• An art critic that has damaged an artist's painting with his pen, begs to not have his art essays cut up
    An art critic that has damaged an artist's painting with his pen, begs to not have his art essays cut up
  • WordNet 3.6
    • n cut-up someone who plays practical jokes on others
    • ***


  • John Trapp
    John Trapp
    “Better to be pruned to grow than cut up to burn.”
  • Elizabeth Barrett Browning
    “A good neighbor sometimes cuts your morning up to mince-meat of the very smallest talk, then helps to sugar her bohea at night with your reputation.”
  • Eric Hoffer
    “There is probably an element of malice in the readiness to overestimate people; we are laying up for ourselves the pleasure of later cutting them down to size.”


In literature:

Cut up the beeswax and add to it about one-third its volume of turpentine.
"Mission Furniture" by H. H. Windsor
A Virginian battery, Rockbridge artillery, was fighting at a great disadvantage, and already much cut up.
"Destruction and Reconstruction:" by Richard Taylor
The cut is placed on a hand press before the form is made up, and proofs on four different thicknesses of paper are made.
"The Building of a Book" by Various
There were so many fine long roads not yet cut up into blocks that were great favorites on a day like this.
"A Little Girl in Old Boston" by Amanda Millie Douglas
Five or six thousand animals were slain and cut up in this Devil's punch-bowl.
"The World's Greatest Books, Volume 19" by Various
The cloth is now packed and sent to the jobbers or tailors to be cut up into suits.
"Textiles" by William H. Dooley
The trees had all been felled and for the most part cut up and carried into Paris for firewood.
"A Girl of the Commune" by George Alfred Henty
Cut up 1/2 a boiled lobster and mix with the cream.
"365 Luncheon Dishes" by Anonymous
Cut up the vegetables and add with spices and simmer one hour longer.
"The Community Cook Book" by Anonymous
The country through which the river flows from its source to Charleroi forms a plateau cut up by numerous dales and deep valleys.
"1914" by John French, Viscount of Ypres
The shark was at length killed and cut up.
"The Voyages of the Ranger and Crusader" by W.H.G. Kingston
All the others were cut up in shreds.
"A Confederate Girl's Diary" by Sarah Margan Dawson
But they did "cut up" a little, and had to be told, more than once, to get quiet and go to sleep.
"The Curlytops and Their Playmates" by Howard R. Garis
Most of us had used up our cuts long ago.
"At Good Old Siwash" by George Fitch
Perhaps I kept things back a bit for fear you would cut up, as women do, and go into screeching-fits.
"The Dop Doctor" by Clotilde Inez Mary Graves
On cutting up the meat, they had taken the precaution to hang the pieces upon high branches, out of the reach of beasts of prey.
"The Plant Hunters" by Mayne Reid
He cut up the rest of the body into little bits and strewed them to the four winds.
"The Yellow Fairy Book" by Leonora Blanche Alleyne Lang
He put his hand up to the place where Warrender's cut was, dimly realising that it might have been in his own head but for Theo.
"A Country Gentleman and his Family" by Mrs. (Margaret) Oliphant
My pore daddy he back allus done cut up from the whip and bit by the dogs.
"Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves." by Work Projects Administration
In Italy the small heads are cut up, with oil, salt, and pepper.
"Soil Culture" by J. H. Walden

In poetry:

From you, Ianthe, little troubles pass
Like little ripples down a sunny river;
Your pleasures spring like daisies in the grass,
Cut down, and up again as blithe as ever;
"Ianthe" by Walter Savage Landor
At the Cholerford they a' light down,
And there, wi the help o the light o the moon,
A tree they cut, wi fifteen naggs upon each side,
To climb up the wall of Newcastle toun.
"Jock O The Side" by Andrew Lang
Who whispered secrets?--
Tempted the worm up from her winter hiding
To lie her length in the rain of early summer?
Who cut the leaf-buds open? What new-comer
Told the tall heron the place of her abiding?
"The Vagrant" by Mary Webb
"News from the front!" said one, "Awful news!" said the other,
"Of which, we are afraid, will put us to great bother,
For the black Zulus are coming, and for our blood doth thirst,"
"And the force is cut up to pieces!" shouted the first.
"The Hero of Rorke's Drift" by William Topaz McGonagall
Hard-by those snowy cliffs,
Shielded safe from cutting winds and icy
Blasts, stood an humble, unpretending cot,
Its low, thatched roof of matted moss
Glimmered, when the morning sun brightened
Up the valley, and cast its rays aslant through
"Uranne" by Mary Weston Fordham
A stick's a michty prize to him, if twice as lang's himsel';
A wood sword gars him brichten up, an' try to cut an' fell;
Gude keep him frae the fife an' drum, when he grows braid an' stark—
I wadna like tae see him list tae dae sic bluidy wark.
"Oor Johnnie" by Alexander Anderson

