• WordNet 3.6
    • v corrugate fold into ridges "corrugate iron"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • v. t Corrugate To form or shape into wrinkles or folds, or alternate ridges and grooves, as by drawing, contraction, pressure, bending, or otherwise; to wrinkle; to purse up; as, to corrugate plates of iron; to corrugate the forehead.
    • a Corrugate Wrinkled; crumpled; furrowed; contracted into ridges and furrows.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • corrugate To wrinkle; draw or contract into folds; pucker: as, to corrugate the skin; to corrugate iron plates for use in building.
    • corrugate Wrinkled; contracted; puckered.
    • corrugate In zoology and botany, having a wrinkled appearance: applied to a surface closely covered with parallel and generally curved or wavy sharp ridges which are separated by deep and often depressed lines.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • v.t Corrugate kor′oo-gāt to wrinkle or draw into folds
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. corrugatus, p. p. of corrugare,; cor-+ rugare, to wrinkle, ruga, wrinkle; of uncertain origin
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. cor, inten., rugāre, -ātum, to wrinkle—ruga, a wrinkle.


In literature:

The interior of the corrugated iron house in which he lived, for instance, was bachelor from A to Z.
"IT and Other Stories" by Gouverneur Morris
In some species the cells were indicated by distinct sutures, forming a rough or corrugated fruit.
"Tomato Culture: A Practical Treatise on the Tomato" by William Warner Tracy
But there is a patch of corrugated iron by the Eashing cottages and bridge which calls for a Society of Destroyers.
"Highways and Byways in Surrey" by Eric Parker
Seed large, two to four-lobed, cotyledons corrugated, oily, without endosperm.
"The Pecan and its Culture" by H. Harold Hume
The roofs are sheets of corrugated iron with three or four rows of sandbags piled about four feet high.
"The Red Watch" by J. A. Currie
The light lines across his forehead were showing as furrows, and Tims's whole face was corrugated.
"The Invader" by Margaret L. Woods
His brow was corrugated with anxiety.
"Anderson Crow, Detective" by George Barr McCutcheon
The roof is corrugated iron.
"A Padre in France" by George A. Birmingham
New india rubber shoes with corrugated soles are also good to wear when climbing on the roof.
"Shelters, Shacks and Shanties" by D.C. Beard
The doors of these shops are corrugated iron and are raised up like the cover of a roll-top desk.
"Birdseye Views of Far Lands" by James T. Nichols
The Schaeffer-Budenberg gauge depends for its action on the elasticity of a thin corrugated metal plate, on one side of which steam presses.
"How it Works" by Archibald Williams
The sides and roof were of corrugated iron.
"The Radio Boys with the Revenue Guards" by Gerald Breckenridge
He could just see a corrugated edge covered with blood.
"Shaman" by Robert Shea
The shaggy eyebrows were parted by deep clefts, the dark corrugations of frowning.
"The Missourian" by Eugene P. (Eugene Percy) Lyle
And the nose is one mass of humoursome corrugations.
"An Ocean Tramp" by William McFee
The body has a "corrugated" or "shriveled" appearance.
"Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises of the Western North Atlantic" by Stephen Leatherwood
It looked substantial and solemn enough, under its sober sheeting of corrugated iron.
"The Man Who Couldn't Sleep" by Arthur Stringer
But his brow was corrugated in a frown of discontent, and his pale blue eyes were almost truculent.
"The Tempering" by Charles Neville Buck
Puerto Frio sits back of its harbor, a medley of corrugated iron roofs, adobe walls and square-towered churches.
"The Key to Yesterday" by Charles Neville Buck
There was also a narrow shelf on which was a lamp with a reflector of corrugated tin, a bald powder-puff, and two boot-buttons.
"Sinister Street, vol. 2" by Compton Mackenzie

In poetry:

A simple thing of knotted pine
And corrugated tin;
But still, to those who read, a sign,
A fortress on the farthest line
Against the march of sin.
"The Church upon the Hill" by John O Brien
I met him in a crowd; As if with care 'twas weighted, His shapely back was bowed,
His brow was corrugated. I asked him, "Why so pale?
What grief your soul has cankered?" And gleaned his painful tale
Over a friendly tankard.
"For One Night Only (A Tragedy) " by P G Wodehouse

In news:

