• WordNet 3.6
    • n crucible a vessel made of material that does not melt easily; used for high temperature chemical reactions
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Crucible A hollow place at the bottom of a furnace, to receive the melted metal.
    • Crucible A test of the most decisive kind; a severe trial; as, the crucible of affliction.
    • Crucible A vessel or melting pot, composed of some very refractory substance, as clay, graphite, platinum, and used for melting and calcining substances which require a strong degree of heat, as metals, ores, etc.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n crucible A vessel or melting-pot for chemical purposes, made of pure clay or other material, as black-lead, porcelain, platinum, silver, or iron, and so baked or tempered as to endure extreme heat without fusing. It is used for melting ores, metals, etc. Earthen crucibles are shaped upon a potter's wheel with the aid of a templet or molding-blade, or under pressure in a molding-press. Metallic crucibles, especially those of platinum, are chiefly used in chemical analyses and assays.
    • n crucible A hollow place at the bottom of a chemical furnace, for collecting the molten metal.
    • n crucible Figuratively, a severe or searching test: as, his probity was tried in the crucible of temptation.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Crucible krōō′si-bl an earthen pot for melting ores, metals, &c.
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  • Israel Zangwill
    Israel Zangwill
    “No... the real American has not yet arrived. He is only in the Crucible, I tell you -- he will be the fusion of all races, perhaps the coming superman.”
  • Anthony Robbins
    “Surmounting difficulty is the crucible that forms character.”
  • Israel Zangwill
    Israel Zangwill
    “America is God's Crucible, the great Melting-Pot where all the races of Europe are melting and re-forming!”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
LL. crucibulum, a hanging lamp, an earthen pot for melting metals (cf. OF. croisel, creuseul, sort of lamp, crucible, F. creuset, crucible), prob. of German origin; cf. OHG. krūsul, LG. krüsel, hanging lamp, kroos, kruus, mug, jug, jar, D. kroes, cup, crucible, Dan. kruus, Sw. krus, E. cruse,. It was confused with derivatives of L. crux, cross (cf. Crosslet), and crucibles were said to have been marked with a cross, to prevent the devil from marring the chemical operation. See Cruse, and cf. Cresset
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Low L. crucibulum, most prob. from L. crux.


In literature:

Put into a crucible two ounces of lead, and when it is melted, throw in an ounce of tin.
"The Cook and Housekeeper's Complete and Universal Dictionary; Including a System of Modern Cookery, in all Its Various Branches," by Mary Eaton
He put the crucible in among the coals, filled it from Sile's yellow heap, covered it, and began to work the bellows.
"Two Arrows" by William O. Stoddard
When Larry drew his crucible from the coals and poured the tiny glowing stream into his molds, Amalia cried out with joy.
"The Eye of Dread" by Payne Erskine
They were lowly people who came, but they had high visions; this whole land is a crucible of aspirations.
"In the Heart of a Fool" by William Allen White
Life, and thought, and brain, are but crucibles to smelt gold in.
"Daisy's Necklace" by Thomas Bailey Aldrich
It is not the search for the possible mysteries, or achievements of the crucible.
"The Brownings" by Lilian Whiting
However, that is a good starting-point, and with all the other elements in your crucible, it may come to something great very easily.
"The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson - Swanston Edition Vol. 25 (of 25)" by Robert Louis Stevenson
Crucibles are made of various forms, according to the operations they are intended to perform.
"Elements of Chemistry," by Antoine Lavoisier
Crucible wire is made in the same manner, except that the strands are wire throughout.
"Knots, Bends, Splices" by J. Netherclift Jutsum
Who likes to have himself, in his motives and deeds, put through the crucible of his narrow, prickly, stingy soul?
"Talkers" by John Bate

In poetry:

Though all the hopes of every race
Crumbled in one red crucible,
And melted, mingled into space,
Yet, Master, Thou wert merciful.
"The Last Prayer" by William Wilfred Campbell
She is the Phoeix, ever making true
The dim tradition of the misty morn.
The crucible of science gives anew
Her fairy form re-born.
"The Spirit Of Poetry" by George Essex Evans
That, o'er the crucible of pain,
Watches the tender eye of Love
The slow transmuting of the chain
Whose links are iron below to gold above!
"The Shadow And The Light" by John Greenleaf Whittier
And from the thorn it loves so well,
The oriole flings out its strong,
Sharp lay, wrought in the crucible
Of its flame-circled soul of song.
"The Blue Heron" by Maurice Thompson
'What's Beauty?' mused I; 'is it told
By synthesis? analysis?
Have you not made us lead of gold?
To feed your crucible, not sold
Our temple's sacred chalices?'
"Gold Egg: A Dream-Fantasy" by James Russell Lowell
You will be loved no less.
Spirit can build, make shift
with what there is, and press
pain to its mould; will lift
from your crucible of night
a form dripping with light.
"The Wound " by Gwen Harwood

In news:

And this July, The Crucible 's Fire Arts Festival, open-air celebration, promises an original opera.
As if it is not already hot enough in the Bay Area, the Crucible 's Fire Arts Festival is set to get underway this week.
Raw Look at Immigration Crucible .
JHHS thespians push envelope with Miller's 'The Crucible .
Conceived by the Crucible 's founder Michael Sturtz.
'Romeo and Juliet' burns with passion at Crucible .
VPR goes backstage with 'The Crucible '.
(Host) Arthur Miller's play "The Crucible " is set during the Salem witch trials in 1692.
He Crucible is not only Arthur Miller's most-produced play.
Patzer worked at Crucible before the company him laid off in 2009.
Thermal Ceramics, a division of the Morgan Crucible Co. England, has recently introduced a new product, K(R)-26 IFB.
Always a crucible of the best and worst in Germany, this small town has emerged a decade after the fall of the Berlin wall as a focus of national questioning and conflict.
The rarefied world of classical music is the setting and the intimate "perfect square" of a string quartet the crucible for.
FUSHUN, China — Some national heroes are born in the crucible of war.
Raleigh Little Theatre 's The Crucible serves as a dark mirror for our times.

In science:

Lateral dimension depends on the size of the crucible and the range of 15 cm is realistic.
Studies of Prototype CsI(Tl) Crystal Scintillators for Low-Energy Neutrino Experiments
Standard growth procedures such as flux-growth in open crucibles or the use of a floating zone image furnace would allow toxic vapors to escape into the lab and deplete the thallium in the reaction vessel by allowing it to sublime out in a colder part of the furnace.
Tl2Ba2CuO6+d Brings Spectroscopic Probes Deep Into the Overdoped Regime of the High-Tc Cuprates
Tl2O gas leaves the crucible, however slowly, the composition of the melt will be at best time-varying and at worst quickly devoid of thallium.
Tl2Ba2CuO6+d Brings Spectroscopic Probes Deep Into the Overdoped Regime of the High-Tc Cuprates
Mackenzie’s group, using a gold lid on their crucible as a barrier to diffusion, found they could only successfully obtain crystals within a 2◦C by 2 minute window [39, 40].
Tl2Ba2CuO6+d Brings Spectroscopic Probes Deep Into the Overdoped Regime of the High-Tc Cuprates
The crucible was sealed using a gold lid fixed in place with a 1 kg weight.
Tl2Ba2CuO6+d Brings Spectroscopic Probes Deep Into the Overdoped Regime of the High-Tc Cuprates