• WordNet 3.6
    • v dehumanize make mechanical or routine
    • v dehumanize deprive of human qualities "Life in poverty has dehumanized them"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • v. t Dehumanize To divest of human qualities, such as pity, tenderness, etc.; as, dehumanizing influences.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • dehumanize To deprive of distinctively human qualities: as, dehumanizing influences; dehumanized speculation. Also spelled dehumanise.
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  • Susan Sontag
    “In the final analysis, style is art. And art is nothing more or less than various modes of stylized, dehumanized representation.”


In literature:

That woman, it seems, could not quite dehumanize him.
"The Strolling Saint" by Raphael Sabatini
Soon she would be a dehumanized drudge.
"Hilda Lessways" by Arnold Bennett
We are thus brought to see the hollowness of the contention that 'Pure Reason' can ignore its psychological context and dehumanize itself.
"Pragmatism" by D.L. Murray
Such are extreme poverty and the dehumanizing of social relations.
"The Unity of Civilization" by Various
With apostolic zeal, they counted nothing dear to them for the sake of the slave, and him dehumanized.
"The Underground Railroad" by William Still
No-Hire + Dehumanization of the Laborer = Life-Hire?
"The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 12, No. 72, October, 1863" by Various
But Mr. Kingsley refuses to dehumanize himself in order to become historian and philosopher.
"Atlantic Monthly,Volume 14, No. 82, August, 1864" by Various
It is the women and children who are most dehumanized.
"The Job" by Sinclair Lewis
He seems to imply that to have lost the power of shedding tears is to have dehumanized oneself and put oneself outside the pale.
"Suspended Judgments" by John Cowper Powys
Away with all such degrading, debasing, dehumanizing trumpery!
"Brighter Britain! (Volume 1 of 2)" by William Delisle Hay
What a dehumanizing system!
"The Prison Chaplaincy, And Its Experiences" by Hosea Quinby
His lips were drawn back, and his hairy cheeks and sightless eyes flashed before her the image of a dehumanized death mask.
"Claire" by Leslie Burton Blades
In this dehumanizing business Field was only doing what the entire commercial aristocracy the world over was doing.
"History of the Great American Fortunes, Vol. I" by Myers Gustavus
As far as it can do so, it dehumanizes man, and treats him as a thing without a soul.
"Three Prize Essays on American Slavery" by R. B. Thurston
In the former case we construct objects dehumanized; in the latter we keep them more or less concrete.
"Creative Intelligence" by John Dewey, Addison W. Moore, Harold Chapman Brown, George H. Mead, Boyd H. Bode, Henry Waldgrave, Stuart James, Hayden Tufts, Horace M. Kallen
Haiku is the most dehumanized of all poetry.
"Zen Culture" by Thomas Hoover
To those songs I trace my first glimmering conception of the dehumanizing character of slavery.
"Life Without and Life Within" by Margaret Fuller
This process of dehumanizing has been going on in commerce and politics.
"Nationalism" by Rabindranath Tagore
"Solomon and Solomonic Literature" by Moncure Daniel Conway
How the fear for bread had dehumanized their last shred of humanity!
"Hungry Hearts" by Anzia Yezierska

In news:

CAROL ROSEGG Joel Hatch as Mr Zero and Amy Warren as secretary Daisy head the cast of " Adding Machine ," a musical adaptation of Elmer Rice's tale of workplace dehumanization.
CAROL ROSEGG Joel Hatch as Mr Zero and Amy Warren as secretary Daisy head the cast of "Adding Machine," a musical adaptation of Elmer Rice's tale of workplace dehumanization.
The library becomes a dehumanized supermarket or a chaotic bookstore.
Tesla, Eugenics And Rationalizing Dehumanization .
Dufty fights Mayor Lee's dehumanization of homeless people.
It's easier to kill people once you've dehumanized them.
Tesla, Eugenics And Rationalizing Dehumanization.
Advocate for elderly cuts short a "dehumanizing" visit in facility.
In this space, I've dehumanized Denver's homeless to a disgusting degree (The Ginn Mill, October 4), comparing them to open-sored, echolalic zombies worthy of scorn and contempt.
Whoever said technology was dehumanizing was wrong.
Other novels by Mr Saramago, a Portuguese writer who is (neither incidentally nor constrictingly) a Communist , create a dehumanizing institution as their target.
For Blackburn, lust need not be excessive, illicit or dehumanizing: Lust can be a virtue and not a vice.
He said he believes Scalia's writings tend to "dehumanize" gays.
To rail against oppressive systems that dehumanize and oppress is what prophets have always done.
Otherwise, I would have known about "Dehumanizer," which reunited the "Heaven & Hell" lineup featuring Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and human blast furnace Ronnie James Dio.