• WordNet 3.6
    • adj corruptible capable of being corrupted "corruptible judges","dishonest politicians","a purchasable senator","a venal police officer"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The name Santa Claus is a corruption of the Dutch dialect name for Saint Nicholas Sint Klass.
    • Corruptible Capable of being corrupted, or morally vitiated; susceptible of depravation. "They systematically corrupt very corruptible race."
    • Corruptible Capable of being made corrupt; subject to decay. "Our corruptible bodies.""Ye were not redeemed with corruptible things, as silver and gold."
    • n Corruptible That which may decay and perish; the human body.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: The Virginia Code (1930) has a statute: "To prohibit corrupt practices or bribery by any person other than candidates."
    • corruptible That may be corrupted; subject to decay, putrefaction, or destruction: as, this corruptible body.
    • corruptible That may be contaminated or vitiated in qualities or principles; susceptible of being depraved, tainted, or changed for the worse: as, manners are corruptible by evil example.
    • corruptible Open to bribing; susceptible of being bribed: as, corruptible voters.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • adj Corruptible liable to be corrupted
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  • Friedrich Nietzsche
    “The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.”
  • Edmund Burke
    “Among a people generally corrupt, liberty cannot long exist.”
  • Karl Kraus
    “Corruption is worse than prostitution. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual, the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country.”
  • John Lyly
    John Lyly
    “The sun shineth upon the dunghill, and is not corrupted.”
  • Bess Myerson
    Bess Myerson
    “The accomplice to the crime of corruption is frequently our own indifference.”
  • Alexander Pope
    “Blest paper-credit! last and best supply! That lends corruption lighter wings to fly!”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. corruptibilis,: cf. F. corruptible,
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. cor, inten., and rumpĕre, ruptum, to break.


In literature:

This is to prevent mingled, corrupt, and unclean spices and potions from being sold.
"Our Legal Heritage, 5th Ed." by S. A. Reilly
Evil communications corrupt good manners.
"Searchlights on Health" by B. G. Jefferis and J. L. Nichols
The light of the Gospel seemed to have been quenched beneath the seething tide of Papal corruption.
"Sketches of the Covenanters" by J. C. McFeeters
There is the corruption which comes from drunkenness and from lust.
"Expositions of Holy Scripture: Romans Corinthians (To II Corinthians, Chap. V)" by Alexander Maclaren
So corruption spreads, and heathenism is blacker by our contact.
"Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 1 (of 6)" by Havelock Ellis
But in all the text is exceedingly corrupt, and translation is often no more than a guess.
"The Worlds Greatest Books, Volume XIII." by Various
It says that I act unjustly in corrupting the youth.
"Apology, Crito, and Phaedo of Socrates" by Plato
Their politics are corrupt, and their powerful men make money in disgraceful ways.
"The Problem of China" by Bertrand Russell
It is only destructive to corruption, which is deadly and destructive to the soul.
"The Divine Right of Church Government" by Sundry Ministers Of Christ Within The City Of London
It corrupted the manufacturer and the merchant.
"Brave Men and Women" by O.E. Fuller

In poetry:

I wish it were spring, thundering
delicate, tender spring.
I wish these brittle, frost-lovely flowers of passionate, mysterious corruption
were not yet to come still more from the still-flickering discontent.
"Craving For Spring" by D H Lawrence
So perish all thine enemies, O Lord.
So, mighty God! shall perish all who seek
Corrupted pleasures in the turbid waves
Of life's polluted stream, and madly quit
The living fountain of perennial grace!
"Belshazzar. A Sacred Drama" by Hannah More
Oh ! where is the hand never backward in bringing
Relief to the wretch — to the traveller rest ? —
Perhaps round those fingers the earth-worm is clinging,
And Corruption has fix'd her abode on that breast.
"Stanzas, On the Death of a Young Lady" by Mary Anne Browne
And you also follow him 'neath Phrygian pine shade:
Thyrsis and Daphnis upon whittled reeds,
And how ten sins can corrupt young maidens;
Kids for a bribe and pressed udders,
Happy selling poor loves for cheap apples.
"Homage To Sextus Propertius - XII" by Ezra Pound
And when thy melted maid,
Corrupted by thy lover's gold and page,
His letter at thy pillow hath laid,
Disputed it, and tamed thy rage,
And thou begin'st to thaw towards him, for this,
May my name step in, and hide his.
"A Valediction of my Name in the Window" by John Donne
Our treasures moth and rust corrupt,
Or thieves break through and steal, or they
Make themselves wings and fly away.
One man made merry as he supped,
Nor guessed how when that night grew dim,
His soul would be required of him.
"A Testimony" by Christina Georgina Rossetti

In news:

Startup electric car co mpany accuses Energy Department of corruption.
Jurors in Kwame Kilpatrick's public corruption trial heard testimony today that the ex-mayor used - 2:13 pm.
Conflicted Chron buries the lead in city corruption case.
Mayor Ed Lee arrives at court for a city corruption case in which he is a witness.
Republican Sen James Inhofe says the GSA is a likely home for corruption.
Culture of Corruption Alleged at IDJC.
Victor Mercado, 61, one of four defendants in the federal public corruption trial, has just pleaded - 10:53 am.
A businessman arrested two weeks ago along with Trenton Mayor Tony Mack in a corruption investigation is now being represented by a private attorney instead of a public defender.
India's Central Bureau of Investigation will look into the so-called "Coalgate scam," under pressure from Anna Hazare's anti-corruption squad.
Government incompetence and corruption encourage the arsonists.
Corruption and economic downturn causing unrest.
Will corruption kill off Kenya's Vision 2030 plans.
Konza City is an example of the modern country Kenya hopes to project – but will the old forces of corruption sabotage the great leap forward.
For decades Rio de Janeiro's favelas, or slums, have been lawless enclaves controlled by gangsters and corrupt police.
The country has come far, but should now turn to combating corruption.

In science:

Definition 3 (Adversary Structure) An adversary structure Z for the player set P is a col lection of plausible sets of players which can be corrupted by the adversary.
A New Look at Composition of Authenticated Byzantine Generals
Here, ((x),(y)) represents a single element of the adversary basis such that the adversary can Byzantine corrupt x and y in the first and second parallel execution, respectively.
A New Look at Composition of Authenticated Byzantine Generals
Further, in E1 , ¯A corrupts A, interacts with B as if A started with input value 0 and interacts with C as if A started with input value 1.
A New Look at Composition of Authenticated Byzantine Generals
Let i and j , (i 6= j ), be two non-faulty players (honest or passively corrupt but not Byzantine faulty) in execution E ′ l of Π2 .
A New Look at Composition of Authenticated Byzantine Generals
Gupta et al. studied (stand alone) ABG in the presence of a mixed adversary that can corrupt up to any tb players actively and up to another tp players passively (dubbed as (tb ,tp )-adversary).
A New Look at Composition of Authenticated Byzantine Generals