• Skeleton of a branching coral
    Skeleton of a branching coral
  • WordNet 3.6
    • adj coral of a strong pink to yellowish-pink color
    • n coral marine colonial polyp characterized by a calcareous skeleton; masses in a variety of shapes often forming reefs
    • n coral a variable color averaging a deep pink
    • n coral unfertilized lobster roe; reddens in cooking; used as garnish or to color sauces
    • n coral the hard stony skeleton of a Mediterranean coral that has a delicate red or pink color and is used for jewelry
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: Corals take a long time to grow. Some corals only grow one centimeter in one year
    • Coral A piece of coral, usually fitted with small bells and other appurtenances, used by children as a plaything.
    • Coral (Zoöl) The hard parts or skeleton of various Anthozoa, and of a few Hydrozoa. Similar structures are also formed by some Bryozoa.
    • Coral The ovaries of a cooked lobster; -- so called from their color.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: An individual coral animal is called a polyp
    • n coral A general term for the hard calcareous skeleton secreted by the marine cœlenterate polyps for their support and habitation (polypidom). The coral-producing zoöphytes are usually compound animals, young buds sprouting from the body ot the parent polyp and remaining connected with it on the same spot even after it is dead; so that a piece of coral may be regarded as the abode either of one compound animal or of a multitude of individuals. The coralline structure sometimes branches like a shrub, sometimes spreads like a fan, or assumes the appearance of a brain, a flower, a mushroom, etc. (See cut under brain-coral.) These structures sometimes, as in the Pacific and southern parts of the Indian ocean, form reefs from 20 yards to several miles in breadth, extending for hundreds of miles along the coasts, and also the peculiar coral islands known as atolls. (See atoll.) The more abundant reef-builders, at the more moderate depths, are the madrepores, astræids, porites, and meandrines, and, at depths of from 15 to 20 fathoms, the millepores and seriatopores — the great field of coral-development thus lying between low water and 20 fathoms. Coral is nearly a pure calcium carbonate, mixed with more or less horny or gelatinous matter. The fine red coral of commerce, much used for ornaments, is a sclerobasic coral, in appearance somewhat resembling a tree deprived of its leaves and twigs. It is found chiefly in the Mediterranean, where several coral fisheries exist, as off the coasts of Provence, Sardinia, etc. See Coralligena, Corallium, Octocoralla, Sclerobasica, Sclerodermata.
    • n coral A child's toy, consisting of a branch of smooth coral with a ring attached, and usually with the addition of small bells and a whistle.
    • n coral The unimpregnated roe or eggs of the lobster, which when boiled assume the appearance of coral.
    • n coral A fleshy-leafed crassulaceous house-plant, Rochea coccinea, native of South Africa, bearing bright-scarlet flowers.
    • coral Made of coral; consisting of coral; coralline: as, a coral ornament; a coral reef.
    • coral Making coral; coralligenous: as, a coral polyp.
    • coral Containing coral; coraled; coralliferous: as, a coral grove.
    • coral Resembling coral; especially, of the color of commercial coral; pinkish-red; red: specifically, in heraldry, used of that color when described in blazoning a nobleman's escutcheon according to the system of precious stones. See blazon, n.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The largest coral reef in the world is the Great Barrier Reef located in Australia. The reef is approximately 2023 kilometers long
    • n Coral kor′al a hard substance of various colours growing on the bottom of the sea, composed of the skeletons of zoophytes: a child's toy made of coral
    • adj Coral made of or like coral
    • n Coral a limy seaweed of a delicate pinkish or purplish colour, common on British coasts: a coral-like substance
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
Of. coral, F, corail, L. corallum, coralium, fr. Gr. kora`llion


In literature:

But when he speak much, then it is like the coral which breaks.
"When Winter Comes to Main Street" by Grant Martin Overton
The coral reefs are of especial interest from their bearing on the general question of the formation of coral reefs.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 2" by Various
Its coasts are encircled with coral reefs, extending in some places 3 m. seaward.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 3" by Various
You know what coral is, don't you?
"Aunt Jo's Scrap-Bag VI" by Louisa M. Alcott
These reefs are a solid mass of cleft coral stones constantly growing seaward.
"Two Years with the Natives in the Western Pacific" by Felix Speiser
Perhaps the parasol was hers too, the coral beads, the muff and tippet!
"Nine Little Goslings" by Susan Coolidge
The steamer glides at half speed through the narrow channel in the coral reef which makes the natural breakwater of the harbor.
"Foot-prints of Travel" by Maturin M. Ballou
The floor was laid with white coral, broken small, and covered with cocoanut leaf mats, such as those on which the Natives sat.
"The Story of John G. Paton" by James Paton
The stone was dug out of the coral reefs, and a quantity of coral had to be gathered and burned for lime.
"Scenes in the Hawaiian Islands and California" by Mary Evarts Anderson
It seems to have been for many ages together a creation of molluscs, corals, and Crustacea.
"The Testimony of the Rocks" by Hugh Miller
We have arrived at an entire bed of corals, all of one species.
"The Cruise of the Betsey" by Hugh Miller
The low land which comes down to the beach of coral sand is covered by the most beautiful productions of the inter-tropical regions.
"The Beauties of Nature" by Sir John Lubbock
These may be divided into Coral Snakes, Moccasins, and Rattlers.
"Scouting For Girls, Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts" by Girl Scouts
Then both saw the phosphorus gleam and fade, gleam and fade as the waves broke over the coral.
"Mr. Wicker's Window" by Carley Dawson
In the inland sea are numerous beds of coral, which appear to be constantly forming and increasing.
"A Narrative of the Mutiny, on Board the Ship Globe, of Nantucket, in the Pacific Ocean, Jan. 1824" by William Lay
Some imitate coral in structure and some seem to be a mass of spines.
"The Mushroom, Edible and Otherwise" by M. E. Hard
In the morning they passed an island, the shores of which were high rocks of red coral.
"Japanese Fairy World" by William Elliot Griffis
The loneliness of that coral reef haunted me.
"Tales of Fishes" by Zane Grey
The several species occur imbedded in soft calcareous rocks, in massive corals, and in the shells of mollusca and of cirripedes.
"A Monograph on the Sub-class Cirripedia (Volume 1 of 2)" by Charles Darwin
The precious coral is found widespread on the borders and around the islands of the Mediterranean Sea.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 7, Slice 4" by Various

