crime syndicate


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n crime syndicate a loose affiliation of gangsters in charge of organized criminal activities
    • ***


In news:

Bookies pay street taxes to the crime syndicate in exchange for being allowed to operate such a racket.
Godmothers rise among Naples crime syndicate .
As boss of Mumbai-based organized crime syndicate D-Company, reputedly oversees international drug trafficking, counterfeiting, weapons smuggling.
Mara Salvatrucha, Koreatown Gang, Is Now An International Crime Syndicate.
Ray Stevenson takes over as Frank Castle, who's been keen on killing crime syndicates ever since his wife and kids were murdered for witnessing a mob execution while picnicking several years earlier.
A European crime syndicate bribed Canadian soccer players to fix a semiprofessional game between Trois-Rivieres and Toronto teams as part of an international game-fixing scheme to make money from online bets, reports CBC news.
Imposes sanctions on Japan's Yakuza crime syndicate .
Chaos breeds profits The rise of organized crime syndicates flourished following the collapse of the communist system and frontier controls throughout most of the Balkan peninsula, resulting in lawlessness and civil conflict.
Three guys hit a bank in Wichita belonging to a crime syndicate.
According to a Sept 17 report from CNN, Italian authorities are investigating dozens of sunken ships, possibly containing toxic waste, that may have been submerged by a local crime syndicate.