• WordNet 3.6
    • n conveyer a moving belt that transports objects (as in a factory)
    • n conveyer a person who conveys (carries or transmits) "the conveyer of good tidings"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Conveyer One given to artifices or secret practices; a juggler; a cheat; a thief.
    • Conveyer One who, or that which, conveys or carries, transmits or transfers.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n conveyer One who conveys; one who or that which conveys, carries, transports, transmits, or transfers from one person or place to another. Also sometimes conveyor.
    • n conveyer Specifically, a mechanical contrivance for carrying objects. Applied to those adaptations of band-buckets or spirals which convey grain, chaff, flour, bran, etc., in threshers, elevators, or grinding-mills, or materials to upper stories of warehouses or shops, or buildings in course of erection. Also applied to those arrangements of carriages traveling on ropes by which hay lifted by the horse-fork is conveyed to distant parts of a barn or mow, or materials are carried to a building.
    • n conveyer An impostor; a cheat; a thief.
    • n conveyer In transportation, a general term applied to a variety of machines used in moving coal, grain, and other materials in bulk over short distances, in a horizontal direction or up and down moderate inclines. Conveyers are named from the material transported (as box-, coal-, hide-, paper-, or log-conveyer) and also from the method of operation. An apron-conveyer consists of endless chains upon which wood or metal slats are placed close together, forming a continuous traveling platform. It is closely allied to the carrier (which see). A belt-conveyer employs a broad endless belt of leather, rubber, or similar fabric, running over stationary rollers placed at equal distances apart. When in operation a stream of light material, such as grain, can be fed to the belt and be transported at high speed in large quantities. If the feed corresponds to the speed of the belt, the material can be handled without loss, since the slight vibration of the belt, when in motion, causes the load to gather at the center where it rests during transit or until the belt changes its direction by turning over a horizontal roller at the point of delivery. Two types of idle rollers are used with belt-conveyers to support the belt For very-light materials a horizontal roller is used; for coal, wet sand, broken stone, and heavy materials the rollers are disposed in sets of three, one small horizontal roller in the middle and two others, each inclined toward the center to give the belt a dishing or trough-like surface for the purpose of concentrating the load in the middle of the belt and thus preventing loss over the sides. Belt-conveyers are in general use in all industrial and engineering plants where large quantities of heavy ores, coal, ashes, etc., must be moved over distances of a thousand feet, more or less, and up moderate inclines. For direct lifts, short belts, each at a slight incline, arranged in series, one feeding into the next, are often used. To pass at a right angle two belts are used, one delivering to the other at a slightly lower level. A bucket-conveyer is one having V-shaped buckets fixed and sometimes pivoted to a pair of chains. As a flight-conveyer, it can be operated in a horizontal direction by using the buckets as flights to drag the material to be removed along a trough. The same buckets can also be used to pick up and lift the material in a vertical direction. When used in both directions the machine is a combined conveyer and elevator. An endless-trough conveyer is one in which chains carry a sheet-metal trough open at each end. The buckets fit one into another and form a continuous trough, used to convey spikes, bolts, castings, etc. A flight-conveyer consists of a trough, of square or semicircular section, through which scrapers, called flighty, supported by traveling chains, drag the loose material. (See cut under monobar chain.) In some forms the boxes, barrels, or other packages of goods are pushed along a smooth wooden platform by means of lugs or low flights attached to conveyer-chains. A rotary conveyer is a cylindrical conveyer of the screw type mounted on wheels and made to turn upon its axis. It is used to dry and mix the material which is being transported through it. A screw-conveyer employs a trough of a cylindrical section, fitted with a helicoidal screw, which is supported by a shafting in the trough. The screw fits the trough so closely that in turning it forces the material along the trough in the direction of the thrust of the screw. The troughs used in screw-conveyers are sometimes made of perforated metal which serves as a screen in cleaning the material from dust, lint, etc.
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  • Friedrich Nietzsche
    “One often contradicts an opinion when what is uncongenial is really the tone in which it was conveyed.”
  • Edwin P. Whipple
    Edwin P. Whipple
    “Irony is an insult conveyed in the form of a compliment.”
  • Mark Twain
    “Often the surest way to convey misinformation is to tell the strict truth.”
  • John Kenneth Galbraith
    “Wealth, in even the most improbable cases, manages to convey the aspect of intelligence.”
  • Francis Bacon
    “There be three things which make a nation great and prosperous: a fertile soil, busy workshops, easy conveyance for men and goods from place to place.”


