• The Defile of Suza Pass——278
    The Defile of Suza Pass——278
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n defiler a person or organization that causes pollution of the environment
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Defiler One who defiles; one who corrupts or violates; that which pollutes.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n defiler One who or that which defiles; one who corrupts or debauches; one who or that which pollutes.
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  • Simone Weil
    “To get power over is to defile. To possess is to defile.”
  • Bible
    “He that toucheth pitch shall be defiled therewith; and he that hath fellowship with a proud man shall be like unto him. [Ecclesiasticus 13:1]”
  • Simone Weil
    “Purity is the power to contemplate defilement.”
  • Robert Louis Stevenson
    “To make our idea of morality center on forbidden acts is to defile the imagination and to introduce into our judgments of our fellow-men a secret element of gusto.”


In literature:

In the gloomiest depths of this defile we came upon the hunter's stumbling-block.
"The Master of Appleby" by Francis Lynde
The leaders made their followers defile passing over the body of the Maire, and trampling in his blood.
"History of the Girondists, Volume I" by Alphonse de Lamartine
From Kowno Napoleon proceeded in two days as far as the defiles which defend the plain of Wilna.
"History of the Expedition to Russia" by Count Philip de Segur
In the cold, luminous night, the heavily laden infantrymen defiled into the narrow trench, calm, silent, and serious.
"In the Field (1914-1915)" by Marcel Dupont
Even supposing we could pass out of the valley unmolested, there were the forests and defiles, filled with natural ambuscades.
"Captured by the Navajos" by Charles A. Curtis
Have pitiless and bloody tribes defiled The cold limbs of my brave, my beauteous child!
"The Poetical Works of William Lisle Bowles, Vol. 1" by William Lisle Bowles
Its approach was a defile which suggested a rift in the hills at the back.
"The Triumph of John Kars" by Ridgwell Cullum
To land there would be to enter a defile without first crowning the heights.
"Gallipoli Diary, Volume I" by Ian Hamilton
Below Viviers the Rhone breaks out from its broad upper valley into its broader lower valley through the Defile of Donzere.
"The Christmas Kalends of Provence" by Thomas A. Janvier
The roads through the defiles were very heavy and difficult, but that afternoon the advance force reached Termitz.
"With Frederick the Great" by G. A. Henty

In poetry:

My mind demands, ``Whence, Whither, Why?''
From mountain slope and green defile,
And wait the answer. The reply-
A far-off irresponsive smile.
"The Door Of Humility" by Alfred Austin
'Tis fetid, to the last degree,
A stench more noisome cannot be
Though thousands still the sink defile,
It never has been cleans'd the while.
"The Complaint And The Advice Of Dives, To His Five Brethren, (Part 2­), Or A Description Of Hell, An" by Rees Prichard
Though the scene be sweet and smiling, And the silence most beguiling,
And so pure the air,—
Man, his paradise defiling,
Pours a poison there!
"Country Life" by Martin Farquhar Tupper
Not like the Rover that, erewhile,
Gave droves of dingoes battle,
And dashed through flood and fierce defile—
The friend, but dread, of cattle.
"Rover" by Henry Kendall
Love justice, and sobriety pursue,
Use purity and holiness, indue
The robe of perfect love, and let no stain,
However slight, defile thy soul again.
"A Preparation For The Holy Communion" by Rees Prichard
But, Lord, the house and familie are thine,
Though some of them repine.
Turn out these wranglers, which defile thy seat:
For thou dwellest all is neat.
"The Familie" by George Herbert

In news:

Police charged 26-year-old Matthew Rene Beaulieu with Abduction with the intent to defile, a class 2 felony.
Reps betray oath when they defile Constitution.
The Defile series presents seven life-size images of people in avant-garde fashions.
News / News Bites Another black icon defiled .
Defiler Discuss New Album Track-By-Track, Part 2.
Defiler released their new album, Nematocera, yesterday.
Unofficial is ' orgiastic defilement' of St Patrick.
How much would someone pay to defile one of the last few illusions about the purity of baseball.
Photograph of a defiled crucifix again is shoved into the public eye.
Some academics still think of John Sperling as a mercenary who defiled the intellectual sanctity of the university system with the introduction of a crass, money-making venture.
Handlers worry about the well-being of their livestock and rivals defiling the sacred animals.
These days, BART doesn't track how often elevators are defiled or unavailable during cleanup.
The residents of our community painfully telling their woeful tales of lost signage, littered yards or defiled front steps.
Some environmentalists still think of automakers as unrepentant defilers of the Earth.
Miami Marlins Ownership Defiles Public's Trust with Another Roster Fire Sale.