• WordNet 3.6
    • n credulity tendency to believe readily
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Credulity Readiness of belief; a disposition to believe on slight evidence. "That implict credulity is the mark of a feeble mind will not be disputed."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n credulity A weak or ignorant disregard of the nature or strength of the evidence upon which a belief is founded; in general, a disposition, arising from weakness or ignorance, to believe too readily, especially impossible or absurd things.
    • n credulity Synonyms Fanaticism, Bigotry, etc.
    • n credulity See superstition.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • Credulity credulousness: disposition to believe on insufficient evidence
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  • Henry Ward Beecher
    “All ambitions are lawful except those that climb upward on the miseries or credulities of mankind.”
  • Calvin Coolidge
    “When people are bewildered they tend to become credulous.”
  • Tryon Edwards
    “Credulity is belief in slight evidence, with no evidence, or against evidence.”
  • Elizabeth Gaskell
    Elizabeth Gaskell
    “A little credulity helps one on through life very smoothly.”
  • Ralph B. Perry
    Ralph B. Perry
    “I prefer credulity to skepticism and cynicism for there is more promise in almost anything than in nothing at all.”
  • Bertrand Russell
    “Man is a credulous animal, and must believe something; in the absence of good grounds for belief, he will be satisfied with bad ones.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. credulitas, fr. credulus,: cf. F. crédulité,. See Credulous
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—Low L. credentia—L. credent-, believing, pr.p. of credĕre.


In literature:

I know but few less credulous than the relator, but he is no Sadducee.
"Welsh Folk-Lore a Collection of the Folk-Tales and Legends of North Wales" by Elias Owen
If the credulity of believers is great, what shall we say of the credulity of Messieurs the philosophers, the unbelievers?
"Continental Monthly , Vol. 5, No. 6, June, 1864" by Various
But the question is not to be settled by blasphemy on one side or credulity on the other.
"Real Ghost Stories" by William T. Stead
Yet, if he could have looked into my mind, how he would have laughed at his credulity!
"The Plum Tree" by David Graham Phillips
There is nothing too monstrous for human credulity.
"Gryll Grange" by Thomas Love Peacock
Why, credulous {youth}, dost thou vainly catch at the flying image?
"The Metamorphoses of Ovid" by Publius Ovidius Naso
One hallucination in particular took a strong hold on his credulity.
"The Short-story" by William Patterson Atkinson
There is time to escort this credulous wife to the place where they will soon bring her long-absent husband.
"Oswald Langdon" by Carson Jay Lee
Native superstition and facile credulity are easily imposed upon.
"The Philippine Islands" by John Foreman
The credulous old man finding Unga so well disposed towards his watchful clerk, restored the warehouse to her custody.
"Captain Canot" by Brantz Mayer
The officers found this out, and determined to play upon his credulity.
"Incidents of the War: Humorous, Pathetic, and Descriptive" by Alf Burnett
They are libels prompted by no hostile feelings at all, but adopted by mere blind spirit of credulity.
"The Posthumous Works of Thomas De Quincey, Vol. 1 (2 vols)" by Thomas De Quincey
She is so credulous that way naturally, and likes him so well, that she will believe it faster than I can persuade her.
"The Comedies of William Congreve Volume 1 [of 2]" by William Congreve
The credulous savages were tossed among doubts, suspicions, and fears.
"A Half Century of Conflict - Volume I" by Francis Parkman
No fiction was too monstrous for their all-devouring credulity.
"Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" by Charles Mackay
The roads, taverns, and the houses of the credulous were infested with them.
"A Modern History, From the Time of Luther to the Fall of Napoleon" by John Lord
The imperialists suddenly faced about, and soon dispersed their credulous and unfortunate enemies with the bayonet.
"Memoirs of the Private Life, Return, and Reign of Napoleon in 1815, Vol. II" by Pierre Antoine Edouard Fleury de Chaboulon
We speak of credulity as a mark of the uncivilized.
"Spontaneous Activity in Education" by Maria Montessori
"The Better Germany in War Time" by Harold Picton
It may be credulous to believe that Jehovah dictated the ten commandments.
"The Paliser case" by Edgar Saltus

