critical angle


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n critical angle the smallest angle of incidence for which light is totally reflected
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Critical angle (Optics) that angle of incidence of a luminous ray at which it is wholly reflected, and no portion of it transmitted. The sine of this angle is the reciprocal of the refractive index of the medium.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Critical angle the least angle of incidence at which a ray is totally reflected
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Gr. kritikoskrinein, to judge.


In literature:

With the aid of a hand-glass she critically studied her pink organdie from every angle.
"Missy" by Dana Gatlin
S. This was the last of our depots that was not marked at right angles to the route, and therefore the last critical point.
"The South Pole, Volumes 1 and 2" by Roald Amundsen
Criticism of Burke's theories can be made from at least two angles.
"Political Thought in England from Locke to Bentham" by Harold J. Laski
The first criticism, that of bending rods at a sharp angle, may be said to be of this nature.
"Some Mooted Questions in Reinforced Concrete Design" by Edward Godfrey
From both angles criticism reached him.
"Early Theories of Translation" by Flora Ross Amos
The explanation of this illusion on the simple basis of underestimation or overestimation of angles is open to criticism.
"Visual Illusions" by Matthew Luckiesh
Nothing happened till a critical angle was reached, which was roughly estimated to be about 33 deg.
"Life Movements in Plants, Volume II, 1919" by Sir Jagadis Chunder Bose
The critical angle for water is 48-1/2 degrees.
"Physics" by Willis Eugene Tower
The question is, is the critical angle really as high as Mr.
"The Theory and Practice of Model Aeroplaning" by V. E. Johnson

In news:

THE critics have weighed in from every conceivable angle, and the results seem to be unanimous.
IN EFFECT UNTIL OCT 26, 8:00 a.m. Vero Beach fisherman angling to protect critical seagrass habitat.
For the most part, Sen Harry Reid has avoided direct engagement with Republican challenger Sharron Angle and has left it to his campaign staff to fire off criticism or respond to attacks.
Police Chief Jon Steven Hasseldal said the ship had been tilting at an angle of 21.7 degrees, which is over what is considered a critical line of 20 degrees.

In science:

The second-order structure function D2 (θ) also shows a change of slope near the same critical angle (θ ∼ 6◦ ).
Statistics of Galactic Synchrotron and Dust Foregrounds: Spectra, PDFs and Higher-Order Moments
Therefore, we can interpret that the critical angle for stratified turbulence is ∼ L/z0 , instead of ∼ L/dmax Then, can we answer our earlier question of why the observed slope is shallower than that of Kolmogorov? Let us take a look at the right panel of Fig. 6.
Statistics of Galactic Synchrotron and Dust Foregrounds: Spectra, PDFs and Higher-Order Moments
As a result, the critical angle θc ∼ L/dmax will decrease.
Statistics of Galactic Synchrotron and Dust Foregrounds: Spectra, PDFs and Higher-Order Moments
Inset b: The upper critical field µ0Hc2 (sample #C, Tc ∼ 28 K), derived at the upper, middle point, and lower limits of the main resistive transition, is plotted as a function of the tilt angle θ at T = 20 K, where θ is the angle between the applied magnetic field (H ) and the crystallographic c-axis.
To What Extent Iron-Pnictide New Superconductors Have Been Clarified: A Progress Report
The idea here is that the geometrically induced choice of phases will correlate the value of the action at the critical points with the dihedral angles.
A Summary of the asymptotic analysis for the EPRL amplitude
Outside this energy range, the transparency is angular-dependent, and the analog of the total internal reflection (TIR) of light takes place when the angle of incidence exceeds some critical angle φTIR , which depends on the applied magnetic field.
Electronic properties of mesoscopic graphene structures: charge confinement and control of spin and charge transport
For fixed ¯k , ω2 , ω3 , one can also chose a path in the (K, ε) plane which crosses the critical line “at right angle”, i.e. faster, which improves the accuracy on the critical exponent.
Experimental Test of Universality of the Anderson Transition
In Figure 3, we show the escape and ionization fractions as a function of radial distance from the source, evaluated at the critical angle of θ ∼ 85◦ .
The Escape Fraction of Ionizing Radiation from Primordial Galaxies
Given this caveat, we find the agreement between our results and the critical angle calculation of Dove & Shull (1994) to be acceptable.
The Escape Fraction of Ionizing Radiation from Primordial Galaxies
Note that θ + φ = 90◦ , and that θc is the critical opening angle of the cone of escaping ionizing radiation, as defined in earlier sections.
The Escape Fraction of Ionizing Radiation from Primordial Galaxies
If tan θd = (no/ne )2 tan θi (the non-critical phase matching configuration), and the interaction length is short enough, the acceptance angle for diffraction-limited imaging can increase to almost 28◦ (i.e. an f/2 beam) to provide throughput comparable to that of a Fabry-Perot.
Classical Spectroscopy
Hence, deviation angles, impact parameter like Einstein radius or location of critical lines depend on the existence of ΩΛ .
Gravitational Lensing and Tests of the Cosmological Constant
This asymmetry allows to study the asymmetry in the azimuth distribution of muons under large zenith angles, where reconstruction for the rather ”thin” NT-96 is most critical. A sharp decrease of the muon intensity at zenith angles of 70◦ ÷ 90◦ is expected.
The Lake Baikal neutrino experiment: selected results
In addition, we consider the c-axis coherent critical current between two identical layered superconductors twisted an angle φ0 about the c-axis with respect to each other.
Theory of Coherent $c$-Axis Josephson Tunneling between Layered Superconductors
Even when the OP is isotropic, one expects a strong twist angle φ0 dependence of the Josephson critical current.
Theory of Coherent $c$-Axis Josephson Tunneling between Layered Superconductors