• WordNet 3.6
    • adj cultural denoting or deriving from or distinctive of the ways of living built up by a group of people "influenced by ethnic and cultural ties"- J.F.Kennedy","ethnic food"
    • adj cultural relating to the raising of plants or animals "a cultural variety"
    • adj cultural of or relating to the shared knowledge and values of a society "cultural roots"
    • adj cultural of or relating to the arts and manners that a group favors "cultural events","a person of broad cultural interests"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The papaya tree is known as "the medicinal tree" in some cultures because it?s seeds and leaves have been used as ingredients in different medicines
    • a Cultural Of or pertaining to culture.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Buttermilk does not contain any butter, but is a cultured milk product which is usually made from fat free milk
    • cultural Pertaining to culture; specifically, pertaining to mental culture or discipline; educational; promoting refinement or education.
    • cultural Produced by cultivation: said of types of plants, chiefly varietal. A cultural variety is opposed to a natural or botanical one.
    • cultural In surveying, of artificial origin: said of roads, villages, etc., on a topographic map.
    • cultural In bacteriology, relating to culture-media or to the character of any micro-organism as indicated by the results obtained from growing it upon various culture media.
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  • Mao Zedong
    “An army without culture is a dull-witted army, and a dull-witted army cannot defeat the enemy.”
  • John F. Kennedy
    “If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.”
  • Dorothy Parker
    “You can lead a whore to culture but you can't make her think.”
  • George Steiner
    “There is something terribly wrong with a culture inebriated by noise and gregariousness.”
  • John Travolta
    John Travolta
    “It's hard to make a cultural phenomenon every time.”
  • W. H. Auden
    “It is a sad fact about our culture that a poet can earn much more money writing or talking about his art than he can by practicing it.”


In literature:

Bee culture where it was fifty years ago.
"Langstroth on the Hive and the Honey-Bee" by L. L. Langstroth
He has been a pioneer in many things, in fruit culture and what interests us more today in nut culture.
"Northern Nut Growers Association Report of the Proceedings at the Eleventh Annual Meeting" by Various
One thing I remarked as unusual among a people of such cultured taste, and that was the size of the ladies' waists.
"Mizora: A Prophecy" by Mary E. Bradley
It is not to be understood that the list given above includes all the desirable varieties of shrubs suited to amateur culture.
"Amateur Gardencraft" by Eben E. Rexford
He loves culture for culture's sake, and does not abandon its acquisition on leaving college.
"Colleges in America" by John Marshall Barker
He suspected that he might, when he got deeper into their culture.
"Fearful Symmetry" by Ann Wilson
Culture has always been at once the boast and the reproach of Boston.
"American Sketches" by Charles Whibley
Our age prides itself on being an age of culture; but do we know in what true culture really consists?
"Autobiography of Frank G. Allen, Minister of the Gospel" by Frank G. Allen
It is the very essence of a cultured man that when he hears the word "must" it is on his own lips.
"The Lost Art of Reading" by Gerald Stanley Lee
Mind culture must precede soil culture.
"Chapters in Rural Progress" by Kenyon L. Butterfield
Yes, in spite of Matthew Arnold, Culture, and Culture, and always Culture!
"Appearances" by Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson
They laid much stress on the historic task of Austria in bringing German culture to the half-civilized races of the east.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 1" by Various
They inspired the Italians with a thirst for antique culture.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 07" by Various
Children are treasures for the man of low culture, while they become a burden to the cultivated man.
"The Sexual Question" by August Forel
For himself, and all who reached his stage of culture, he pronounced it futile.
"The Religious Sentiment" by Daniel G. Brinton
Every new invention, every fresh culture acquisition, is helping to strengthen and broaden the psychical environment of man.
"Religion & Sex" by Chapman Cohen
The specialization and differentiation of our latter ages of science and culture is less marked in him than in other poets.
"Whitman" by John Burroughs
When once he has taken his degree, I wonder what will be the advances in his intellectual culture.
"The Intellectual Life" by =Philip Gilbert Hamerton
We utilize persuasion, skullduggery, and even force to subvert their institutions, to destroy their present culture.
"Black Man's Burden" by Dallas McCord Reynolds
From the days of John Hyrcanus, the influence of the Jewish rulers had been decidedly in favor of Hellenic culture.
"Oriental Women" by Edward Bagby Pollard

In poetry:

I thought of her handsome, smiling face,
Her noble and cultured brow,
Of her gentle ways, and charming grace;
I missed her less then than now.
"My Old Sweetheart" by Joseph Horatio Chant
quizzing ours, would Sherlock Holmes infer? Plainly,
ours is a sitting culture
in a generation which prefers comfort
(or is forced to prefer it)
"The Common Life" by W H Auden
One would have thought, that when he knew
The laws of God, and cultur'd men,
His mind would take a nobler view,
And light pursue, with eager ken.
"The Indian" by Thomas Frederick Young
And now, where spacious mansions stand,
Where grace and culture now reside,
There clasp'd the Indian brave the hand
Of his own war-won forest bride.
"Goderich" by Thomas Frederick Young
V was a vagabond Vulture
Who said: "I don't want to insult yer,
But when you intrude
Where in lone solitude
I'm a-preyin', you're no man o' culture!"
"Billy's Alphabetical Animal Show" by James Whitcomb Riley
Where once the painted warrior wrote
His thoughts in rudely pictur'd signs,
A cultur'd language now we quote,
And write and print, in graceful lines.
"Goderich" by Thomas Frederick Young

In news:

Culture minister directs scorn at helmers' 'spiritual anguish'.
Russian public film funding rules are likely to tighten after the country's recently appointed minister of culture said he was disinclined to pay for movies about the "spiritual anguish" of directors.
Matt Schaub And Five Other Cringeworthy Ear Injuries In Pop Culture.
Penmanship, cultural phrasing, and form of address can help to identify both the era and author.
Cultured cells are used extensively in research, manufacturing, and for therapeutic purposes.
Each year since 1985, one city has been named European Capital of Culture by the Council of Ministers of the European Community.
NYC-based cultural witticism from two Gawker alumni.
Harline, an acclaimed historian and author of A Bishop's Tale, adopts a brilliant day-in-the-life strategy to explore the history of the Christian Sabbath in various cultures and times.
IN 1990, Belgrade was a bustling worldly city, an oasis of cafes, culture and night life that formed the cultural center of the Balkans.
Combine the culture of checkbook journalism with the culture of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. And you get one of the biggest media scandals of all time.
Little is known about whether patients who develop Clostridium-difficile -associated diarrhoea (CDAD) are culture-positive or culture-negative before illness.
The cultural fabric of the country has evolved to include more colours , cultures and make them its own.
We will begin with a general comment on ' context ' and its meaning before exploring three particular factors that influence the practice context , namely, workplace culture, learning culture, and the physical environment.
Fri Mon–Thu 2 p.m.–3 p.m. Q is an energetic daily arts, culture and entertainment magazine that takes you on a smart and surprising ride, interviewing personalities and tackling the cultural issues that matter.
Current Mexican culture in the US is about 50 years behind current American culture.

In science:

Bentley, Drift as a mechanism for cultural change: an example from baby names, Proc.R.
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Ito is supported in part by Ministry of Eduation, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan.
Gluon scattering in ${\cal N}=4$ Super Yang-Mills at finite temperature
The joint use of scarce space by many people creates life in cities which is driven largely by micro-economic factors which are invariant over various cultures that tends to give cities similar structures.
Exploring Urban Environments By Random Walks
ACKNOW L EDGMENT The present study was supported in part by the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports, and Culture of Japan through a Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Priority Areas (Deepening and Expansion of Statistical Informatics) No.
Asymptotic Concentration Behaviors of Linear Combinations of Weight Distributions on Random Linear Code Ensemble
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Parallelism of quantum computations from prequantum classical statistical field theory (PCSFT)
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Existence of an infinite particle limit of stochastic ranking process
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Existence of an infinite particle limit of stochastic ranking process
Bikhchandani, S., Hirshleifer, D., Welch, I., 1992. A theory of fads, fashion, custom, and cultural change as informational cascades.
How to grow a bubble: A model of myopic adapting agents
The present project bene fits from a French culture developed in the IAS, Nice, Saclay and Meudon with some interaction with Themis.
Laboratory performances of the solar multichannel resonant scattering spectrometer prototype of the GOLF-New Generation instrument
Workshop of the Advanced School of Astronomy of the Ettore Majorana Centre for Scientific Culture, Erice, Italy, May 11-21, 1983, ed. C.
Effects of rotation on the evolution of primordial stars
This research is partially supported by the Special Coordination Fund for Promoting Science and Technology (GRAPE-DR pro ject), Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan.
Trojan Stars in the Galactic Center
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On tabulating virtual strings
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Homotopy invariants of Gauss phrases
His work is also supported by the Institut Interuniversitaire des Sciences Nucl´eaires, and by the Belgian Federal Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural Affairs through the Interuniversity Attraction Poles (IAP) P6/11.
A Pedestrian Introduction to the Mathematical Concepts of Quantum Physics
This research is partly supported by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology of Japan.
Hall Coefficient of Equilibrium Supercurrents Flowing inside Superconductors