delayed action


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n delayed action a mechanism that automatically delays the release of a camera shutter for a fixed period of time so that the photographer can appear in the picture
    • ***


In literature:

The loss of two good warriors was not to be passed over lightly, and he knew they would delay some time before taking further action.
"The Eyes of the Woods" by Joseph A. Altsheler
In the absence of such an incentive, the Iraqi government might continue to delay taking those difficult actions.
"The Iraq Study Group Report" by United States Institute for Peace
The delay in settling the government afforded an excuse for postponing action upon the newly discovered French Decree.
"Sea Power in its Relations to the War of 1812" by Alfred Thayer Mahan
But action was delayed.
"Panther Eye" by Roy J. Snell
There had been no wasted words, no delay in the action.
"The Fighting Edge" by William MacLeod Raine
Action of the Rear Guard.= The withdrawal of defeated troops is delayed, if possible, until night.
"Manual of Military Training" by James A. Moss
It's a sort of delayed-action psychosis which goes off with a bang.
"The Fifth-Dimension Tube" by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
This was done so that there would be no delay when the time for action should come.
"The Utah Batteries: A History" by Charles R. Mabey
I will not delay further on this point here; its full importance will appear when we come to talk of the action itself.
"Tourcoing" by Hilaire Belloc
It might be well enough to make IC spend valuable time looking for him, but such delaying actions had no positive value.
"Insidekick" by Jesse Franklin Bone
Nothing but delay things by striking swiftly and letting fifty centuries of time perform your rearguard action.
"Voyage To Eternity" by Milton Lesser
Thus, as has been before mentioned, action was long delayed.
"History of the Colony and Ancient Dominion of Virginia" by Charles Campbell
This half hour's delay, however, of nearly one-half of the army, disconcerted the action.
"The Student's Life of Washington; Condensed from the Larger Work of Washington Irving" by Washington Irving
A resolution once made was turned into action without delay, be the consequences what they might.
"Thirty" by Howard Vincent O'Brien
But this delays my tale, which is one of action rather than reflection.
"Lost Man's Lane" by Anna Katharine Green
Every one was in high spirits with the prospect of action after a long and inglorious delay.
"The Forge in the Forest" by Charles G. D. Roberts
It meant that the Austrians on the other side must have got a light field piece into action after some delay.
"Under Fire For Servia" by Colonel James Fiske
He learned that preparation, while it should never delay action, can never be overdone.
"The Career of Leonard Wood" by Joseph Hamblen Sears
There is more danger of delay when action must be taken.
"The Government of England (Vol. I)" by A. Lawrence Lowell
The delay was over; action might begin.
"Joan of Arc" by Lucy Foster Madison

In poetry:

Shrapnell was hissing, bullets were whizzing,
Land-mines were knocking us dumb,
We held up the war, delayed action,
While the Quarter bloke knocked back the rum.
"The Trumpeter" by Billy Bennett

In news:

Syndicated columnist Mark Shields and Wall Street Journal columnist Paul Gigot review a week that saw the delay of final action on McCain-Feingold and the emergence of tapes of President Clinton's White House coffees.
The pilot under instruction's improper recovery from a bounced landing and the flight instructor's delayed remedial action, which resulted in a ground loop and collision with trees.
The Blair-Taylor School Board has decided to delay any action on the establishment of a four day school week until a series of public hearings on the issue is completed.
Citing the delay , Ms Levick asks in her letter to Judge Satterfield that the case be reassigned to a different judge so action can be taken.
Feds seek to delist the gray wolf in the Great Lakes region, but the move is open to delaying court action.
The Pinehurst Historic Commission delayed action on an order from the Board of Adjustment to issue a certificate of appropriateness for a plan to make changes to the downtown park and the Village Green.
A long-term care insurance co mpany under investigation delayed and denied benefits for an elderly couple and is now the target of a class action lawsuit.
Stanislaus County supervisors will consider a deal Tuesday morning that would delay an enforcement action for eight months while a Turlock farmer applies for a use permit.
The Lincolnton City Council decided at Thursday’s meeting to delay taking action on plans for the expansion and renovation of the Lincolnton Police Department until next year.
Senate Will Delay Action on Punitive Tax on Bonuses.
That action will delay implementation.
A lawsuit against an emergency medical service (EMS) company alleging a delayed response time is a medical-malpractice action and should be pleaded as such, the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled.
Chattanooga City Council delays action on housing resolution.
In addition to delaying the project, Barry's action could add more costs to the project for which tracks have already been laid on H Street.
UPDATE 3-US high court delays action on same-sex marriage cases.

