danger line


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n danger line a line beyond which it is dangerous to go
    • ***


In literature:

The boys will not soon forget the long, dreary, dangerous hours they spent along this line.
"Three Years in the Federal Cavalry" by Willard Glazier
Dona Jocasta is right, it's his turn, and we seem to have passed the danger line.
"The Treasure Trail" by Marah Ellis Ryan
Medford braced on her ten yard line and held the mighty Hamilton for downs, then punted out of danger.
"Interference and Other Football Stories" by Harold M. Sherman
This line was dangerous.
"The Man Who Wins" by Robert Herrick
Stronger currents, like those of power lines and even trolley wires, are extremely dangerous.
"Common Science" by Carleton W. Washburne
But all the stuff was in a zinc-lined compartment, so there wasn't much real danger.
"Dave Porter At Bear Camp" by Edward Stratemeyer
Further, I can but believe that we whose eyes scan these lines are peculiarly in danger here.
"Old Groans and New Songs" by F. C. Jennings
Steadily, we held our course, with steam up to the danger line.
"Where Strongest Tide Winds Blew" by Robert McReynolds
From our front line trenches the Bosche lines were only forty-five yards away, therefore dangers were to be anticipated from German snipers.
"How I Filmed the War" by Lieut. Geoffrey H. Malins
With intense anxiety and no slight apprehension of danger, he held the line.
"Benjamin Franklin, A Picture of the Struggles of Our Infant Nation One Hundred Years Ago" by John S. C. Abbott

In poetry:

O'er his brow the moonbeam lingered
'Mid the lines that passion wrought,
Like an angel, glory-fingered,
Shewing heaven the dangerous thought.
"Leawood Hall" by Ernest Jones

In news:

Needless to say, some residents don't want potentially dangerous gas lines next to their homes.
Names are being gathered on an on-line petition calling for the Obama administration to inform the public that nicotine is a dangerous drug with no medical value, and to re-classify it as a controlled substance .
If a dangerous situation, such as a downed power line or other emergency exists, please call 911.
Those dangers are why the IHBA Rescue Team never lets the dozens of men who put their lives on the line for the thrill of the ride travel alone.
Officials say plants and power lines could be very dangerous especially if it is raining.
Many of the young Americans lining up to buy "Heroes Proved" have had to make life or death decisions in some of the most difficult and dangerous places on earth.
Discarded fishing line a danger to wildlife.
Electricity could flow backwards into power lines causing danger.
"The avalanche diverters are, in my belief, a good step in mitigating the dangers of avalanche for the power line.".
Officers responded to Rise Club about 11:40 pm for reports of a dangerously large crowd and line extending all the way to Arlington and Columbus streets.
The dangers of following the party line .
Both have good intentions but are extremely dangerous to Internet Freedom and On-Line innovation and business.
Obama's Dangerous ' Red Line ' on Iran The Nation.
The outage, which was necessary to remove a dangerous tree obstructing the line, lasted approximately 1 1/2 hours.
Scar 's wicked response -- "Oh, it's to die for" -- illustrates the dangerous/humorous line.

In science:

We also emphasize that it is dangerous to derive plasma temperatures merely from line ratios of ionized species, such as N v/O vi, unless the dynamical and thermal history of the plasma is known.
The dynamical signature of the ISM in soft X-rays -- I. Diffuse soft X-rays from galaxies
Consequently, universality is not in danger; the lines due to the extra Z(2) degree of freedom are merely an annoyance.
New results from mixed-action lattice gauge theory