convex shape


  • WordNet 3.6
    • n convex shape a shape that curves or bulges outward
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In literature:

It appears to be formed of two crescent-shaped ridges, the convexities of which are turned outwards.
"Lectures on Evolution" by Thomas Henry Huxley
The convex surface must be ground in a saucer-shaped tool of corresponding form.
"Side-lights on Astronomy and Kindred Fields of Popular Science" by Simon Newcomb
The mouthpiece is hemispherical and convex, and the exact shape of it is of great importance.
"Scientific American Supplement No. 819" by Various
It appears to be formed of two crescent-shaped ridges, the convexities of which are turned outwards.
"American Addresses, with a Lecture on the Study of Biology" by Thomas Henry Huxley
It appears to be formed of two crescent-shaped ridges, the convexities of which are turned outwards.
"Lectures and Essays" by Thomas Henry Huxley
Rudely shaped, of hard cherty rock, flat on the inner face, convex on the back.
"Illustrated Catalogue Of The Collections Obtained From The Indians Of New Mexico And Arizona In 1879" by James Stevenson
The ears of the African animal are much larger, and the shape of his forehead is more convex.
"Anecdotes of the Habits and Instinct of Animals" by R. Lee
The =pileus= is convex, then expanded, plane or convex, and when mature more or less top-shaped because it is so thick at the middle.
"Studies of American Fungi. Mushrooms, Edible, Poisonous, etc." by George Francis Atkinson
It appears to be formed of two crescent-shaped ridges, the convexities of which are turned outwards.
"Little Masterpieces of Science:" by Various
Its surface was convex, and in shape it was neither square, nor round, nor exactly oval, for it was pointed at both ends.
"Yellow-Cap and Other Fairy-Stories For Children" by Julian Hawthorne
Seeds black, shining, greenish gray if not fully cleaned, nearly circular, lens-shaped, equally convex, 1.2-1.8 mm.
"Seeds of Michigan Weeds" by W. J. (William James) Beal
In shape it is doubly convex, and may be rudely compared to a small lemon-drop.
"A Treatise on Physiology and Hygiene" by Joseph Chrisman Hutchison
The shape of the eye differs somewhat from the normal; it is more convex, smaller, and is encircled by a narrow rim destitute of ommatidia.
"Sex-linked Inheritance in Drosophila" by Thomas Hunt Morgan
Then hone thoroughly with an extra fine hone slightly convex in shape.
"Paper-Cutting Machines" by Niel, Jr., Gray
Shape it so as to be a bi-convex, and a picture appears in its focus.
"Aphorisms and Reflections from the works of T. H. Huxley" by Thomas Henry Huxley
The concentration into a focus is obtained through a perfectly-shaped, convex lens.
"Chapters of Bible Study" by Herman J. Heuser
Corolla funnel-shaped, with curved tube and slightly unequal limb; the throat closed with 5 convex obtuse bristly scales opposite the lobes.
"The Manual of the Botany of the Northern United States" by Asa Gray
It is somewhat tongue-shaped and slightly concave-convex.
"The Archaeology of the Yakima Valley" by Harlan Ingersoll Smith
In valley glaciers it is shaped by the ice front to a crescent whose convex side is downstream.
"The Elements of Geology" by William Harmon Norton
It is of a triangular shape, being concave before and convex behind.
"A System of Midwifery" by Edward Rigby

In news:

Having the shape of a double-convex lens.
Patty pans are disk-shaped, convex on both sides with a scalloped border, giving them the appearance of a plate or a flying saucer - an odd, fun, UFO shape kids find fascinating.
The CapMax Convex Cap Printer from Workhorse Products ( features a curved platen and screen that follow the natural shape of the cap.

In science:

The lenslet array is a refractive optical element, flat on one side, with a grid of square-shaped convex lenses on the other side.
Bringing the Visible Universe into Focus with Robo-AO
For convex grains of any shape or size, the chord-distribution function of the phase exterior to the grains is p1 (z ) = λ exp(−λz ) where λ = sv /4φ1 .
Chord distribution functions of three-dimensional random media: Approximate first-passage times of Gaussian processes
This equation tells that the dynamic phase boundary will be convex having the shape of rectangular hyperbola (xy = c).
Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions in Model Ferromagnets: A Review
T x d = constant, it is easy to see that this gives the convex shape of the dynamic phase boundary).
Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions in Model Ferromagnets: A Review
If, however, the surface is curved in a convex shape, the particles in the flow will tend to take directions tangent to the surface, i.e. away from the surface, obeying Newtons first law.
Explanation and discovery in aerodynamics
The posets Pi that represent the classes in a pre-convex rank test capture the shapes of data vectors.
Geometry of rank tests
In this paper, we disprove this conjecture for all L-Shapes and construct a large class of non-convex curves for which the DNA Inequality holds.
The DNA Inequality in Non-Convex Regions
Proposition 6.1 shows that the AREs, with respect to the pseudo-Gaussian tests of Section 5.2, of the rank tests proposed in Section 5.1 are convex linear combinations of these “shape AREs” and the “scale AREs” in (6.1).
Optimal rank-based tests for homogeneity of scatter
Shape optimization problems over classes of convex domains. J.
Two-dimensional body of maximum mean resistance
The latter mainly refers to a mild broad curvature (convex shape) over the whole band, a break or steepening above ∼ 2 keV, or a soft excess below ∼ 2 keV. A typical ULX spectral shape of the latter is sketched in Figure 2.
Ultraluminous X-ray Sources in the Chandra and XMM-Newton Era
Note that the triangle and oval are convex, while Y and L-shapes are not.
Spatial Multiresolution Cluster Detection Method
When the signal strength increases, the MCD method performs similarly as the spatial scan method, even for the two convex shapes.
Spatial Multiresolution Cluster Detection Method
Let Σ be a closed embedded hypersurface in the manifold (M , ¯g ) that is star-shaped and convex.
Note on Brendle-Eichmair's paper "Isoperimetric and Weingarten surfaces in the Schwarchild manifold"
Mizera (2012): “Convex Optimization, Shape Constraints, Compound Decisions and Empirical Bayes Rules,” preprint.
Testing for Homogeneity in Mixture Models
There, because of the convex disc shape, its outer regions are shielded from the central X-ray source (Cannizzo 1994).
Disc instabilities and "soft" X-ray transients