• WordNet 3.6
    • v crap have a bowel movement "The dog had made in the flower beds"
    • n crap obscene words for unacceptable behavior "I put up with a lot of bullshit from that jerk","what he said was mostly bull"
    • n crap obscene terms for feces
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Scatologists are experts who study feces. (aka. crap, dung, dookie, dumps, feces, excrement, etc.)
    • Crap In the game of craps, a first throw of the dice in which the total is two, three, or twelve, in which case the caster loses. Also called craps.
    • Crap nonsense; balderdash; bullshit; -- also used as an expletive.
    • Crap same as excrement and feces.
    • ***
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Here are the odds of rolling various combinations with two dice in a game of Craps:
    • n crap The highest part or top of anything.
    • n crap The crop or craw of a fowl: used ludicrously for a man's stomach.
    • n crap A crop of grain.
    • crap To raise a crop.
    • n crap Darnel.
    • n crap Buckwheat.
    • n crap A throw with dice; especially, a losing cast in the game of craps, when the total of pips on the two dice is 2, 3, or 12. See craps.
    • ***


  • Ken Livingstone
    Ken Livingstone
    “What a squalid and irresponsible little profession it is. Nothing prepares you for how bad Fleet Street really is until it craps on you from a great height.”
  • Chris O'Donnell
    Chris O'Donnell
    “Next Big Thing -- you hear all that crap. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't psyched.”
  • Theodore Sturgeon
    Theodore Sturgeon
    “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”


In literature:

I misdoubts ef ye hev hunted a day since the craps war laid by, or hev got a pound o' jerked venison stored up fer winter.
"The Christmas Miracle" by Charles Egbert Craddock (AKA Mary Noailles Murfree)
Sher'ff kem ter his house 'bout a jedgmint debt, an' levied on his craps.
"The Riddle Of The Rocks" by Charles Egbert Craddock (AKA Mary Noailles Murfree)
But I've allers noticed a man's heredity for no-countness craps out after he's married.
"The Bishop of Cottontown" by John Trotwood Moore
At that moment a stir recurred amongst the "crap-shooters" under one of the windows, and the Englishman looked round.
"The Heart of Unaga" by Ridgwell Cullum
When I came out, Brother Wolf says, says he: 'Brother Rabbit, how are your craps?
"Little Mr. Thimblefinger and His Queer Country" by Joel Chandler Harris
There's roulette and craps, too, but it's mostly the women who go after them.
"The Fifth Ace" by Douglas Grant
I haven't had time to tell Maragon the boys on the Crap Patrol were wrong.
"Card Trick" by Walter Bupp AKA Randall Garrett
The group about the crap table thinned out.
"Lady Luck" by Hugh Wiley
Some seasons der craps 'ud be good, en some seasons dey'd be bad.
"Nights With Uncle Remus" by Joel Chandler Harris
No, nor no craps and no cards.
"The Flaming Jewel" by Robert W. Chambers
Jakey here and I've been entertaining ourselves with a game of craps.
"Penny of Top Hill Trail" by Belle Kanaris Maniates
Then he crapped out and the dice moved on.
"Deathworld" by Harry Harrison
In twenty minutes Sam borrowed a stack from Sandy's steadily accumulating winnings and departed for the craps table.
"Rimrock Trail" by J. Allan Dunn
He's bad, that man, gamblin' an' shootin' craps an' workin' the banks.
"The River Prophet" by Raymond S. Spears
There was a crap game every night at the O'Connor stable.
"Old Man Curry" by Charles E. (Charles Emmett) Van Loan
I'll shoot craps with him.
"Whispering Smith" by Frank H. Spearman
We ain't done nuffin' but sit here an' play craps.
"Philo Gubb Correspondence-School Detective" by Ellis Parker Butler
The Kid and me stood watchin' him the first time he worked, with our eyes and mouths as open as a mobile crap tourney.
"Kid Scanlan" by H. C. Witwer
It was "craps," I had played it with Sam and the gang.
"The Harbor" by Ernest Poole
That's how Maragon found me, unconsciously tipping dice in an alley crap game.
"The Right Time" by Walter Bupp

In poetry:

"O' yer wee bit brod I was little the waur,
I crap awa my lane;
An' never a deevil cam ye nar,
'Cep ye coont yer Johnnie ane!"
"The Twa Gordons" by George MacDonald
The nicht was lown; the stars sae still
War glintin doon the sky;
The souls crap oot o' their mooly graves,
A' dank wi' lyin by.
"Halloween" by George MacDonald
Gloaming, fast wi' mirky shadow
Crap owre distant hill and plain;
Darken'd wood, and glen, and meadow,
Adding fearfu' thoughts to pain!
"The Waes O' War : Or The Upshot Of The History O' Will And Jean. In Four Parts" by Hector MacNeill
Though I suspect the term is crap,
There is a Generation Gap,
Who is to blame? Those, old or young,
Who will not learn their Mother-Tongue.
"Doggerel" by W H Auden
"The craps had fail'd for towmonds twa;
The meal was dear, an' next to nane
For luve or siller cou'd ye get,
Tho' owre braid Scotlan' ye had gane.
"Grannie's Crack Aboot The Famine In Auld Scotlan' In 1739-40" by Janet Hamilton
If like me, you too fall in this trap,
Hold the wine and cup upon your lap.
We are the lovers, burning our tracks,
Join us, if you can put up with the crap.
"Rubaiyat 42" by Shams al-Din Hafiz

In news:

But she's full of crap, it happened.
Riot Fest is in one week, and holy crap, I am actually bummed that I'm going to be out of town for it.
October 24 , 2012: Don't give me that Goddess Minerva crap.
Speechless is a common word used in situations where you just think to yourself HOLY CRAP.
If you dont know them you don't know crap.
With all the terrible pop crap that is crammed down kids throats, I've been given hope for the future.
Holy Crap that chick in red is rocking out.
I'm not a big political kind of guy I really don't have any interest in all the "He's a big Liberal so-and-so" or "She's so right wing " crap.
This guys steps it up and my guess is that the driver just about crapped his pants.
The Cheesiest Patriotic Products for the Fourth of July Enjoy your freedom to buy total crap By David Kiefaber.
CRAP I saw one game on channel 21 now nothing.
Tonight at 7, the crew at Perch Pub (1345 Locust St, second floor) is simul-tapping two pumpkin brews with the devious goal of kicking the crap out of both kegs.
Never trust anything that bleeds for seven days and doesn't die because that crap just ain't right.
Or some flowery crap like that.
But, after doing a big ping-pong tournament in Vegas, he decided to lock himself in a room with the ultimate slow-mo cam -- something called a Phantom Flex -- and tape himself breaking crap and spraying water everywhere.

In science:

It’s God’s will that he is alive at all. A big tree fell on him as he passed by, and after a long spell in the hospital he returned from the dead. God brought him back so he could write eloquently to tell us all what a bunch of crap this kind of thinking is.
Book review of SUPERSTITION by Robert Park
In his famous review of the book , Martin Gardner ridiculed the FAP by quoting the last two sentences of the book, which he characterized as representing the Completely Ridiculous Anthropic Principle (CRAP).
Editorial note to "Large number coincidences and the anthropic principle in cosmology"
The right perspective we have here in mind is the one usually adopted in a typical gambling with dice at the casino, for instance in the game known as craps.
Quantum dice
So, what are we actually measuring here? Here again, we must adopt the viewpoint of the casino, for instance in a typical craps dice game.
Quantum dice