• WordNet 3.6
    • adv deeply to a great depth psychologically "They felt the loss deeply"
    • adv deeply to a great depth; far down "dived deeply","dug deep"
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The sex of a baby crocodile is determined by the temperature in the nest and how deeply the eggs are buried
    • Deeply At or to a great depth; far below the surface; as, to sink deeply .
    • Deeply Gravely; with low or deep tone; as, a deeply toned instrument.
    • Deeply Profoundly; thoroughly; not superficially; in a high degree; intensely; as, deeply skilled in ethics. "He had deeply offended both his nobles and people.""He sighed deeply in his spirit."
    • Deeply Very; with a tendency to darkness of color. "The deeply red juice of buckthorn berries."
    • Deeply With profound skill; with art or intricacy; as, a deeply laid plot or intrigue.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The alarm clock was not invented by the Marquis de Sade, as some suspect, but rather by a man named Levi Hutchins of Concord, New Hampshire, in 1787. Perversity, though, characterized his invention from the beginning. The alarm on his clock could ring only at 4 am. Rumor has it that Hutchins was murdered by his wife at 4:05 am on a very dark and deeply cold New England morning.
    • deeply At or to a great depth; far below the surface.
    • deeply Profoundly; thoroughly; to a great degree: as, he was deeply versed in ethics.
    • deeply Intensely.
    • deeply With strong feeling, passion, or appetite; eagerly; immoderately; passionately.
    • deeply With profound sorrow; with deep feeling.
    • deeply With low or deep pitch: as, a deeply toned instrument.
    • deeply With elaborate artifice; with deep purpose: as, a deeply laid plot or intrigue.
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  • John Buchan
    John Buchan
    “He disliked emotion, not because he felt lightly, but because he felt deeply.”
  • Marilyn Ferguson
    Marilyn Ferguson
    “Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of fear is a freedom.”
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
    “We, and all others who believe in freedom as deeply as we do, would rather die on our feet than live on our knees.”
  • Jo Coudert
    Jo Coudert
    “The more deeply the path is etched, the more it is used, and the more it is used, the more deeply it is etched.”
  • Grant M. Bright
    Grant M. Bright
    “Some people drink deeply from the fountain of knowledge. Others just gargle.”
  • Sir John Denham
    Sir John Denham
    “Search not to find things too deeply hid; Nor try to know things whose knowledge is forbid.”


In literature:

In 1823 and 1824 my father's sympathies were deeply enlisted in behalf of the Greeks in their struggles for independence from the Turkish rule.
"As I Remember" by Marian Gouverneur
There, my dear, I am deeply sorry for you; but I am honest, and say what I think.
"The Cryptogram" by James De Mille
He felt his lips stretch in a grin, and he sighed deeply with relief.
"The Saracen: Land of the Infidel" by Robert Shea
However, my joy in his companionship was not unmixed with bitterness, for I deeply envied him the skates which he wore.
"A Son of the Middle Border" by Hamlin Garland
The old man's eyes were blue like Pierre's but they seemed to glitter and to see deeply into Auguste.
"Shaman" by Robert Shea
He did not want to reach for her soul too deeply.
"Jennie Gerhardt" by Theodore Dreiser
I thank you still more deeply for the expressions of friendship for my country.
"Latin America and the United States" by Elihu Root
His face was ghastly, and deeply marked with the sad lines that grief alone can trace.
"Treasure Valley" by Marian Keith
The gills are deeply decurrent, paler, distinct.
"The Mushroom, Edible and Otherwise" by M. E. Hard
The Peruvians were daily becoming more deeply exasperated.
"Ferdinand De Soto, The Discoverer of the Mississippi" by John S. C. Abbott

In poetry:

A dim and deeply-bosom'd grove
Of many an aged tree,
Such as the shadowy violets love,
The fawn and forest-bee.
"The Spanish Chapel" by Felicia Dorothea Hemans
Art Will himself?--It must be so--
I learn it from thy moan,
For none can feel another's wo
As deeply as his own.
"The Whip-Poor-Will." by George Pope Morris
Then sow good seed, brave teacher,
And deeply plant with care,
That both here and hereafter
Rich harvest it may bear.
"Needs And Powers" by Jared Barhite
While memory bids me weep thee,
Nor thoughts nor words are free,
The grief is fixed too deeply
That mourns a man like thee.
"On The Death Of Joseph Rodman Drake" by Fitz-Greene Halleck
Deeply stained with sin and folly,
Talent wasted and misused,
Earth adored and heaven forgotten,
Mercy slighted and refused.
"On Seeing Some Butterflies In A Clover Field On The Sabbath" by Caroline Fry
Vain the learned elaborate metres,
Vain the deeply pondered line;
All the rest are dust and ashes
But that little song of thine.
"The Song That Lasts" by Richard Le Gallienne

In news:

Texas delegation deeply divided over America's military mission in Libya.
But more deeply, too, because their structure invariably reflects their theme.
BRUSLY, LA — In Louisiana, fine dining and entertaining are more than aspects of our daily lifestyles, they are traditions deeply bred into our culture.
Haitians are marking the second anniversary of the devastating 2010 earthquake with church services throughout the deeply religious country.
Josiah Utsch and Ridgely Kelly are 12 years old and care deeply about a sea creature that's 500 million years old.
Greece has passed a deeply unpopular new austerity package that should ensure it gets its hands on vital bailout cash that will prevent it from going bankrupt.
An online editor for the Craft and Make magazines, Becky Stern is deeply involved in the DIY community.
Terror of 9/11 deeply embedded for Memphians.
"Everyone at Allen & Overy is deeply shocked and saddened by the news that Ben Ogden was one of 19 people who were tragically killed in a plane crash in Nepal this morning," the firm said.
While her main focus in recent months (going on years) has been the US presidential election and the Obama presidency, she remains deeply interested in international news.
Mormons are deeply aware of their own oddness .
In his brilliant analysis of Freud's Interpretation of Dreams, Carl E Schorske uncovered a patricidal and deeply anti-political impulse at the very origin of psychoanalysis.
Price cared deeply about mental health and believed minds heal best in supportive community environments.
The approach to health care that the News Sentinel and Bill Frist advocate is deeply flawed.
KBOO is deeply grateful for the tremendous community support we had for the Amy Goodman, Silenced Majority event.

In science:

Gravitational thermodynamics is intimately and deeply connected with the existence and properties of black holes [1,2].
Generalized entropy and Noether charge
Since its launch the last year, the CHANDRA X-ray observatory (the ultimate imager in hard X-rays) has allowed to probe very deeply into the nature of the high-z SCUBA sources, using the hard X-ray flux as diagnostic tool (SB are weaker X-ray emitters than any kind of AGNs).
High-Redshift Galaxies: The Far-Infrared and Sub-Millimeter View
It means that the corresponding monodromy problems are deeply different (see ).
Random walks on hyperbolic groups and their Riemann surfaces
An interesting feature of random walks on graphs is their large time scale asymptotics which is deeply connected with the concept of recurrent or transient random walk.
Classification on the average of random walks
We do not mind in the sequel what happens on the outer boundary B ; this case has been deeply examined in to which we refer the reader for details.
The First Law of Isolated Horizons via Noether Theorem