daylight saving


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n daylight saving time during which clocks are set one hour ahead of local standard time; widely adopted during summer to provide extra daylight in the evenings
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In literature:

It was broad daylight before the fire was sufficiently under control to let us know just what we had saved.
"Dear Enemy" by Jean Webster
Some fleeting thought of saving his own dignity entered MacDonald's head, for he approached Daylight with outstretched hand.
"Burning Daylight" by Jack London
The "daylight saving" plan from April to November turned the clocks ahead one hour.
"Winning a Cause" by John Gilbert Thompson and Inez Bigwood
Movement in any direction, save for a few yards to the flanks if the mud had been cleared away or dammed up, in daylight was impossible.
"The Story of the 2/4th Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry" by G. K. Rose
Come along; we have not a moment to waste if we are to save the daylight.
"Turned Adrift" by Harry Collingwood
Just before daylight there was a terrific explosion which electrified every one save myself.
"A Confederate Girl's Diary" by Sarah Margan Dawson
The Daylight Saving Act was now in operation, so the school had an extra hour available for outdoor exercise.
"A Patriotic Schoolgirl" by Angela Brazil
While daylight remained they did nothing save store the ivory in the wagon and place the gold-dust in the brass trunk belonging to von Hofe.
"The Rogue Elephant" by Elliott Whitney
After all, the daylight was sure to come in the end to save him.
"Somehow Good" by William de Morgan
Moreover, both men ahead were saving their horses' strength against a probable spurt by the posse at daylight.
"The Coyote" by James Roberts

In poetry:

The sky is of a leaden grey,
Save where the north is surly,
The driven daylight speeds away,
And night comes o’er us early.
"Rain in the Mountains" by Henry Lawson
Bregenz is saved! Ere daylight her battlements are mann'd;
Defiance greets the army that marches on the land:
And, if to deeds heroic should endless fame be paid,
Bregenz does well to honor the noble Tyrol maid.
"A Legend of Bregenz" by Adelaide Anne Procter

In news:

The science of daylight saving time.
If colorful leaves and the occasional snowstorm weren't a sign that summer has slipped away, daylight saving time officially ends this Sunday.
This weekend, thanks to daylight saving .
Devised by Benjamin Franklin, daylight saving took hold in the US last century.
Is Daylight Saving Time Canceled in New York.
Remember to turn clocks back one hour before you go to bed Saturday because Daylight Saving Time ends at 2 am Sunday, Nov 4, 2012.
Sunday at two in the morning marks the end of daylight saving time.
It's a wrap for Daylight Saving Time.
Daylight Saving Time will end for Texans and much of the rest of the country at 2 am Sunday.
Daylight Saving Time ends this Sunday morning at 2am.
Residents of Hawaii, most of Arizona and some US territories don't have to change since they do not observe daylight-saving time.
Daylight saving time returns the second Sunday in March.
Daylight saving time officially ends at 2 am Sunday.
Don't forget to "fall back" this weekend as daylight saving time ends.
The days are already getting shorter, but the sun is about to set an hour earlier this weekend with the conclusion of daylight saving time.