In science:

For this to work, the PMT signal must be delayed sufficiently such that the leading edge of the signal always appears well after the ATWD sampling action has begun.
The ICECUBE prototype string in AMANDA
The second formula defines predicate VTimer(t, A, δ, v), where A is an action, δ is a delay, v is the set of all variables, and t is a state variable representing a timer.
Modeling Time in Computing: A Taxonomy and a Comparative Survey
An edge (g , λ, R) in the region graph corresponds to a discrete transition of A with guard g , action λ and reset set R. A τ move in RG(A) stands for a delay move to the timesuccessor region.
The Complexity of Codiagnosability for Discrete Event and Timed Systems
An edge (g , λ, R) in the region graph corresponds to a discrete transition of A with guard g , action λ and reset set R. A τ move in RG(A) stands for a delay move to the time-successor region.
Dynamic Observers for Fault Diagnosis of Timed Systems
In each round, both players simultaneously propose moves, with each move consisting of an action and a time delay after which the player wants the proposed action to take place.
Synthesis of Memory-Efficient Real-Time Controllers for Safety Objectives (Full Version)
We require that for all time delays ∆, ∆′ ∈ IR≥0 with ∆′ ≤ ∆, and all actions ai ∈ A⊥ i , we have (1) h∆, ai i ∈ Γi (s) iff both h∆′ , ⊥i i ∈ Γi (s) and h∆ − ∆′ , ai i ∈ Γi (δ(s, h∆′ , ⊥i i)); and (2) if δ(s, h∆′ , ⊥i i) = s′ and δ(s′ , h∆ − ∆′ , ai i) = s′′ , then δ(s, h∆, ai i) = s′′ .
Synthesis of Memory-Efficient Real-Time Controllers for Safety Objectives (Full Version)
In a state, each player i proposes a time delay allowed by the invariant map γ , together either with the action ⊥, or with an action ai ∈ Ai such that an edge labeled ai is enabled after the proposed time delay.
Synthesis of Memory-Efficient Real-Time Controllers for Safety Objectives (Full Version)
The MDP optimization criterion behind opt prevents redundant actions from delaying the achievement of a goal as the reward associated with that goal would be further discounted making such redundant actions sub-optimal.
On the Semantics of Purpose Requirements in Privacy Policies
Ex-nihilo creation is expressly and exclusively a divine capability and hence any human action even resembling exnihilo creation (e.g. delay in transaction settlement, as explained above) stands prohibited.
Dialectical Roots for Interest Prohibition Theory
Based on this discretization, the action integral, the lagrangian and the energy are approximated on a time slice [kε, (k + 1)ε], for some time delay ε, by discrete analogs which are finite sums depending of a finite number of variables in Rd .
Discrete calculus of variations for quadratic lagrangians
Temporal structure is managed using delayed effects, so that, when a durative action is executed, its end effects are queued in an event queue, pending application when time is advanced to the point at which they are triggered.
The 3rd International Planning Competition: Results and Analysis
Often, it is convenient to describe the action of the channel H in domains other than the time-delay domain used in (1).
On the Sensitivity of Continuous-Time Noncoherent Fading Channel Capacity
Additional properties that may affect the dynamics in our model are the post life-time, tP , and the user action-delay, Dt , as well as the user probability for posting a new post, g.
Patterns of Emotional Blogging and Emergence of Communities: Agent-Based Model on Bipartite Networks
These are the inclination towards posting new posts and the action delay, measured by the quantities g and Dt , respectively, as well as the lists of connections (posts) on the network, which are unique for each agent.
Patterns of Emotional Blogging and Emergence of Communities: Agent-Based Model on Bipartite Networks
Specifically, in Fig. 4 we show the distributions of the lifetime of posts, P(tP ), time delay of users actions, P(Dt ), and the fraction of new posts per user, P(g), as well as the functional dependence of the probability m(T0 ) that a user looks for a post older than the exposed posts window T0 .
Patterns of Emotional Blogging and Emergence of Communities: Agent-Based Model on Bipartite Networks