In poetry:

Wretched on her coral bed,
Far beneath the purple sea,
Ere the vital spark had fled,
Thus my mother pray'd for me.
"The Mermaid" by William Crafts
Her pearly teeth out-glancing
Between her coral lips,
The tremulous rhythm of passion
Marked by her quivering hips.
"In The Tents Of Akbar" by Paul Laurence Dunbar
Her eyes were bright as stars at night,
Her lips were like to coral,
And Nell was, in her lover's sight,
As beautiful as moral.
"The Devoutly Thankful Lover" by Harry Breaker Morant
It strips the children naked and
Leaves them without their food;
It breaks the fam'ly coral strand,
And leaves things dark and rude.
"Strong Drink" by Frank Barbour Coffin
The seabird, sweeping free and far
On wings of wonder, will not see
That green isle and its coral bar,
That corsair and his mystery.
"The Domain" by John Le Gay Brereton
Come, Jenny, let me sip the dew,
That on those coral lips doth play,
One kiss would every care subdue,
And bid my weary soul be gay.
"To ........." by Thomas Gent

In news:

Some scientists are concerned that overfishing, pollution and global warming are killing parts of the world's coral reefs .
Terry Done, an Australian Institute of Marine Science biologist, describes the impacts rising ocean temperatures can have on coral reefs .
Caribbean coral reefs down 80 percent.
A new study paints a grim picture of the health of coral reefs across the Caribbean.
In the past three decades, the amount of coral cover has dropped about 80 percent, according to researchers in the journal Science.
Coral reefs off the Florida Keys, part of the world's third-largest barrier reef ecosystem, will be protected from damage by large ships under a new international agreement, the Bush administration said today.
Roger Bradbury's recent op-ed in The New York Times arguing that coral reefs are doomed globally has had the coral reef science community abuzz for the last week.
The federal government has issued a long-term plan to save coral reefs along the coast of the United States and its territories, setting aside many sites as ecological preserves over the next 10 years.
Warming trends are causing the deterioration of the world's coral reefs , a panel of research scientists told a Senate committee last week.
Caribbean Coral Reefs Mostly Dead.
Scientists have discovered that Caribbean coral coverage has plummeted.
Next up in Illg Lecture Series: 'Deep Sea Coral Reefs'.
Here is a look at wildlife in the Coral Sea , an area that will rank as the world's second-largest fully protected marine reserve.
Australia's Coral Sea to become a protected marine reserve.
Coral Tree Café's vegetable soup.

In science:

Coral Gables Conference on Fundamental Interactions at High Energy.
The quantum speed up as advanced knowledge of the solution
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On-Line Selection of Alternating Subsequences from a Random Sample
It refers to a stage in the development of the animals in the phylum which includes the jellyfish and coral.
Possible Implications of the Quantum Theory of Gravity
The CORALS survey (Ellison et al. 2001) has argued that Ωtru ≈ Ωobs , implying that Ωd/Ωobs is small.
Chemical Abundances in the Damped Lya Systems
CORALS demonstrate that Ωd /Ωobs is 1/10 or smaller, then it is unlikely dust obscuration will ever play a major role in the determination of hZ i.
Chemical Abundances in the Damped Lya Systems
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Majorana and the Infinite Component Wave Equations
At nominal muon beam intensity tracks reconstructed by the COMPASS offline analysis software (CORAL, see Sec. 10.1) were used to determine, for each wire separately, the relation between the measured drift times and the distances of tracks to the anode wire.
The COMPASS Experiment at CERN
The energy deposited in the calorimeter is compared to the energy (momentum) of the associated particle reconstructed by the COMPASS reconstruction program CORAL.
The COMPASS Experiment at CERN
Event reconstruction is performed by a fully ob ject oriented program (CORAL) with a modular architecture and written in C++.
The COMPASS Experiment at CERN
Examples of such locations are the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea and, in particular, coral lagoons of atolls and other tropical islands around the world.
Extraction of Freshwater and Energy from Atmosphere
Allelopathy and spatial competition among coral reef invertebrates.
Stochastic evolutionary game dynamics
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