• WordNet 3.6
    • n crotchetiness a fussy and eccentric disposition
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Crotchetiness The state or character of being crotchety, or whimsical. "This belief in rightness is a kind of conscientiousness, and when it degenerates it becomes crotchetiness ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n crotchetiness The state or quality of being crotchety; the character of a crotcheteer.
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In literature:

Many of us with crotchety, sour dispositions and quick tempers sometimes have very hard work to be decent in our treatment of others.
"Pushing to the Front" by Orison Swett Marden
And she grows more crotchety and more exacting every day.
"From Place to Place" by Irvin S. Cobb
He was poor and crotchety, and as regards professional matters unsteady.
"Orley Farm" by Anthony Trollope
Capital chaps, but crotchety.
"Dick, Marjorie and Fidge" by G. E. Farrow
There was a crotchety old Civil War veteran, for instance, who lived "on the Mountain" and who was a reputed miser.
"The Return of Peter Grimm" by David Belasco
Like all radicals and reformers they had a fringe of unbalanced and crotchety folk.
"The Negro and the Nation" by George S. Merriam
And the whole scheme, you see, came from the crotchety brain of our friend, Mike Marble.
"Mike Marble" by Uncle Frank
He's very crotchety over some things.
"Girls of the Forest" by L. T. Meade
He would be crotchety at breakfast across his bacon.
"Chimney-Pot Papers" by Charles S. Brooks
Inside the house a crotchety old man and a lonely woman.
"Grey Town" by Gerald Baldwin
I am my own man now; but Cecily is crotchety, and must not be distressed.
"Hopes and Fears scenes from the life of a spinster" by Charlotte M. Yonge
In the flesh he had been a crabbed and crotchety ancient addicted to drink.
"The Belovéd Vagabond" by William J. Locke
Usually the gangling young Ed Bailey brought it over in the crotchety flivver.
"Rimrock Trail" by J. Allan Dunn
If a mind is not nobly inspired and strong, then the exercise of power makes it crotchety and dissimulative in contact with men.
"Diary from March 4, 1861, to November 12, 1862" by Adam Gurowski
This was a valuable but crotchety edition.
"An Introduction to Shakespeare" by H. N. MacCracken
The postscript looked crotchety.
"The Master of the Ceremonies" by George Manville Fenn
I should call them crotchety, Jane.
"Mrs. Halliburton's Troubles" by Mrs. Henry Wood
Unfortunately, many of these godly men were crotchety and unpractical.
"A Student's History of England, v. 2 (of 3)" by Samuel Rawson Gardiner
The crotchety bay mare was long gone to the bone yard.
"Local Color" by Irvin S. Cobb
And that crotchety old bore, Hertzen.
"Guilty Bonds" by William Le Queux

In poetry:

A sulky fifty-six, he finds
A change of mealtime utter hell,
Grown far too crotchety to like
A luxury hotel.
"On the Circuit" by W H Auden

In news:

John McCain's Increasing Crotchetiness Edition.
Real concern or early sign of becoming crotchety .
Welcome to Elk River, Minnesota, home of the Elks, a dozen lakes and one crotchety old miser named Ebenezer Scrooge.
The era of old, crotchety white male dominance may be coming to an end.
But it won't matter much until the women that replace them are allowed to get old and crotchety too.
Comes a time in every man's life when he must reckon with the fact that he's become old and crotchety.
Could be I'm getting crotchety in my old age.
I could be getting crotchety, but desserts have changed, and I'm not so sure I like it.
They are not, however, crotchety, like those in other "old men movies" say its stars and creators.
Ayn Rand , the GOP's crotchety, misanthropic little immigrant grandmother, is hot again.
Who cares what a few crotchety curmudgeons think.
At least 19 unfinished renovation projects currently reside within the crotchety old puzzle box of a house that I share with my wife, Keri.
Wizard ' was so crotchety back in the day that comedy writers Mike Schuster and Diane Bullock had to make two videos just to contain all of his hilarious put-downs and snide remarks directed towards his young sidekicks.
Thanks to a web forum, and one crotchety wonk , the architecture debate that won't die returns.