cut back


  • WordNet 3.6
    • v cut back place restrictions on "curtail drinking in school"
    • v cut back cut down on; make a reduction in "reduce your daily fat intake","The employer wants to cut back health benefits"
    • v cut back cultivate, tend, and cut back the growth of "dress the plants in the garden"
    • v cut back return in time "the film cut back to an earlier event in the story"
    • ***


In literature:

The Moso girls wore their black hair cut short on the sides and hanging in long narrow plaits down their backs.
"Camps and Trails in China" by Roy Chapman Andrews and Yvette Borup Andrews
One of our men come back wid a year cut off an' a busted nose.
"Slave Narratives: A Folk History of Slavery in the United States" by Work Projects Administration
We sat down on our hampers, and my sister leaned against the corner of the wardrobe with a pillow at her back to keep from being cut in two.
"As Seen By Me" by Lilian Bell
He cut up the deer and took them back home.
"Traditions of the Tinguian: A Study in Philippine Folk-Lore" by Fay-Cooper Cole
Push back skin from neck and cut off neck close to body.
"The New Dr. Price Cookbook" by Anonymous
If he move, give him a cut with the whip and put him back in the same spot from which he started.
"The Arabian Art of Taming and Training Wild and Vicious Horses" by P. R. Kincaid
Cut the remainder of the pork in narrow strips, and lay it in gashes cut across the back of the fish about two inches apart.
"The Easiest Way in Housekeeping and Cooking" by Helen Campbell
Cut down at the back of the throat and slice the throat sweetbread.
"Carving and Serving" by Mrs. D. A. Lincoln
The photoplay can not only "cut back" in the service of memories, but it can cut off in the service of suggestion.
"The Photoplay" by Hugo Münsterberg
I chop off the head close up, draw back the skin of the neck a couple of inches, and then cut off the neck.
"How To Write Special Feature Articles" by Willard Grosvenor Bleyer
I headed the steer back and Fernando cut the rope.
"Sundown Slim" by Henry Hubert Knibbs
Do not cut the back shell through.
"Mrs. Wilson's Cook Book" by Mary A. Wilson
The yearly cultivation and cutting back, until the hedge had reached full size, was three or four cents a rod.
"The Prairie Farmer, Vol. 56, No. 2, January 12, 1884" by Various
Unless they are very small, cut back the largest leaves about one-half with an old pair of scissors.
"Trees, Fruits and Flowers of Minnesota, 1916" by Various
Split down the back, bone and skin, cut into strips, and arrange on a platter.
"How to Cook Fish" by Olive Green
Reckon dey love to have dey niggers back yonder just like dey loves to have dem dese days to do what dey ain' been cut out to do.
"Slave Narratives Vol. XIV. South Carolina, Part 1" by Various
He was away in Charin when the Ghost Wind blew, and he came back with knife cuts in his thigh.
"The Door Through Space" by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Cut pattern in two at back and lay out flat on smooth side of buckram, leaving pins in slashes.
"Make Your Own Hats" by Gene Allen Martin
A member: You wouldn't recommend cutting back that tap-root too severely, would you?
"Northern Nut Growers Association, Report of the Proceedings at the Third Annual Meeting" by Northern Nut Growers Association
The back panel is placed in mortises cut in the corners of the back posts.
"Mission Furniture" by H. H. Windsor

In poetry:

And many maidens, knowing then
That she would not come back again,
Unbound their curls; and all in tears,
They cut them off with sharpened shears.
"The Dust Of Timas" by Sappho
"Cut loose these poor ones and let them go;
Come what will of it, all men shall know
No warrant is good, though backed by the Crown,
For whipping women in Salisbury town!"
"How The Women Went From Dover" by John Greenleaf Whittier
The tarboy is there, awaiting in demand,
With his blackened tar pot, and his tarry hand;
Sees one old sheep with a cut upon its back,
Hears what he's waiting for, 'Tar here Jack!'
"Click Go The Shears, Boys" by Anonymous Oceania
And pierced in the gullet their leader goes down!
And sinks with a curse on the plain;
And his squire falls dead! cut through headpiece and crown!
And his groom by a back stroke is slain.
"The Feud: A Border Ballad" by Adam Lindsay Gordon
It's a high, rocky trail with its switch-backs and doubles,
It has no beginning and never an end:
It's risky and rough and it's plumb full of troubles,
From Shifty -- that's shale -- up to Powder Cut Bend.
"Roll A Rock Down" by Henry Herbert Knibbs
& cradle rule, in silence. Hour by hour
from time to time with holy oil
touch yet the forehead eyelids nose
lips ears breast fists of Kruschev, for Christ knows
poor evil Kadar, cut, is back in power.
Boils his throne. The moujik kneels & votes.
"Dream Song 59: Henry's Meditation in the Kremlin" by John Berryman

