• WordNet 3.6
    • v denature make (alcohol) unfit for drinking without impairing usefulness for other purposes
    • v denature modify (as a native protein) especially by heat, acid, alkali, or ultraviolet radiation so that all of the original properties are removed or diminished
    • v denature add nonfissionable material to (fissionable material) so as to make unsuitable for use in an atomic bomb
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Denature modify the tertiary structure of (a protein or nucleic acid) so as to reduce or destroy its characteristic biological activity.
    • v. t Denature To deprive of its natural qualities; change the nature of.Bioactive macromolecules such as enzymes or DNA may be denatured by heat, acid, alkali, or solvent treatment; the extent of such treatment required to denature a molecule varies with the specific compound. In some cases the denatured molecules may regain their original properties (renature) by other treatments. Denaturation may also cause a change in the physical properties of such molecules, e.g. proteins may become insoluble in water.
    • Denature to render (ethyl alcohol) unfit to drink by adding in toxic or unpalatable substances (such as benzene or pyridine) which nevertherless permit alcohol to be used as a solvent.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • denature Same as denaturize.
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
De-, + nature,


In literature:

I am anxious that they be not veneered but inspired, not denatured but discovered.
"The University of Hard Knocks" by Ralph Parlette
Mr. Harding denatured him politically by giving him the one business department in the Cabinet.
"The Mirrors of Washington" by Anonymous
A jar of denatured alcohol.
"Bad Medicine" by Robert Sheckley
In Nature we never hear of a she-lion sending her cubs away to be looked after by a denatured lion.
"Little Journeys To The Homes Of Great Teachers" by Elbert Hubbard
In refining our sugar a similar denaturing process 'is carried on.
"Vitality Supreme" by Bernarr Macfadden
The living dynamic self is denaturalized instead of being educated.
"Fantasia of the Unconscious" by D. H. Lawrence
There is no way that the military establishment can denature human nature, and change this determining condition.
"The Armed Forces Officer" by U. S. Department of Defense
Denatured alcohol, glycerine, water, a little color and perfume.
"Junior Achievement" by William Lee
There is a breath of poetry over the picture, but no denaturalization of the uncultured types.
"Famous Women: George Sand" by Bertha Thomas
Music hallows or denatures whatever it touches.
"The Cup of Fury" by Rupert Hughes
There was therefore not only a denaturation, but an enervation of our poetry.
"Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 57, No. 353, March 1845" by Various
There are numerous grades of olive oil, and those used for soap making are denatured to lower the duty charges.
"Soap-Making Manual" by E. G. Thomssen
Doc Rand indulged in a denatured guffaw.
"The Trail of Conflict" by Emilie Baker Loring
To thin shellac use denatured alcohol.
"Advanced Toy Making for Schools" by David M. Mitchell
There must be some reason for this, and the reason is found in our denatured grocery-store foods.
"The Book of Life: Vol. I Mind and Body; Vol. II Love and Society" by Upton Sinclair
The world was to be regenerated by denatured alcohol.
"Post-Impressions" by Simeon Strunsky
By a crushing majority of forty-nine the amendment was adopted and the bill denatured.
"The Life of John Marshall (Volume 1 of 4)" by Albert J. Beveridge
There are denatured alcohol stoves on the market here, but they are little used.
"Foods and Household Management" by Helen Kinne
Every "dangerous" thought is denatured and expurgated.
"The Behavior of Crowds" by Everett Dean Martin
Methylated spirits Alcool denature.
"English-French and French-English dictionary of the motor car, cycle, and boat" by Frederick Lucas

In news:

Is it possible that denaturing or freezing the samples cleaves the protein.
From the Whitehouse Hotel, the street's last SRO, to the door (manned by red-coated doormen) of the Bowery Hotel is only 35 steps for a reporter—but a giant leap into the rebranded, denatured future of America's greatest skid row.
Circular dichroism (CD) is a sensitive probe of protein conformation and is often used with chemical denaturation to obtain DG° in titration experiments.
How Worshipers, Too, Can Denature Nature.
Revision of D4806 - 11a Standard Specification for Denatured Fuel Ethanol for Blending with Gasolines for Use as Automotive Spark-Ignition Engine Fuel.
Similarly, E coli DNA with bromouracil irradiated in the cells showed only 10--20% more breaks when denatured with 0.1 M NaOH than under neutral conditions with 9 M sodium perchlorate at 50 degrees C.
You inject a little bit of a denatured pathogen to prepare your body in case you encounter it for real.
Soak the spot with denatured alcohol.
The end of the first Nazi-era denaturalization trial held in Manhattan marks the beginning of a long wait for a verdict — a decision many court observers believe may favor the defendant.

In science:

The transition between the native and denature state is a first order transition.
Investigation of the Heat Capacities of Proteins by Statistical Mechanical Methods
We describe the results of this analysis for the bidimensional wetting and for the Poland-Scheraga model of DNA denaturation.
Random walks and polymers in the presence of quenched disorder
We then explain how this framework is very useful to characterize various delocalization transitions involving random polymers, in particular the bidimensional wetting transition introduced above, and the Poland-Scheraga model of DNA denaturation.
Random walks and polymers in the presence of quenched disorder
For DNA denaturation, the question is what is the appropriate value of the loop exponent c? Gaussian loops in d = 3 dimensions are characterized by c = d/2 = 3/2.
Random walks and polymers in the presence of quenched disorder
As explained above, the case c = 2.15 where the pure transition is first order is of interest for DNA denaturation.
Random walks and polymers in the presence of quenched disorder
Finally for the value c = 2.15, of interest in the context of DNA denaturation, the transition is first-order in the pure case.
Random walks and polymers in the presence of quenched disorder
Coluzzi, cond-mat/0504080 “ Numerical study on a disordered model for DNA denaturation transition”. F.
Random walks and polymers in the presence of quenched disorder
The Poland-Scheraga (PS) model of DNA denaturation is closely related to the wetting model.
Random polymers and delocalization transitions
As explained in the Introduction, the case c > 2 where the pure transition is first order is of interest for DNA denaturation.
Random polymers and delocalization transitions
Finally for the value c = 2.15, of interest in the context of DNA denaturation, the width ∆Tc (L) ∼ L−1/2 dominates over the shift [Tc (∞) − T av c (L)] ∼ L−1 , i.e. there are two correlation length exponents ν = 2 and ˜ν = 1.
Random polymers and delocalization transitions
The study of some sequences which pose a particular challenge to the theories of DNA melting confirms the need to include the non-local effects of the AT-rich segments of DNA to properly model the thermal denaturation.
Experimental and theoretical studies of sequence effects on the fluctuation and melting of short DNA molecules
Reversible temperature and pressure denaturation of a protein fragment: A replica-exchange molecular dynamics simulation study.
A Second Look at Canonical Sampling of Biomolecules using Replica Exchange Simulation
Proteins, in their denatured state adopt a more-or-less random configuration.
Computers and Liquid State Statistical Mechanics
One more recent application concern scaling of distribution of denaturated loops and unzipped end segments for a model of DNA denaturation .
Scaling of star polymers: high order results
We validate our theory for two different RNA sequences: For tRNA-phe, the resultant heat capacity curves for thermal denaturation at various salt concentrations accurately reproduce experimental results.
Theory for RNA folding, stretching, and melting including loops and salt