In poetry:

At the altar of surrender,
I met you
in the hour of credulity.
How your misfortune came out clearly
to us at twenty.
"Homecoming" by Robert Lowell
O marvellous credulity of man!
If God indeed kept secret, couldst thou know
Or follow up the mighty Artisan
Unless He willed it so?
"Honours -- Part II." by Jean Ingelow
Where are the torments? Where is love? Alas!
For the unreturning days'
Sweet memory, and for the poor credulous
Shade, I find no lament, no tears.
"Under The Blue Skies..." by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
And with child-like, credulous affection
We behold their tender buds expand;
Emblems of our own great resurrection.
Emblems of the bright and better land.
"Voices Of The Night : Flowers" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Yet her credulous spirit the talisman pains,
Which she anxiously hides, with intent to destroy;
While she to prepare a rich recompence feigns,
For those, who may find this unfortunate toy.
"The Baya: Or The Indian Bird" by William Hayley
Still silent, Stranger? Thou who now and then
Touched the too credulous ear with pathos, canst not speak?
Hast lost thy ready skill of tongue and pen?
What, Jester! Tears upon that painted cheek?
"On William Francis Bartlett" by Francis Bret Harte

In news:

How disappointing to see one of MoJo's own being so credulous.
Hydro's explanation of smart meter fire strains credulity .
The limits of credulity .
The Media's Remarkably Credulous Reaction to the GOP's New "Moderation".
The Washington Post's Overly- Credulous Take on Boehner.
Congress is always too deferential, too credulous and too timid to check a strong president in wartime.
It seems the credulous will believe the incredible.
The question of how Alvin Greene, a discharged Army soldier living with his dad, won a major US senatorial primary tests South Carolina's bounds of credulity.
Those words are credible, creditable and credulous.
That kind of timeline strains credulity, a full five weeks from now.
I had to read this Fortune story a couple of times to make sure it was really as credulous as I thought it was.
Contrary to what some credulous news reports have indicated, the Obama campaign does not seem tremendously confident about beating Mitt Romney next fall.
Maybe it was the advance, much-retweeted meme that screamed with credulity Apple's intentions to use its annual WWDC to announce a re-vamp of its entire product line.
But, according to a May Gallup poll, the gap between the dire importance of the European debt crisis and the 16 percent of Americans following the story "very closely" strains credulity.
The Media's Remarkably Credulous Reaction to the GOP's New " Moderation ".

In science:

It stretches credulity to breaking point, to believe that saving and consumption behaviour is ultimately defined by the microeconomic production functions of commercial companies.
The Bowley Ratio
Alas this lesson app ears to have been forgotten, and multiquark models that did not consider fall-apart into the KN continuum were accepted as justi fication for the existence of such states wi th undue credulity.
HADRON05 Summary: Heavy Quark Hadrons and Theory
Given the upper and lower bounds for the stable extension problem it is easy to settle the complexity of the credulous and skeptical reasoning problem.
Complexity of Non-Monotonic Logics
Further, define the credulous (resp. skeptical) reasoning problem for default logic over relations from S as the problem to decide, given a default theory (W, D) over relations from S and a set ϕ of applications of relations from S , whether ϕ is contained in at least one (resp. any) stable extension of (W, D).
Complexity of Non-Monotonic Logics
Hence, the expansion existence problem, the credulous reasoning problem and the skeptical reasoning problem arise just as in default logic.
Complexity of Non-Monotonic Logics
To extend this idea to the credulous and skeptical reasoning problem, one still needs to define a consequence relation |=L that, given Σ ⊆ Lae and a Σ-full set Λ implies exactly those formulae contained in the stable expansion corresponding to Λ.
Complexity of Non-Monotonic Logics
However, since I doubt that my reader’s credulity would extend to the case of a sentient dead cat, I will alter the story somewhat, so that the two possibilities for the cat correspond to being in two different positions, rather than to life or death.
Does Schrodinger's Cat Know Something That Schrodinger Does Not Know?