In literature:

The great Pinellian library, after the death of its illustrious possessor, filled three vessels to be conveyed to Naples.
"Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 1 (of 3)" by Isaac D'Israeli
While Mariano was being conveyed away, Sidi Hassan arose in a half-stupefied condition from the ground.
"The Pirate City" by R.M. Ballantyne
To Miss Lillycrop it conveyed the idea of hopeless and irretrievable confusion!
"Post Haste" by R.M. Ballantyne
On the sled, drawn by four lanky dogs, we could see the figure of a man wrapped in blankets and strapped to the conveyance.
"The Big Otter" by R.M. Ballantyne
Good-bye, you may convey my respects to your mother.
"The Lifeboat" by R.M. Ballantyne
Singers of this type can always be recognized by a curious impression of hesitancy, or even timidity, conveyed by their tones.
"The Psychology of Singing" by David C. Taylor
Next in importance is the Church of the Assumption, containing the bodies of seven saints conveyed here from Constantinople.
"Across Coveted Lands" by Arnold Henry Savage Landor
Two figures in male attire enter a closed conveyance, and are driven rapidly in an opposite direction from that taken by Paul Lanier.
"Oswald Langdon" by Carson Jay Lee
Soft earth is a poor conductor, while rock and solid earth convey very readily.
"Practical Mechanics for Boys" by J. S. Zerbe
Secundianus, having been accused as a christian, was conveyed to prison by some soldiers.
"Fox's Book of Martyrs" by John Foxe
Christina was conveyed to Vadstena, where she remained several months pending negotiations.
"The Swedish Revolution Under Gustavus Vasa" by Paul Barron Watson
Did not I see this child convey'd by stealth Into your house last night?
"The Comedies of Terence" by Publius Terentius Afer
They were taken by a sealer, whose boat they had pilfered, and conveyed to Flinders'.
"The History of Tasmania , Volume II (of 2)" by John West
Down that staircase she had perhaps been conveyed in a state of well-prepared insensibility!
"The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of Jane Austen" by Jane Austen
That time has now arrived, and with it the opportunity for conveyance.
"The Writings Of Thomas Paine, Complete" by Thomas Paine
A horse was harnessed to a conveyance, and we drove off, followed by the mounted messenger.
"Yiddish Tales" by Various
Thus he grew up surrounded by spies, who conveyed his every word to the King.
"Pictures of German Life in the XVIIIth and XIXth Centuries, Vol. II." by Gustav Freytag
One sunny afternoon we hired a conveyance and started for the Roman Aqueduct.
"Glories of Spain" by Charles W. Wood
The Arminian offered to convey this proposal to his corps.
"The Lost Manuscript" by Gustav Freytag
Fate, or any similar word, could have taken its place; she merely conveyed her sense that their coming together was right and inevitable.
"The Wave" by Algernon Blackwood

In poetry:

Her joy is ours! Oh, may we see
That joy more plainly every day!
Christ lives and loves eternally,--
Swift feet such tidings should convey.
"Ministering Women" by Nancy Rebecca Campbell Glass
When pow'r's convey'd, I work; but see,
'Tis still his pow'r that works in me.
I am an agent at his call,
Yet nothing am, for grace is all.
"The Believer's Riddle; or, the Mystery of Faith" by Ralph Erskine
Joy to the faithful Three renewed,
As their glad errand they pursued!
Happy, who so Christ's word convey,
That he may meet them on their way!
"Easter Day" by John Keble
"Alas! my brother! can I see thee pace
Hoodwink'd to hell, and not lament thy case,
Nor stretch my feeble hand to stop thy headlong
"The Poor Of The Borough. Letter XXI: Abel Keene" by George Crabbe
Whene'er you smile, my little dear,
Whene'er you drop the hasty tear,
The fays unseen that round you play,
The smile and tear far hence convey.
"To Titania, Queen Of Fairyland, St. Valentine's Day" by Peter John Allan
You linger when you say good-night:
The parting touch a pang conveys.
'Tis,—‘Shall we meet at morning light,
Or only on the Day of Days?’
"Good-Night" by Victor Plarr

In news:

