crystal set


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n crystal set an early radio receiver using a crystal detector
    • ***


In literature:

From a golden vial the old man poured a precious essence into a little crystal cup, and set it before her mouth.
"The Old Man of the Mountain, The Lovecharm and Pietro of Abano" by Ludwig Tieck
The whole set of earrings, necklace, bracelets, rings, and everything, with all their crystallized drops and clusters!
"Theo" by Mrs. Frances Hodgson Burnett
It is only a little crystal pool set in ruddy granite with a few evergreens adorning its rocky shore.
"Wild Life on the Rockies" by Enos A. Mills
They were huge and prominent, a deep sea-blue set in pale crystal rims and black circles.
"Tales of Fishes" by Zane Grey
Radio receiving sets may be divided into two general classes, the "Crystal" sets and the "Bulb" sets.
"The Automobile Storage Battery" by O. A. Witte
When the fondants are set, crystalize in cold syrup.
"The Candy Maker's Guide" by Fletcher Manufacturing Company
In the letter on how to experiment you'll find details as to the construction of a crystal-detector set.
"Letters of a Radio-Engineer to His Son" by John Mills
It was made of emerald crystal, it had a little knob of glistening metal set in one side.
"Astounding Stories, July, 1931" by Various
Delicate meats were set before the dog, and water given it in a royal cup of Chinese crystal.
"The Brown Fairy Book" by Andrew Lang
The ponds are liquid crystals in narrow settings of pale gold.
"Old Plymouth Trails" by Winthrop Packard

In poetry:

Dog at the lamp-post wags its tail
'Cos the dirty legs are square
What little remains of the crystal set
Of dirty old Devil-May-Care.
"Devil May Not Care" by Billy Bennett
And here their fellows of the marsh are set,
Covering their sweetness with a crumpled skin;
Pomegranates next, flame-red without, and yet
With vegetable crystals stored within.
"A Basket of Summer Fruit" by Charles Harpur
O, lanely Blackhill! nae sun-picture can gi'e
Sae faithfu' a likeness as I ha'e o' thee:
It was ta'en whan the sun o' young memorie was bricht,
An' set in my heart in a crystal o' licht.
"Grannie's Tale: A Ballad o'Memorie" by Janet Hamilton
Dream-fair, beside dream waters, it stands alone:
A winging thought of Lugh made its corner stone:
A desire of his heart raised its walls on high,
And set its crystal windows to flaunt the sky.
"The Shadow House Of Lugh" by Anna Johnston MacManus
The winds were fresh, the days as clear
As crystals set in gold.
No shape, with prophet-mantle drear,
Thro' those old woods came drifting near,
To whisper in my wond'ring ear,
"The green earth waxeth old."
""The Earth Waxeth Old."" by Isabella Valancy Crawford
And then she spoke, while still his greeting kiss
Ached in her hair. She did not dare to lift
Her eyes to his—her anguished eyes to his,
While tears smote crystal in her throat. One rift
Of weakness humored might set all adrift.
"The Parting" by Madison Julius Cawein

In news:

The problem is different crystals are obtained using the same set ups.
STEVEN SPIELBERG/LUCASFILM Harrison Ford takes a breather on the set of "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull".
Crystal Ball set for Friday.
The setting is the Crystal Ball room at the Courtyard by Marriott's Ambassador Center.
Deep- frying turkey sets Crystal Lake garage on fire.
Crystal Bridges museum sets clothing lecture .
Local auctioneer, Doug Conrad, set the standard for pricing our china and crystal, and we are basing the antique linen prices on current table linen prices at Target.
The distillery has set the bar high with the Lalique Curiously Small Stills decanter, its fourth collaboration with the iconic French crystal house.
TRIMONT — The Martin County West Mavericks rebounded from a tough five-set loss to the Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial Knights last Thursday with a 25-12, 25-22, 25-15 Valley Conference volleyball wi.
It is usually grouped with other upgrades that include motion-smoothing technology and light-emitting diodes that are smaller, more energy efficient and display color contrast better than traditional liquid crystal display sets.
Comics have long been the province of superheroes and grand guignol set pieces, the province of derring-do, godlike powers and crystal-clear morality.
Make your first toast as man and wife with a set of crystal champagne flutes.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) set the 2012 season Wednesday, May 2, at the Commission meeting in Crystal River.
Alice Glass' demon-possessed stage presence has long helped set Crystal Castles apart from other fuzzy electronic pop duos.
Shoppers who recently visited two clothing retailers in the Crystal Mall in Waterford found out that another set of "electronic eyes" was peering up at them from under the changing room door.

In science:

For gl(m, n) and q(n), there is also a crystal structure on the set of words but it is more complicated to describe; in particular there may exist several highest weight vertices for a given connected component.
Conditioned one-way simple random walk and representation theory
For any standard ♦-tableau T , the set of words B♦(T ) defined in § 4.3 has the structure of a crystal graph isomorphic to the abstract crystal B♦(λ) where λ is the shape of T .
Conditioned one-way simple random walk and representation theory
The parameter ∆ is known as the crystal-field coupling and to fix the temperature scale we set J = 1 and kB = 1.
Universality aspects of the d=3 random-bond Blume-Capel model
Under this condition, the action of crystal operators in a Lusztig parametrization with respect to w0 adapted to Q may be described in terms of the category mod CQ, and the set Lw0 may be obtained .
On crystal operators in Lusztig's parametrizations and string cone defining inequalities
It is easy to see, by the definition of Kashiwara’s embedding, that the set E is the set of of moves of crystal operators ˜ei , i ∈ I in Kashiwara’s parametrization according to w0 .
On crystal operators in Lusztig's parametrizations and string cone defining inequalities