• Struck by a Cyclone 111
    Struck by a Cyclone 111
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj cyclonical of or relating to or characteristic of a violent tropical storm "cyclonic destruction"
    • adj cyclonical of or relating to or characteristic of the atmosphere around a low pressure center "cyclonic cloud pattern"
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In literature:

If they go with the clock, like that, it is an anti-cyclone.
"Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 159, August 18th, 1920" by Various
The arcade looked as if a cyclone had swept through it.
"The Sheriff's Son" by William MacLeod Raine
You have had terrible fires and floods, cyclones, and scourges of yellow fever.
"The Story of the Red Cross as told to The Little Colonel" by Annie Fellows-Johnston
Were there any misfortunes, such as floods, or droughts, or fires, or cyclones?
"Modern Prose And Poetry; For Secondary Schools" by Various
If it is not a cyclone yet, it may still turn into one.
"Atlantis" by Gerhart Hauptmann
The big herd had gone with the suddenness of a cyclone.
"The Trail Horde" by Charles Alden Seltzer
But here was no cyclonic invasion of a dark, cold sitting-room.
"When the Yule Log Burns" by Leona Dalrymple
It was as inevitable and unswervable as an avalanche or a cyclone.
"By the Light of the Soul" by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman
The cowboys set spurs to their ponies, and swept down the street like a veritable cyclone.
"Bert Wilson in the Rockies" by J. W. Duffield
When the cyclone of 1873 struck us we at once began to reef sail in every quarter.
"Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie" by Andrew Carnegie
Her own side was in perfect order, but J. Elfreda's half looked as though it had been visited by a cyclone.
"Grace Harlowe's First Year at Overton College" by Jessie Graham Flower
It had rolled with the fury of a cyclone from Belfort to Mons.
""Contemptible"" by "Casualty"
In cyclones the wind often changes suddenly back from north-west to west, from west to south.
"English Seamen in the Sixteenth Century" by James Anthony Froude
In 1875, the year of the cyclone "whooch kilt sebenteen fokes twixt Ellesli (Ellerslie) and Talbotton", including an uncle of her's.
"Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves" by Work Projects Administration
Rather let the freezing cyclones of the bleak Northwest bury it forever beneath the eddying sands of the raging St. Croix!
"The Wit and Humor of America, Volume VIII (of X)" by Various
Democracy in France was just entering upon its cyclonic and hideous struggle for the right to live.
"The Spirit of Lafayette" by James Mott Hallowell
You descend like an army with banners, In a cyclone of wrecked parasols.
"The Re-echo Club" by Carolyn Wells
To open a door or window was to admit a small cyclone of wind and sand and rain.
"The Dragon's Secret" by Augusta Huiell Seaman
I'd as lief undertake to chaperone a cyclone.
"The Silver Butterfly" by Mrs. Wilson Woodrow
He waited until the avoirdupois cyclone had cooled off.
"Lady Luck" by Hugh Wiley

In poetry:

P'r'aps the buildin' that we planned
'Gainst the cyclone couldn't stand;
But, thank God we've got the land,—
Here's hopin'!
"Here's Hopin'" by Frank Lebby Stanton
When Earth in gold-corruption lies
Long dead, the moon-worm butterflies
On cyclone wings will reach this place—
Yea, rear their brood on earth’s dead face.
"What The Hyena Said" by Vachel Lindsay
I thought I was up on the hurricane deck
Of an earthquake and a cyclone a-havin' a wreck.
I was doin' my best and was just gettin' by,
But he's doin' better with blood in his eye.
"The Ridge-Running Roan" by Curley Fletcher
The shipwrights build the houses high,
Whose green foundations sway
Alive with fish like little flames,
When the wind goes out to slay.
But we abide with painted sails
The cyclone of the day.
"For Four Guilds: I. The Glass-Stainers" by Gilbert Keith Chesterton
Till at last there broke the tempest
Like a cyclone on the sea,
When the lightnings blazed and dazzled
And the thunders were set free--
And riding on that whirlwind came
Majestic, Robert Lee!
"The Lee Memorial Ode" by James Barron Hope
Why doubt for a moment? More shame if I do!
Why question? Why tremble? Are angels more true?
She would come to the lover who calls her his own
Though she trod in the track of a whirling cyclone!
"At The Turn Of The Road" by Oliver Wendell Holmes

In news:

Championship Hopes Crushed By Cyclones.
Curtis , the nation's No 29 OT, is now the highest-rated verbal for the Cyclones.
A powerful cyclone has ripped through the South Pacific island nation of Samoa, flattening homes, uprooting trees and flooding streets.
3 reportedly killed after cyclone sweeps through Samoa.
Three people have been killed – including two children – after Tropical Cyclone Evan lashed through Samoa, Sky News Australia reports, citing local media.
Cyclone rips through Samoan islands, kills 2.
Tropical Cyclone Evan is battering Samoa and American Samoa in the South Pacific with wind gusts up to 130 mph, heavy rain and pounding surf.
Satellite image of Cyclone Evan over Samoan islands.
This will include helping to build greater alliances with Cyclone 's manufacturing partners, and recruiting top-level production engineers and executives to oversee this transition process.
India braces for cyclone .
Nevada man among Cyclone ROTC's high achievers.
Iowa State Cyclones head coach Fred Hoiberg yells to his players during the first half an NCAA college basketball game against the Iowa Hawkeyes Friday, Dec 7, 2012 at Carver-Hawkeye Arena in Iowa City, Iowa.
Cyclone by Diamax product videos are now available on one convenient Youtube channel.
These cyclones regularly get blocked due to the catalyst inside the reactor.
The current Tropical Cyclone Danger Area graphic utilizes the mariner's 1-2-3 rule to outline avoidance areas through 72 hours for active tropical cyclones .

In science:

Many details in the process have since then been refined, such as the detailed physics of the dust sublayer forming at the midplane of the disk (Dubrulle et al., 1995), the trapping of particles in anti-cyclonic vortices (e.g.
Dust coagulation in protoplanetary disks: a rapid depletion of small grains
A custom and very compact DAQ system to generate and handle command signals to/from the chip (implemented on Altera FPGA Cyclone EP1C240), to read and digitally convert the analog data (ADS5270TI Flash ADC) and to store them, temporarily, on a static RAM, has been developed.
A Sealed Gas Pixel Detector for X-ray Astronomy
The two sets of peaks, respectively corresponding to two species of spin wave excitations lying in (cyclone modes) and out of (extra-cyclone modes) the cycloidal plane, exhibit distinctive dispersive energy curves that depend on their coupling to the electric polarization, as shown in Fig. 60(b).
Multiferroicity, The coupling between magnetic and polarization
The antiferromagnetic magnon zone folding, induced by the periodicity of the cycloidal spin order, leads to a very simple expression for the energy level structure of the cyclone mode.
Multiferroicity, The coupling between magnetic and polarization
This cyclone mode remains gapless, as expected from the antiferromagnetic ordering, but a gap is expected for the extra-cyclone mode due to the pinning of the cycloidal plane by the polarization.
Multiferroicity, The coupling between magnetic and polarization
The historically important idea of Parker (1955) — which was further elaborated by Steenbeck, Krause & R¨adler (1966) — is that the cyclonic turbulence in the convection zone twists the toroidal field to produce the poloidal field.
Dynamo models of grand minima
Specifically, their dynamics are affected by low-pass filtering, a finite gate propagation time τLG (τLG = 280 ± 10 ps for the Altera Cyclone IV FPGA), and a continuous input-output relationship described by a sigmoidal gate activation function.
Ultra-Fast Physical Generation of Random Numbers Using Hybrid Boolean Networks
Mn and Sc Signals in North Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Occurrence.
A selection of papers with some relevance to the investigation of the Sun-Climate link: Papers on Data, Methods and Commentary
Fry “Metastable cyclones in Jupiter: Interactions between white ovals and the rise of very dark spots in 1998 and 1999” 1999 Amer.
A New Large-Well 1024x1024 Si:As Detector for the Mid-Infrare
Algorithm in fixing the tropical cyclone eye.
Soft Computing Techniques in combating the complexity of the atmosphere- a review
Thesis, James Cook Univ., Townsville. Unwin, G.L., Applegate, G.B., Stocker, G.C. and Nicholson, D.I. (1988) - Initial effects of cyclone 'Winifred' on forests in north Queensland.
Effects of Selection Logging on Rainforest Productivity
Recall that the positive 0(cid:61559) has the same sign as (cid:61527) , and negative (anti(cyclonic or anti-clock wise) value of 0(cid:61559) acquires the clock wise rotation in Northern hemisphere.
Aerodynamic Models for Hurricanes IV. On the hurricane genesis and maturing
Especially important is that radial expansion of emerged hurricane happens only for cyclonically directed initial rotating disturbance, acquired from the horizontally sheared wind.
Aerodynamic Models for Hurricanes IV. On the hurricane genesis and maturing
Anthes, Tropical Cyclones, Their Evolution, Structure and Effects, Am.
Aerodynamic Models for Hurricanes IV. On the hurricane genesis and maturing
Ooyama, Numerical simulations of life cycle of tropical cyclones, J.
Aerodynamic Models for Hurricanes IV. On the hurricane genesis and maturing