In news:

In a recent post, I noted that sometimes people cut back-office deals that add value but not salary to their compensation.
It's Time to Cut Back on Extravagant Lunches.
I tired of cutting back the fading blossoms, pruning every spring, mulching, replacing mulch, and still struggling to stave off death of my prettiest of the pretties.
An economist describes what happens when and if the government cuts back on funding.
He's raised his slider usage to be about one-third of his pitches in his last three starts, cutting back to throwing 50 to 52 fastballs per game, mixed in with his changeup.
Boomers nearing retirement are taking steps to "close the gap" in savings, while many plan participants cut back on loans and hardship withdrawals.
Health issues forcing Moorpark sculptor to cut back on her art.
At a time when families have cut back on vacations and restaurant meals, taking in a foreign exchange student sounds like a luxury.
It means cutting back on expenses, getting a second job or even doing without.
Frankfurt 's Ambitions Get Cut Back.
Sandy slowed US consumer spending and pay in Oct. Americans cut back on spending last month while their income remained flat.
Variety has laid off nearly 20 staffers and will cut back on its print frequency .
The new owner of Variety is laying off nearly 20 employees at the Hollywood trade paper while preparing to cut back on the number of times it prints each week.
Denise & Norma talk about the gardening activities we should be taking part in this month, including cutting back on watering and planting our spring-flowering bulbs.
"Everybody comes in here and says they're cutting back," said Dick Crosby, owner of the Girard Dinor at 222 W Main St. "A lot of people have said they have quit watering their garden," Crosby said.

In science:

In fact, the area flown was cut back to be marginally effective for some goals.
The Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer
The clear fibers were cutted back to the length under investigation.
Testrun results from prototype fiber detectors for high rate particle tracking
The difference of ΠL,T above and below the cut is ΩL,T , so this gives back Eq. (50).
The QCD Coupling Constant
Impulsive wave metrics are obtained by cutting Minkowski space into two pieces along a null hypersurface and gluing them back together after warp.
Impulsive spherical gravitational waves
It is allowed to cut the space as long as it is eventually pasted back together in the same way as it was cut.
Limits of Voronoi Diagrams
For identifying the quotient space we are allowed to cut along αik ij = π , if we eventually paste back again along the same cut.
Limits of Voronoi Diagrams
Notice that Q has the (smooth) tubular neighborhood [N × S1 × (0, r)]f , in M obtained from N × S1 × (0, r) by cutting along Q = N × S1 × { r 2 } and gluing back with f : Q → Q.
Cellular harmonic maps which are not diffeomorphisms
Let Ms , be the smooth manifold obtained from ¯M by cutting along ¯Q and gluing back with fs .
Cellular harmonic maps which are not diffeomorphisms
Each track found above making all cuts was pro jected back to Station 4.
Finding The Charm In 800 GeV/c p-Cu and p-Be Single Muon Spectra
But, in the case of the triple-cut, after Feynman parametrization, by combining back the two double-cuts, the parametric integration is reduced to the extraction of residues to the branch points in correspondence of the zeroes of a standard quadratic function in the Feynman parameter.
The NLO multileg working group: summary report
When f  0.0625, the role of “pivot” go back to the cutting axis, and the influence of cutting and the feed rate axes is inversed. This remark completes the previous one above, and highlights that the study of cutting moment at the central axis needs to examined in more details.
A force torsor analysis for a turning process in the presence of self-excited vibrations
Instead of evaluating it at a real u in the physical sheet where |x± (u)| > 1 let us cross the cut of x− (u) and return back to the real u axis.
Review of AdS/CFT Integrability, Chapter III.3: The dressing factor
In Ref. [271] the bump in the Λ-p invariant mass spectrum was explained as an artifact of the angular cuts applied to the flat spectrum of invariant mass of Λ-p events resulting from genuine back– to–back pairs formed in simple K− -(np) interactions in the target nuclei that suffered a FSI.
Strangeness nuclear physics: a critical review on selected topics
The idea of generating cuts in a subspace of the original higher dimensional cut generating linear program and then lifting them to the full space goes back to [7, 10], where lift-and-pro ject cuts were generated from a 2-term disjunction by working in the subspace of the fractional variables of the LP solution.
Intersection cuts from multiple rows: a disjunctive programming approach
The cuts also help discriminate the nonback-to-back µ ¯µ pairs of the decay H → µ ¯µγ from the back-to-back µ ¯µ pairs of the decay H → µ ¯µ.
Higgs boson decay to mu mubar gamma