Many of the wines in our tasting were intensely minerally, a quality that conveys the pleasing aromas of gravel and river rocks without the unpleasant experience of having a mouthful.
They bristle at any attempt to limit the information they can convey to the public.
Like most forms of pruning, I have heard of no benefits directly conveyed to the plant, in this case your Lenten rose .
Well, it's not as if Lhasa de Sela can't sing, but she conveys a range of emotions that goes from A to A-and-a-half.
For some teachers and librarians, this isn't enough because it doesn't convey a sense of how to organize mini-research moments & how important small activities can be.
Dewdney's quietly expressive paintings convey the affection between the llamas with sleepy eyes, gestural hooves, and tender kisses, as Mama sends Llama Llama off to start the day.
The series is designed to convey practical wisdom and advice from successful independent restaurant owners.
While Adventureland may shift moods suddenly and meander , the highlight is Eisenberg's ability to endearingly convey gawkiness and mortification.
To convey the desperation of his client's addiction to meth , Beggs noted that Chatfield passed on taking other items of value and other substances from the pharmacies he broke into and only stole meth paraphernalia.
Sound plays a vital role in conveying the world of Boardwalk Empire, with its vintage cars, telephones, Victrolas, guns and period music, which is used liberally in every episode.
After grinding the material is conveyed by a pressurized pneumatic conveyor up six stories to cereal cookers.
Designed to convey the premium quality of the product, Naeve is packaged in 375ml and 750ml flint glass bottles that are frosted to create an icy look.
Finally, someone got the guts to convey hate into edgy musical.
An Alba mother is conveying a message to the public while her baby is home recovering from a near death experience.
Mark Boal, the screenwriter of the new movie "Zero Dark Thirty," says he wanted to tell a story that conveyed the moral complexities of the hunt to kill Osama bin Laden .

In science:

The table conveys that there is some variation in these figures across fields, but in no field is the use of pair matching in cluster-randomized designs very high, and it never occurs in even as many as 30% of published experiments.
Rejoinder: Matched Pairs and the Future of Cluster-Randomized Experiments
For such properties the notion of global resilience does not seem to convey what one would expect from such a distance measure.
Local resilience and Hamiltonicity Maker-Breaker games in random-regular graphs
The photons impinge on a beam-splitting polarizer, which should (ideally) be maximally (anti)aligned at exactly 45◦ (p/4 radians) in order to yield a 50:50 ratio of photons polarized in either one of the two orthogonal directions ւր and ցտ conveyed in the two output ports and detected thereafter, respectively.
How Random Is Quantum Randomness? An Experimental Approach
It is a bit difficult to convey the meaning of this theorem.
The missing log in large deviations for triangle counts
However, this method is no longer adequate for images, since the digital presentation of images does not convey the reality of images.
Feature-Based Adaptive Tolerance Tree (FATT): An Efficient Indexing Technique for Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Wavelet Transform
The role of these cell problems is to encode the information of the micro-scale and convey it to the macro-scale.
A numerical approach related to defect-type theories for some weakly random problems in homogenization
Steps (d),(e) and (f ) convey an extension of the method that pays off for large t.
Lattices freely generated by posets within a variety. Part II: Finitely generated varieties
And it is impossible in some sense: the adversary will have all the information to compute any secret conveyed.
Can Random Coin Flips Speed Up a Computer?
INTRODUCTION In a distributed network, distributed beamforming is considered as a promising scheme that allows distributed transmitters to convey common information efficiently in energy due to its potentia l array gain and low-complexity.
A General Proof of Convergence for Adaptive Distributed Beamforming Schemes
SYSTEM SETUP We consider a network with N distributed transmitters that attempt to convey a common message to the receiver.
A General Proof of Convergence for Adaptive Distributed Beamforming Schemes
Nevertheless, the stability correlation analysis is a powerful tool that can very quickly convey an impression of the stabilizing and destabilizing factors in large networks.
Generalized modeling of ecological population dynamics
This description is sufficient to convey the main ideas underlying our attack and the problems with the existing proof, and a complete description is given in Appendix A.
Equivalence of the Random Oracle Model and the Ideal Cipher Model, Revisited
When a CQ is conveyed the credibility of the conclusion is decreased.
Using Semantic Wikis for Structured Argument in Medical Domain
The related arguments are exported from SMW in Protege, where the strength of the argument is computed in Jess based on the conveyed critical questions, represented by SWRL rules (figure 2).
Using Semantic Wikis for Structured Argument in Medical Domain
To discuss the nature of a quantum space-time at any distance scale requires a quantitative measure which is universal; that is to say it can be defined in any of the models we are interested in and is insensitive to cut-off scale physics while conveying information about the longer distance structure.
Continuum Random Combs and Scale Dependent Spectral Dimension