry along the R-line of marginal deformations of the SU (2) WZNW model.
Target Space Duality in String Theory
The main feature of these laws is their projective invariance, so they define a natural generalization of ordinary descriptive geometry for an interpretational case.
Belavkin-Kolokoltsov Watch-Dog Effects in Interactively Controlled Stochastic Computer-Graphic Dynamical Systems. A Summary of Mathematical Researches