• WordNet 3.6
    • v crunch reduce to small pieces or particles by pounding or abrading "grind the spices in a mortar","mash the garlic"
    • v crunch make a crushing noise "his shoes were crunching on the gravel"
    • v crunch chew noisily "The children crunched the celery sticks"
    • v crunch press or grind with a crushing noise
    • n crunch the act of crushing
    • n crunch the sound of something crunching "he heard the crunch of footsteps on the gravel path"
    • n crunch a critical situation that arises because of a shortage (as a shortage of time or money or resources) "an end-of-the year crunch","a financial crunch"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Crunch To chew with force and noise; to craunch. "And their white tusks crunched o'er the whiter skull."
    • v. t Crunch To crush with the teeth; to chew with a grinding noise; to craunch; as, to crunch a biscuit.
    • Crunch To emit a grinding or craunching noise. "The crunching and ratting of the loose stones."
    • Crunch To grind or press with violence and noise. "The ship crunched through the ice."
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • crunch To crush with the teeth; chew with violence and noise: as, to crunch a biscuit; hence, to crush or grind violently and audibly in any other way.
    • crunch To chew.
    • crunch To act or proceed with a sound of crushing or crackling; produce a noise as from crunching anything.
    • n crunch The act of crunching; the act of penetrating, forcing a passage through, or pressing against anything with a crushing noise.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Crunch krunsh to crush with the teeth: to chew anything hard, and so make a noise
    • n Crunch the act of crunching
    • ***


Crunch time - When people, companies, etc, have to make an important decision that will have a considerable effect on their future, it is crunch time.


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Prob. of imitative origin; or cf. D. schransen, to eat heartily, or E. scrunch,


In literature:

Dragon is heard crunching.
"Three Wonder Plays" by Lady I. A. Gregory
He heard the crunch of his enemy's feet on the snow.
"And Thus He Came" by Cyrus Townsend Brady
I could hear them answering and crunching through the gravel to him.
"The Road" by Jack London
There followed a crunching grinding crash.
"The Meadow-Brook Girls Under Canvas" by Janet Aldridge
Although the vessel jerked, groaned, creaked and crunched, it did not move forward.
"Prince Jan, St. Bernard" by Forrestine C. Hooker
For an instant the crunch of shoes splintered the frosty air.
"The Silent Places" by Steward Edward White
Peeping above the snow he saw about fifty German infantrymen walk down the road toward the river, their heavy boots crunching in the snow.
"The Hosts of the Air" by Joseph A. Altsheler
The crunching of a piece of gravel under foot revealed my presence.
"The Green Eyes of Bâst" by Sax Rohmer
He crunched away down the path, his lantern bobbing as he went.
"Tramping on Life" by Harry Kemp
Brutus was there, quite near us, untied, peacefully crunching little tufts of broom.
"Parisian Points of View" by Ludovic Halévy
Yea, verily, while we have a heel to crunch with and a leg to grind it home.
"The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce, Volume 8" by Ambrose Bierce
Wheeling about in the foam, reddened with his blood, he crushed them as a tiger would crunch its prey.
"American Merchant Ships and Sailors" by Willis J. Abbot
And a great crawling, crunching collar of white sand and hermit-crabs all around it.
"Little Eve Edgarton" by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott
She cracked a pod; and fell to crunching merrily.
"The Poor Little Rich Girl" by Eleanor Gates
Her footsteps crunched the gravel, but her brother and sister slept in distant bedrooms and could hear nothing.
"The Honorable Miss" by L. T. Meade
But now I'll crunch it so that she'll only have the empty bag left!
"One of Life's Slaves" by Jonas Lauritz Idemil Lie
Still the expected crunch does not come, and the bus goes on.
"Humanly Speaking" by Samuel McChord Crothers
One sees running hither and thither a tall, thin child who nods to you saucily and crunches nuts like a squirrel.
"His Excellency the Minister" by Jules Claretie
A figure was coming up the front walk, the gravel crunching under foot.
"A Man's Woman" by Frank Norris
We felt an awful shock, and a crashing and crunching as if the ship had run against a great rock.
"Atlantis" by Gerhart Hauptmann

In poetry:

