day game


  • Live Game Was Brought Home Each Day
    Live Game Was Brought Home Each Day
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n day game a game played in daylight
    • ***


  • Gabriel Heatter
    Gabriel Heatter
    “If you were happy every day of your life you wouldn't be a human being, you'd be a game show host.”
  • Tom Stoppard
    “I don't think I can be expected to take seriously any game which takes less than three days to reach its conclusion.”


In literature:

He little thought that this particular day he was on deck, and was to be called into the game by God.
"Fifty-Two Story Talks To Boys And Girls" by Howard J. Chidley
They were almost certain during the day to obtain all the game they would need.
"Christopher Carson" by John S. C. Abbott
A game of skill ensued, which took up the greater part of the "Hundred Days" of Napoleon's second reign.
"The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2)" by John Holland Rose
In this day of telephone and indefinite bridge games, many people prefer to have their cars telephoned for, when they are ready to go home.
"Etiquette" by Emily Post
There was a rush-cart with a large pile of decorated rush-sheaves, and some characters from the May-day games were introduced.
"Old English Sports" by Peter Hampson Ditchfield
For marriage is a game these days!
"His Family" by Ernest Poole
We spent the rest of that day spying on the game herds.
"African Camp Fires" by Stewart Edward White
And one day they were playing chess together, and he won seven games one after another.
"Gods and Fighting Men" by Lady I. A. Gregory
One of these fine days you'll drink and curse and game yourself out of a parish!
"Audrey" by Mary Johnston
Dancing began and games, feeble by day but not lacking devil when pursued under cover of darkness.
"Children of the Mist" by Eden Phillpotts

In poetry:

An armful of roses - trade's beautiful white dress, with life's mumbling between the toes
and everything moves like game
between the wallets.
Today, in day, who knows what the heart costs?
"“An armful of roses - trade's”" by Gunnar Bjorling-other
Two days had pass'd, when madam thought once more,
To set the thread, as she had done before;
He left the bed, pretending he was sick,
Resumed his post; again the lover came,
And, with my lady, play'd the former game.
"The Three Gossips' Wager" by Jean de La Fontaine
Ah, the grand old days, Johnnie! — wind and weather,
Days of sun and nights of storm we knew together, —
The game we played with old Cape Stiff and our lives the stake,
Turn and say good-bye, Johnnie, for old sake's sake!
"Dead Man's Bay" by Cicely Fox Smith
"I'm sittin' in me dug-out day be day -
It narks us; but Australia's got a name
Fer doin' little jobs like blokes 'oo play
A clean straight game.
Wiv luck I might see scrappin' 'fore I'm done,
Or go where Craig 'as gone, an' miss the fun.
"Rabbits" by C J Dennis
Nex' day Mar Flood she takes 'er Sunday dress
An' 'er best bonnet up to town.
'Er game's to see the girl at this address
An' word 'er in regard to comin' down
To take Smith be su'prise. My part's to fix
A meetin' so there won't be any mix.
"Half a Man" by C J Dennis
Curse her! curse her! say I; she'll some time rue this day;
She'll some time learn that hate is a game that two can play;
And long before she dies she'll grieve she ever was born;
And I'll plow her grave with hate, and seed it down to scorn!
"Gone With A Handsomer Man" by William McKendree Carleton

In news:

The team's first spring training game will be against Atlanta in Lake Buena Vista on Feb 23, 11 days after pitchers and catchers report and six days after the rest of the team reports.
Bill Barnwell at Grantland and Chase Stuart of Football Perspective both looked at Schaub's numbers in day games versus night games.
Ann Wilson of Heart will sing the National Anthem at the Thanksgiving Day game in Dallas this year. Heart's Ann Wilson has been tapped to belt out the national anthem at the Dallas Cowboys' annual Thanksgiving Day game, which will see them taking on the Washington Redskins starting at 4:15 pm ET.
It seems archery is the latest "it" sport these days -- at least in movies and pop culture, with recent films like "The Hunger Games" and "Brave" giving the old school sport a modern-day comeback.
The Texans could be the most thankful team to survive a Thanksgiving Day game.
The Dec 5 game was postponed after USU forward Danny Berger collapsed at practice the day before the game was scheduled to take place.
Hoping to take advantage of interest in the annual Thanksgiving Day football game between Leominster and Fitchburg high schools, firefighters from the two cities are holding a charity basketball game on Nov 21.
A day after battling the Chicago Bulls into overtime, only to lose the game, the Milwaukee Bucks never got going in last night's game at Orlando.
In celebration of the annual Army-Navy football game being played Dec 8, the US Military Academy's marathon team will stage a two-day relay run carrying the ceremonial game ball from West Point to Philadelphia.
Miami's Bosh is upgraded to day-to-day for Game Five.
The Texas Rangers have no day games during this six-game homestand.
Ireland A have made five changes, four of them enforced, for next week's three-day game against Gloucestershire II, which will be played in Somerset.
The Morrisonville Mohawks traveled to Buffalo Tri-City for their second game in two days and blew a fourth quarter lead to lose the game 65-39.
Chicago Bulls point guard Kirk Hinrich injured his left elbow during Saturday's game with the New York Knicks and is considered day-to-day, according to Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau.

In science:

Scene 2: On the first day of your new job, your boss teaches you the Lemke-Howson algorithm for finding a Nash equilibrium of a two-player game.
Paths Beyond Local Search: A Nearly Tight Bound for Randomized Fixed-Point Computation
So he gives you a large two-player game that models a two-group exchange market. “I am going to a convention in Hawaii for ten days.
Paths Beyond Local Search: A Nearly Tight Bound for Randomized Fixed-Point Computation
Consider a variant of the mafia game without detectives, where each r rounds are partitioned into d day rounds and r−d night rounds. Then the two groups have comparable winning probabilities if M=Rd/r. Note that the mafia game without detectives is only a special case where d=1 and r=2.
A Theoretical Study of Mafia Games
A source of independent random bits is a basic resource in many modern-day computational tasks, such as cryptography, game theoretic protocols, algorithms and physical simulations.
Certifiable Quantum Dice - Or, testable exponential randomness expansion
Finally, a future scenario is simulated as follows: for the next 20 years, each ∆t days, ∆t being a random variable taken from p(∆t), a game is randomly chosen from our pool of top 20 games.
When games meet reality: is Zynga overvalued?