• WordNet 3.6
    • v de-ice make or become free of frost or ice "Defrost the car window"
    • ***


In literature:

De ice cream is all gone!
"The Bobbsey Twins at School" by Laura Lee Hope
Is yo' goin' off after mo' diamonds, or up to de caves of ice?
"Tom Swift among the Fire Fighters" by Victor Appleton
So we talked ices, Eugenic and myself, quite comfortably, and that horrible De Pel had no idea in life!
"Evan Harrington, Complete" by George Meredith
Wilfrid turned back to him, and De Pyrmont, without altering the level of his glass, said, 'She's as cool as a lemon-ice.
"Vittoria, Complete" by George Meredith
Made de sugar in lil blocks dat dey freeze just like dey freeze ice dis day en time.
"Slave Narratives Vol. XIV. South Carolina, Part 1" by Various
Colonel Fougas was taken by a detachment of the Barclay de Tolly corps, as he was trying to pass the Vistula on the ice, on the way to Dantzic.
"The Man With The Broken Ear" by Edmond About
When Ma jined de church, dey had to break de ice in Beaver Dam Crick to baptize her.
"Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States" by Work Projects Administration
I bin yeddy 'e v'ice, I bin yeddy de sign!
"Nights With Uncle Remus" by Joel Chandler Harris
Missed 'at boy's neck, but de ol' ice-wateh sho' baptized him.
"Lady Luck" by Hugh Wiley
I bin yeddy 'e v'ice, I bin yeddy de sign!
"Nights With Uncle Remus" by Joel Chandler Harris

In poetry:

Dah! Now, what? How de ole j'ice cracks!
'Spec' dis house, ef hit tell plain fac's,
'Ud talk about de ha'nts wid dey long tails on
What das'n't on'y come when de folks is gone!
"When De Folks Is Gone" by James Whitcomb Riley
But I 'm not very sorry de firse day I see you
Settle down on de trot lak your fader he get
W'en he beat Sorel Boy on de ice at T'ree
Bes' two on t'ree heat, an' win all de bet.
"Little Mouse" by William Henry Drummond

In news:

Hotel de Glace , Canada's ice hotel.
Minot airport officials want changes in ground-handling operations to avoid another de-icing snafu like the one that grounded planes last weeken.
UK -based Kilfrost has been producing de-icing and anti-icing fluids for more than 80 years and is one of a small number of suppliers.
Chargers de- iced by 'Cats, 10-2.
Kilfrost (Hall 4 Stand G4) is introducing what it claims to be the first aircraft de- icing fluid made from sustainable sources.
ThermoEnergy System Can Help Airports Meet New EPA De- Icing Rules.
Recovered glycol produced can be sold to offset de- icing costs.
The Goodrich De- icing Service Center has been trusted by aircraft owners and operators for over 65 years.
Pictured during Tuesday's storm are Rush Township workers loading their truck with salt as they work to de-ice slippery roads.
SnowEx, a product division of TrynEx International, has introduced a complete line of AccuSpray de-icing/anti-icing sprayers.
Can you suggest a natural way to de-ice sidewalks and driveways without harming nearby soil and plants.
Provides aircraft maintenance and de-icing services at the airport in Anchorage, as well as in Huntsville, Alabama.
Jai Kendall, pastry chef of 14-unit Rosa Mexicano, an upscale Mexican chain based in New York City, adds sea salt to cajeta, a caramel similar to dulce de leche but made from goat milk instead of cow milk, and makes ice cream out of it.
Portable steam generator ideal for accelerating the curing process in precast, pipe, prestress, and block operations as well as for thawing and de-icing aggregates.
Celebrate America with this patriotic ice cream, which features strawberry purée and crème de cassis.

In science:

The dirty ice model of dust by van de Hulst was a logical followup of the then existing information about the interstellar medium and contained the ma jor idea of surface chemistry leading to the ices H2O, CH4 , NH3 .
Cosmic Dust in the 21st Century
The strategies are defined via symmetric type-dependent cho ice with three cases, one for each sort.
Typed Generic Traversal With Term Rewriting Strategies
This range is definitely enough to significantly help or hinder Earth from entering an ice-age. (The typical difference between today, an interglacial period and the recent ice ages is of order 5◦K).
The Spiral Structure of the Milky Way, Cosmic Rays, and Ice Age Epochs on Earth
Vid sammanv ägn ingen av ev iden se r mu l t ip l ice ra s de o l ika tro l ighe tsv ärdena ihop , v i lke t kan leda t i l l he l t fe lak t iga s lu tsa tser om oberoendean tagande t e j ä r upp fy l l t .
Beslutst\"odssystemet Dezzy - en \"oversikt
In the solar system, there is a definite relationship between the relative abundances of rock-ice-gas and planet mass: small planets (≤ 1 M⊕) are rocky, intermediate planets (∼ 15 − 17 M⊕) are icy, and larger planets are predominantly composed of H and He.
Three Possible Origins for the Gas Layer on GJ 1214b