InkSpec, a Canadian manufacturer of viscosity control systems for the flexo, gravure and corrugated markets, expanded its presence in Europe this year with the exhibition of its Intelligent Inline Sensor ( IIS ).
The Corrugated Packaging Alliance (CPA) protocol technical team has approved IPS Testing to perform the testing protocol outlined in the Voluntary Standard for Repulping and Recycling corrugated Fiberboard.
Squid Ink's printer is mounted on the case-packer so that corrugated cases can be printed in advance.
Families lived in corrugated metal huts.
Baled OCC, Old Corrugated Cardboard, in 44,000-lb Loads.
Market prices are softening going into Christmas, but the flow of OCC (Old Corrugated Containers) is still scarce enough limiting the amount the market will be able to fall.
Revision of F2136 - 08 Standard Test Method for Notched , Constant Ligament-Stress (NCLS) Test to Determine Slow-Crack-Growth Resistance of HDPE Resins or HDPE Corrugated Pipe.
This revision will provide the procedure for preparing and notching specimens from the liner of corrugated HDPE pipe.
The survey found that corrugated packaging is leading the way as a tool for optimising the appearance and performance of a variety of branded products.
An out-of-this-world galaxy begins with plain dark clothing and corrugated cardboard.
Draw a half-moon onto corrugated cardboard with a circle in the center the size of child's face.
Pile Turner for small or large sheet sizes of paper, board, corrugated or other material.
In the process of pipe -making, a set of vacuum valves pulls suction on the melted plastic into a form that makes the material into the shape of the corrugation molds.
Also able to handle corrugated die cuts and blanks, the Maximizer allows manufacturers to switch from one type of print job to another with ease and economy.
The cost-efficient ChamberMaxx system - a corrugated, open-bottom plastic arch system to retain stormwater runoff - stores up to 49 cu.

In science:

Phase relations in the nonlinear interaction imposed by the corrugation also cause splitting of the temporal second-subharmonic pulse.
Pulsed squeezed-light generation in a waveguide with second-subharmonic generation and periodic corrugation
We showed that longitudinal collective modes could propagate along the magnetic field provided that the Fermi surface is moderately corrugated.
Electromagnetic quantum waves and their effect on the low temperature magnetoacoustic response of a quasi-two-dimensional metal
Such modes could appear in Q2D metals with moderately corrugated Fermi surfaces, where the inequality t > Ω may be satisfied in strong magnetic fields.
Electromagnetic quantum waves and their effect on the low temperature magnetoacoustic response of a quasi-two-dimensional metal
Now, we combine these results keeping in mind that oscillating terms given by Eq.(17) must be taken into consideration when the Fermi surface of a layered conductor is moderately corrugated (t > ωp0/q).
Electromagnetic quantum waves and their effect on the low temperature magnetoacoustic response of a quasi-two-dimensional metal
Solid and dashed lines correspond to the contributions from minimum and maximum cross-sections of a moderately corrugated Fermi surface of a Q2D conductor.
Electromagnetic quantum waves and their effect on the low temperature magnetoacoustic response of a quasi-two-dimensional metal
The poles are situated within the contours of integration when the Fermi surface corrugation is sufficiently pronounced to satisfy the inequality t > ωp0/q .
Electromagnetic quantum waves and their effect on the low temperature magnetoacoustic response of a quasi-two-dimensional metal
In the latest paper, the authors calculate the force between a flat plate and one with a rectangular (square) corrugation, of amplitude ∆a.
The Casimir effect: Recent controversies and progress
For intermediate wavelength corrugations numerical results are given.
The Casimir effect: Recent controversies and progress
The force approaches that given by the proximity approximation for large λ like ∆a/λ, as compared to (∆a/λ)2 for sinusoidal corrugations, due to the sharp edges.
The Casimir effect: Recent controversies and progress
The relative contributions of the TE and TM modes vary with the wavelength and the shape of the corrugation, the ratio of the modes approaching unity as a/∆a tends to 1 or ∞.
The Casimir effect: Recent controversies and progress
The subsequent frames show how the particle horizon grows to encompass more corrugations of the original density fluctuation.
The Cosmic Microwave Background for Pedestrians: A Review for Particle and Nuclear Physicists
Each mirror unit was housed in a single, motorized corrugated steel pipe about 2.13 m long and 2.44 m in diameter.
Air Fluorescence Relevant for Cosmic-Ray Detection - Summary of the 5th Fluorescence Workshop, El Escorial 2007
For example, spatial and temporal magnetic field fluctuations, due to electron scattering and Johnson noise respectively, limit the minimum atom-surface distance, as they cause potential corrugations, spin flips, and decoherence.
Nanowire atomchip traps for sub-micron atom-surface distances
IV we analyze the potentials expected from such nanowires, including the Casimir-Polder force and potential corrugation effects.
Nanowire atomchip traps for sub-micron atom-surface distances
In this section we describe two prominent effects influencing the static potential at sub-micron atom-surface distances generated by nano-scale wires, namely corrugations due to electron scattering, and tunneling to the surface or the nanowire, through the magnetic potential, due to the Casimir-Polder force.
Nanowire atomchip traps for sub-micron atom-surface distances