• WordNet 3.6
    • v counterbalance oppose and mitigate the effects of by contrary actions "This will counteract the foolish actions of my colleagues"
    • v counterbalance contrast with equal weight or force
    • v counterbalance adjust for "engineers will work to correct the effects or air resistance"
    • n counterbalance a weight that balances another weight
    • n counterbalance a compensating equivalent
    • n counterbalance equality of distribution
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • n Counterbalance A weight, power, or agency, acting against or balancing another "Money is the counterbalance to all other things purchasable by it."
    • v. t Counterbalance To oppose with an equal weight or power; to counteract the power or effect of; to countervail; to equiponderate; to balance. "The remaining air was not able to counterbalance the mercurial cylinder.""The study of mind is necessary to counterbalance and correct the influence of the study of nature."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • counterbalance To weigh against with an equal weight; act against with equal power or effect; countervail; serve as a counterpoise to; offset; make up for.
    • n counterbalance Equal weight, power, or influence acting in opposition to anything.
    • n counterbalance In mech., a weight used to balance the vibrating parts of machinery upon their axis, so as to cause them to turn freely and to require little power to set them in motion; also, a weight by which a lever acted upon by an intermitting force is returned to its position, as in the case of the beam of a single-acting steam-engine; a counterpoise.
    • n counterbalance In elevators, a weight suspended on a rope which is attached to the car and passes over a pulley at the top of the elevator-shaft. The weight is usually heavier than the car, so as to allow for the average load.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Counterbalance to balance by weight on the opposite side: to act against with equal weight, power, or influence
    • ns Counterbalance an equal weight, power, or agency working in opposition
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  • Marquis De Vauvenargues
    “Clarity is the counterbalance of profound thoughts.”


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
Fr.,—L. contra, against.


In literature:

There are some very heavy bells on the topmost towers, to counterbalance the deviation.
"Fair Italy, the Riviera and Monte Carlo" by W. Cope Devereux
They did not counterbalance it; sorrow was more weighty than joy, and far more durable.
"The Prodigal Returns" by Lilian Staveley
His mouth is really too handsome for a man, but his chin is firm enough to counterbalance that.
"Against Odds" by Lawrence L. Lynch
Are there no contingencies that more than counterbalance his swiftness?
"Old Groans and New Songs" by F. C. Jennings
Gladness and sorrow counterbalance each other too surely.
"Marion Fay" by Anthony Trollope
Otherwise the King must rest firm in his alliance with Cleves, to counterbalance them.
"The Fifth Queen" by Ford Madox Ford
What vessels do the lymphatics counterbalance in action?
"A Treatise on Anatomy, Physiology, and Hygiene (Revised Edition)" by Calvin Cutter
Thus the upward stroke did not simply counterbalance the downward and keep him stationary.
"Jimbo" by Algernon Blackwood
To have her acquaintance with the Tilneys end so soon was an evil which nothing could counterbalance.
"The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of Jane Austen" by Jane Austen
But, on the whole, we do little of the last, and not in the least enough to counterbalance the immense advantages of the system.
"The Redskins; or, Indian and Injin, Volume 1." by James Fenimore Cooper
After all, there were great stretches of honesty and high purpose to counterbalance the squalid jobs and tricks.
"British Supremacy & Canadian Self-Government" by J. L. Morison
Counterbalance chains for the winding engines are used in the collieries of the Midland districts of England.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 6, Slice 5" by Various
One momentous reason more than counterbalances all these considerations put together.
"The Intellectual Life" by =Philip Gilbert Hamerton
The metal tongue came out of its slot permitting the counterbalance to swing the trap door upward.
"The Caves of Fear" by John Blaine
Mind, directing the mechanism, forms the counterbalance to the infinite power of the opposing forces.
"Toilers of the Sea" by Victor Hugo
The representatives of Byzantium could no longer counterbalance him.
"A Struggle for Rome, v. 3" by Felix Dahn
Which counterbalance lay in an unswerving sense of self-respect.
"Renshaw Fanning's Quest" by Bertram Mitford
For small work, however, the facility with which a spirit lamp may be lighted may more than counterbalance these disadvantages at times.
"A Handbook of Laboratory Glass-Blowing" by Bernard D. Bolas
There was nothing to counterbalance the terrors of childhood in Hagworth Street.
"Carnival" by Compton Mackenzie
The voice of the warriors constituted a counterbalance, or species of second estate.
"An Address, Delivered Before the Was-ah Ho-de-no-son-ne or New Confederacy of the Iroquois" by Henry R. Schoolcraft

In poetry:

And then to counterbalance what you give
Thus all unwittingly, I smile or frown,
Am thoughtful, mirthful, grave or sunny-eyed
To meet your mood and help you best to live.
In me, all women to your wish bow down.
In you, all men at my desire abide.
"Love Sonnet XLII" by Zora Bernice May Cross

In news:

American Crane offers Detachable Vacuum Lifting Systems that can turn Cargo and Counterbalance Trucks into Vacuum Lifters.
OPW Engineered Systems, a division of OPW Fluid Transfer Group, announces the availability of its new 890 Series "High Load" counterbalance .
This extension of OPW's counterbalance product line has been designed for loading arms that are required to handle extremely heavy loads.
Uptown Stroll offers "Art in Action" at Counterbalance Park.
Yesterday, the Uptown Stroll took over Counterbalance Park at the bottom of the hill.
Week Three – Counterbalance Park.
Brooklyn's Sharon Van Etten will provide a folksy counterbalance to the hard rock assault of Friday night's headlining set from Black Sabbath.
"The manipulators precisely counterbalance heavy loads, says Sigco operations manager Jason Tardiff, "allowing one operator to effortlessly suspend, rotate, tilt and transfer product.
Vibrant performances amid well-chosen real-life locations counterbalance plotting deficiencies in this likeable Indian indie.
The card has filigrees and curlicues to counterbalance the crispness of the number and suit.
A large metal strap similar to a hose clamp holds the sensor and counterbalance weight in place.
A counterbalance to the slug -it-out world.
In the church's view, unions are both an expression of workers' associative rights and an indispensable counterbalance to employer power.
However, if the party can't muster the votes from their own side to counterbalance the maverick voters on the other then they are in trouble anyway.

In science:

They have masses m1 and m2 and they need a strut between them to counterbalance gravitation.
Closed timelike curves in general relativity
When µRW is equal to the lattice connectivity constant (e.g., 4 for the square lattice Z2 ), the corresponding term exactly counterbalances the exponential growth of the number of con figurations.
Conformal Random Geometry
Looking at the equation (31), one can see that stochastic effects due to the noise term counterbalance the u(1 − u) creation term when u is of order 1/N .
Survival probability of the branching random walk killed below a linear boundary
This contribution will therefore counterbalance the effect of the NS1, NS5 branes for which the energies were linearly proportional to R.
The quantum structure of black holes
Both points are consistent with earlier models cited in § 1, but it remained the concern that the increase of Y accompanying any increase of Z would counterbalance the shift.
The Hubble Constant: A Summary of the HST Program for the Luminosity Calibration of Type Ia Supernovae by Means of Cepheids
This magnetic flux in turn provides the repulsive force necessary to counterbalance the attractive force between the brane and the anti-brane, giving a static configuration of such unstable systems.
Non-SUSY $p$-branes, bubbles and tubular branes
However, for larger tan β the b → sγ -constraint excludes a larger part of the mSUGRA parameter space, and this counterbalances the preference of Mh and aµ for larger tan β .
The Muon Magnetic Moment and Supersymmetry
If a force F is applied at the apex of a cone supported on a frame, C⊥ (s) is the distribution of forces on the rim of this frame needed to counterbalance it.
How paper folds: bending with local constraints
To counterbalance the weight of the sheet an external force Fext in the z-direction has to be applied (see Fig. 1).
How paper folds: bending with local constraints
PERM (pruned-enriched Rosenbluth method) [42, 43] improve the procedure considerably by utilizing the counterbalance between Rosenbluth weight and Boltzmann probability.
Scaling behavior of self-avoiding walks on percolation clusters
Due to the ability to counterbalance gravity globally and to provoke gravitational collapse locally turbulence is expected to have a strong impact on the shape of the stellar Initial Mass Function (IMF).
Numerical and semi-analytic core mass distributions in supersonic isothermal turbulence
Hence there is an infinite potential barrier at ρ = 0 for test particles with non-vanishing angular momentum Lz , i.e. these test particles can never reach the string axis at ρ = 0 since their is no force to counterbalance the repulsive centrifugal force.
Detection of cosmic superstrings by geodesic test particle motion
Our work in Section 4 (as well as the work in [29, 30]) counterbalances this concern by starting with an intrinsically defined function algebra and identifying it as a SchurAgler class.
Test functions, Schur-Agler classes and transfer-function realizations: the matrix-valued setting
The main aim of this article was to begin to counterbalance this into the direction of certain stochastic arrangements of scatterers, and to random tiling arrangements in particular.
Diffraction of random tilings: some rigorous results
It is energetic enough to counterbalance gravity on global scales, but at the same time it may provoke local collapse on small scales.
Modest-2: A Summary