In news:

UBS AG, is expected to cut up to 10,000 jobs, or 16 percent of its workforce, as it contends with shrinking revenue and rising capital requirements, a person familiar with the company said on Friday.
How to Cut Up an Onion.
Johnson & Johnson to cut up to 8,000 jobs.
Beloit College to cut up to a tenth of its staff.
Sun Microsystems to cut up to 5,000 jobs.
Solutia to cut up to 800 jobs.
Solutia Inc announces plans to cut up to 800 jobs.
1 cleaned and cut-up snapping turtle.
Take meat off all and cut up fine.
We always order our firewood at this time of year (it generally takes all winter to cut up the previous wood pile).
Watching butchers cut up whole animals is the newest live entertainment.
Josh Peckham, of Bend, cuts up a tree for firewood Sunday in the Bear Wallow region of the Deschutes National Forest west of Bend and north of Skyliners Road.
A Canadian man was arrested Monday after allegedly cutting up several pairs of his wife's shoes during an argument.
Miles Austin cuts up, Tony Romo gets Cowboys coordinated on Tuesday.
Cut up the duck to make leg and breast meat come out perfectly.

In science:

Thus, if k satisfies (7), then all our degree constraints are maintaine d, which means that we will keep recursing over sparse cuts until we either make progress towards a eO(k) coloring, or end up with a provably monochromatic set S on which we can make monochromatic progress towards eO(k) coloring.
Combinatorial coloring of 3-colorable graphs
While these two cuts are essentially the same, the disjunctive point of view opens up new perspectives.
Intersection cuts from multiple rows: a disjunctive programming approach
If we instead regulate the divergence by cutting off the integration at some minimal perturbative cutoff scale µ2 IR , we end up with a logarithm squared of that scale.
Introduction to QCD
The measurements can be extended up into the TeV range, provided the spectrum extends like a power law and does not cut off earlier.
Prospects of performing Lorentz invariance tests with VHE emission from pulsars
As the H.E.S.S. data only reaches up to 10 TeV, it does not suffice to conclude a cut-off of 50 TeV and 4 PeV in the proton spectrum, these cut-offs could be unveiled by measurements from future telescopes like HAWC and CTA.
A statistical study of Galactic SNR source spectra detected at >GeV energies
While aLIGO can test only up to 1.5PN term in the phasing, ET can test the consistency between various PN coefficients over the mass range 11 − 44M(cid:12) . Effect of the seismic cut-off frequency on these errors and the systematic bias due to spins were also studied.
Tests of General Relativity and Alternative theories of gravity using Gravitational Wave observations
Cutting the lattice into a maximal tree and the condition Up = 1 ∀p leads to a configuration where all holonomies associated with an edge are given by pure gauge.
Two dimensional QCD is a string theory
Combining the two cuts into a single function, one obtains the full amplitude, up to possible ambiguities in rational functions.
Progress in One-Loop QCD Computations
Summing up, the GZK cut-off provides an important constraint on the proximity of EHECR (nucleons and nuclei) sources, thus, the origin of the events with energies above 100 EeV has became one of the most pressing questions of cosmic ray astrophysics.
From 3K to $10^{20}$eV
In addition to these sources, there are other two southern candidates, Fornax A (z = 0.057) and PKS 2152-69 (z = 0.027), which could provide contributions to the CR flux above the cut-off.5 An approximate theoretical picture of the up to now unexplored ultra high energy CR southern sky is consequently at our disposal.
From 3K to $10^{20}$eV
Therefore, the occurrence of a convergence of the reflectivity curves upon, say, increasing the multipole order M , does not provide any proof of the reliability of the potentials since those depend on all the expansion coefficients up to the cut-off order.
Optical response of supported particles
For example, every 3–manifold (for convenience we shall assume that all 3– manifolds are compact and orientable) can be decomposed into canonical pieces by cutting it up along such surfaces.
Small surfaces and Dehn filling
Then, in an irreducible, boundary irreducible 3–manifold M , there is a canonical (up to isotopy) collection F of disjoint essential annuli and tori, such that each component of M cut along F is either a Seifert fiber space, an I –bundle over a surface, or a 3–manifold that contains no essential annulus or torus.
Small surfaces and Dehn filling
If a cut closes up, the corresponding glueball S vanishes, which means that the U (Nc ) group is completely broken down.
Supersymmetric Gauge Theories with Flavors and Matrix Models
The same arguments is applicable in the case of pile-up events, we have only to cut re-scattering diagrams B1 , C1 , C2 to get two independent events in each case.
Advanced rapidity gap trigger