Arrived at her door, we left her
With a drippingly hurried adieu,
And our wheels went crunching the gravel
Of the oak-darkened avenue.
"An Ember Picture" by James Russell Lowell
Her face shines out in the embers;
I see her holding the light,
And hear the crunch of the gravel
And the sweep of the rain that night.
"An Ember Picture" by James Russell Lowell
They pilot up the sleet-lashed bay
With gunnels mantled white with snow;
On icebound rivers crunch their way
With hawsers strained across their tow.
"Harbor Tug" by Burt Franklin Jenness
At the hour I stepped outside the door
Not a soul could be seen on the street,
And through the forest darkness drifted forth
The crunching echo of my tramping feet.
"On Early Trains" by Boris Pasternak
We love raw flesh, its color and its stench.
We love to taste it in our hungry maws.
Are we to blame then, if your ribs should crunch,
Fragile between our massive, gentle paws?
"The Scythians" by Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok
Till I grew so strong that I strayed ere long
From my home of ice and chill;
With an eager heart and a merry song
I traveled the snows until
I heard the thaws in the ice-crag's jaws
Crunched with a hungry will;
"What The Wind Said" by James Whitcomb Riley

In news:

Expansion debt puts some DC theaters in a money crunch.
A severe budget crunch already has prompted the agency to close some post offices serving our area.
You can peruse the menu while crunching on free homemade corn tortilla chips served warm with a trio of fiery salsas.
Rangers defenseman Pavel Valentenko is crunched by Ottawa Senators right… (Dwulit/AP ).
Cell phone bill s are going up as a result of increased demand and a spectrum crunch that is limited the supply of wireless data bandwidth.
This is part three of a week-long series on the cell phone capacity crunch.
Picard has hat trick in Crunch's 5-2 win over Amerks.
Two seasons ago, when Syracuse Crunch forward Alexandre Picard was in his second year as a pro, the team missed the AHL playoffs.
A lot has happened for Picard and the Crunch since then, both good and bad.
0Like many areas across the country, Ben Hill County is facing a financial crunch.
Like many areas across the country, Ben Hill County is facing a financial crunch.
Graduation rites portend hotel crunch.
Business and the credit crunch.
When it comes to cooking everyone is on a crunch for time and the last thing anyone wants to do after a long day is spend a lot of time over the stove when you could be relaxing.
The health bill creates a massive cash crunch and then bankruptcies for many insurers.

In science:

FIG. 2: In the LQC evolution of models under consideration, the big bang and big crunch singularities are replaced by quantum bounces.
Singularity Resolution in Loop Quantum Cosmology: A Brief Overview
Since the big bang and the big crunch singularities are resolved the evolution undergoes cycles.
Singularity Resolution in Loop Quantum Cosmology: A Brief Overview
Again, quantum geometry effects become dominant creating an effective repulsive force which rises very quickly, overwhelms the classical gravitational attraction, and causes a bounce thereby resolving both the big bang and the big crunch singularities.
Singularity Resolution in Loop Quantum Cosmology: A Brief Overview
The big bang and the big crunch are naturally replaced by quantum bounces.
Singularity Resolution in Loop Quantum Cosmology: A Brief Overview
One is therefore led to take at least the qualitative findings seriously: Big bang is not the Beginning nor the big crunch the End.
Singularity Resolution in Loop Quantum Cosmology: A Brief Overview
Some 40 years later we have come to see that the big bang and the big crunch singularities are in fact resolved by quantum geometry effects.
Singularity Resolution in Loop Quantum Cosmology: A Brief Overview
We are using a coordinate system in which the big crunch occurs at t = 0; in other words, the time coordinate is negative during the ekpyrotic phase.
Ekpyrotic Non-Gaussianity -- A Review
It is a Kantowski-Sachs universe evolving from a Big Bang at R = Rb to a Big Crunch at R = Ri .
Anisotropic Kantowski-Sachs Universe from Gravitational Tunneling and its Observational Signatures
See for a different proposal. 2A negative scalar potential is also considered in [8, 9], in which the negative part of the potential is identified as big crunch before the big bang.
Ekpyrotic Reheating and Fate of Inflaton
Dynamical Passage through Singularities: Black Hole and Naked Singularity, Big Crunch and Big Bang (gr-qc/9704038, 1997).
Indeterministic Quantum Gravity and Cosmology XI. Quantum Measurement
We discuss the possibility of a transition from a contracting flat space – big crunch – to an expanding flat space – big bang.
From Big Crunch To Big Bang - Is It Possible?
Therefore, it is perhaps more intuitive to expect that there is future beyond the big crunch.
From Big Crunch To Big Bang - Is It Possible?
In other words, our space is characterized by the metric (4.7) with −∞ < t < ∞; i.e. time flows from minus infinity to plus infinity, and the singularity is a bridge from a big crunch to a big bang.
From Big Crunch To Big Bang - Is It Possible?
Thus, we see that the big bang and big crunch hypotheses are satisfied and that Dτ vanishes on the unique totally geodesic maximal slice.
On the foliation of space-time by constant mean curvature hypersurfaces
Some of these facilities will return data by the Tera- and PetaByte, so that improved capacity for number receiving, storing, processing, and crunching will also be vital.
Star Formation from Spitzer (Lyman) to Spitzer (Space Telescope) and Beyond