• WordNet 3.6
    • n deadlock a situation in which no progress can be made or no advancement is possible "reached an impasse on the negotiations"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • deadlock A counteraction of things, which produces an entire stoppage; a complete obstruction of action. "Things are at a deadlock .""The Board is much more likely to be at a deadlock of two to two."
    • deadlock A lock which is not self-latching, but requires a key to throw the bolt forward.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n deadlock A lock worked on one side by a handle and on the other side by a key.
    • n deadlock A complete stoppage, stand-still, or entanglement; a state of affairs in which further progress or a decision is for the time impossible, as if from an inextricable locking up: as, a dead-lock in a legislature where parties are evenly balanced.
    • n deadlock A lock with a key-bolt, but with no latch-bolt, operated by a knob.
    • n deadlock A lock in which the key-bolt must be moved by turning the key in each direction: distinguished from a spring lock.
    • deadlock To bring to a dead-lock or standstill: as, “they have dead-locked the legislature,”
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  • Jawaharlal Nehru
    “Crises and deadlocks when they occur have at least this advantage, that they force us to think.”


In literature:

And so we found the matter had come to a deadlock: more we shall not know.
"In the Tail of the Peacock" by Isabel Savory
Again, coolly, dexterously, he pitted his adroitness, then his sheer strength against hers; and it came again to a deadlock.
"The Gay Rebellion" by Robert W. Chambers
That impulsive reply broke the sullen deadlock.
"The Maids of Paradise" by Robert W. (Robert William) Chambers
It could end the deadlock.
"The Saracen: The Holy War" by Robert Shea
She had very little feeling about it: only there was a deadlock.
"The Rainbow" by D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence
Here, at any rate, was a basis for an interesting deadlock.
"James Madison" by Sydney Howard Gay
The lull of Wednesday, September 16, 1914, was a foretaste of the deadlock which was gradually forming.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume II (of VIII)" by Various
Despite this deadlock the private conversations between Secretary Lansing and Count von Bernstorff continued.
"The Story of the Great War, Volume IV (of 8)"
It may often avoid the deadlock of a rigid system.
"The Ethics of Coöperation" by James Hayden Tufts
There was a frightful deadlock.
"The O'Ruddy" by Stephen Crane
The position became a deadlock, and such it still remains.
"Ireland as It Is" by Robert John Buckley (AKA R.J.B.)
The belligerent armies were deadlocked.
"Woodrow Wilson's Administration and Achievements" by Frank B. Lord and James William Bryan
A deadlock ensued, but in the end the colony triumphed.
"The Fathers of New England" by Charles M. Andrews
Political deadlock was the occasion, rather than the cause, of this acceptance.
"The Fathers of Confederation" by A. H. U. Colquhoun
The result was deadlock.
"The 'Patriotes' of '37" by Alfred D. Decelles
So for a moment they all stood at a deadlock.
"Northern Diamonds" by Frank Lillie Pollock
In the meantime I must above all break the deadlock between myself and The Brain.
"The Brain" by Alexander Blade
Things were at a deadlock.
"Aletta" by Bertram Mitford
There was apparently going to be a deadlock, and John was somehow not sorry.
"Check and Checkmate" by Walter Miller
Already negotiations between the Boers and the British Government were at a deadlock.
"With Rifle and Bayonet" by F.S. Brereton

In poetry:

And to sanctuary: usurping the armchair
Between tick
And tack of the clock, until we go,
Each skulled-and-crossboned Gulliver
Riddled with ghosts, to lie
Deadlocked with them, taking roots as cradles rock.
"All The Dead Dears" by Sylvia Plath

In news:

Mitt Romney are deadlocked at 50 percent to 50 percent, with 78 percent of returns counted.
Barack Obama and Mitt Romney deadlocked in final push.
Harvick wins O'Reilly Auto Parts Challenge, but points race deadlocked .
Election oddities mean very few voters will decide deadlocked presidential race.
Warren, Brown deadlocked in Mass.
Poll Shows Deadlocked Race in Final Stretch.
The instruction earned its nickname because it is designed to "blow up" sources of deadlock among jurors.
Swing states deadlocked , Romney tied or ahead nationally.
Several new state and national polls released Friday show a presidential race that remains deadlocked only 12 days before the election.
Presidential and Senate races both deadlocked in new Marquette poll.
IMF, Europe Remain Deadlocked Over Greece.
Nations Still Deadlocked on EADS-BAE Deal.
EADS/BAE Merger Talks Reportedly Deadlocked .
Matheson, Love deadlocked at 43 percent in new BYU poll.
The battle between Rep Jim Matheson and Mia Love is deadlocked two weeks before the election.

In science:

After this additional search reaches a deadlock again, we expand our search space by adding additional 50 randomly generated and minimized solutions to the bank (N = N + 50), and repeat the whole procedure until a termination criterion is satisfied.
MOCSA: multiobjective optimization by conformational space annealing
Typically, with G = 300 in this study, MOCSA is terminated before a deadlock occurs with the final bank size of N = 50.
MOCSA: multiobjective optimization by conformational space annealing
Further inspection reveals that this is the result of deadlocks, which are artifacts of certain driving rules of the simulation .
Using microsimulation feedback for trip adaptation for realistic traffic in Dallas
The two generic situations leading to deadlocks are shown in Fig. 4.
Using microsimulation feedback for trip adaptation for realistic traffic in Dallas
Both deadlocks could be resolved if drivers would follow their plans less “stubbornly”, i.e., after having unsuccessfully waited for a certain movement for a certain time period, they should just do something else.
Using microsimulation feedback for trip adaptation for realistic traffic in Dallas
Yet, we found it interesting to investigate the effect of re-routing even with a potentially deadlocking microsimulation.
Using microsimulation feedback for trip adaptation for realistic traffic in Dallas
In this paper, the convergence criteria was the vanishing of deadlocks in the microsimulation.
Using microsimulation feedback for trip adaptation for realistic traffic in Dallas
From a conceptual viewpoint, this consistency problem causes a deadlock, since nobody can start planning because she does not know what everybody else is doing.
The dynamics of iterated transportation simulations
Some of these conditions relate to the prohibition of deadlocks, that is, situations involving a group of computational processes in which all processes are blocked waiting for an action to be taken by some process of the very group.
Directed cycles and related structures in random graphs: I- Static properties
We have used similar structures for the functional spaces introduced to overcome the deadlock imposed by the known counterexample in .
Low regularity solutions for a 2D quadratic non-linear Schr\"odinger equation
And the other action compute-halt, indicating the kernel could not compute a list of possible action, either because simulation ended, or a deadlock occurred.
Software (Re-)Engineering with PSF II: from architecture to implementation
The remaining code is needed to force a shutdown of all processes that otherwise would be left either running or in a state of deadlock after a ToolBus shutdown by the application.
Software (Re-)Engineering with PSF II: from architecture to implementation
And this problem will result to a deadlock in the algorithm.
Verification of Peterson's Algorithm for Leader Election in a Unidirectional Asynchronous Ring Using NuSMV
At some iteration, there may not exist a subset S ∈ S \ R that is cover-adjacent to a subset in R, and if we only consider cover-adjacent subsets, then the algorithm will enter a deadlock.
A Note on: `Algorithms for Connected Set Cover Problem and Fault-Tolerant Connected Set Cover Problem'
The result is a deadlock in the first iteration since both processes are waiting for the receivenode to finish, but that will never happen because the matching send-node is in second iteration.
Managing Communication Latency-Hiding at Runtime for Parallel Programming Languages and Libraries