• WordNet 3.6
    • adv conveniently in a convenient manner "the switch was conveniently located"
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: 7-Eleven was the first convenience store to have television advertising. The animated commercial ran in 1949 and had a singing rooster and owl
    • adv Conveniently In a convenient manner, form, or situation; without difficulty.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
  • Interesting fact: Lillian Moller Gilbreth (1878-1972), the mother of 12 children, had good reason to improve the efficiency and convenience of household items. A pioneer in ergonomics, Gilbreth patented many devices, including an electric food mixer, and the trash can with step-on lid-opener that can be found in most households today.
    • conveniently Fitly; suitably; with adaptation to the desired end or effect: as, the house was not conveniently situated for a tradesman.
    • conveniently With ease; without trouble or difficulty.
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  • King Jr. Martin Luther
    “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”
  • Amy Vanderbilt
    Amy Vanderbilt
    “We must learn which ceremonies may be breached occasionally at our convenience and which ones may never be if we are to live pleasantly with our fellow man.”
  • Benjamin Disraeli
    “Nobody is forgotten when it is convenient to remember him.”
  • Murray Kempton
    Murray Kempton
    “It is function of government to invent philosophies to explain the demands of its own convenience.”
  • Rachel Carson
    Rachel Carson
    “The control of nature is a phrase conceived in arrogance, born of the Neanderthal age of biology and the convenience of man.”
  • Mary Todd Lincoln
    Mary Todd Lincoln
    “My evil genius Procrastination has whispered me to tarry 'til a more convenient season.”


Marriage of convenience - A marriage of convenience is a marriage or commitment made for financial, social or other benefit rather than love, affection, etc.
Under a flag of convenience - If a ship sails under a flag of convenience, it is registered in a country where taxes, etc, are lower than in the country it comes from, so if someone does something under a flag of convenience, they attempt to avoid regulations and taxes by a similar means.


In literature:

In many cases the span is fixed by local conditions, such as the convenient sites for piers, or the requirements of waterway or navigation.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 3" by Various
Care, therefore, should be taken to leave no haunt for their convenience.
"Rural Architecture" by Lewis Falley Allen
But from the moment it's for the convenience of others the signs have to be grosser, the shades begin to go.
"The Tragic Muse" by Henry James
Checks are the most satisfactory and most convenient method of paying a debt or making any ordinary remittance.
"The Handy Cyclopedia of Things Worth Knowing" by Joseph Triemens
It is an establishment formed by the banks themselves, and for their own convenience.
"Up To Date Business" by Various
Spoons and forks for serving should be placed at the right and left of the dish to be served, or in another convenient position.
"Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Household Science in Rural Schools" by Ministry of Education Ontario
Time can be saved by having all the necessary materials close at hand and conveniently arranged.
"The Measurement of Intelligence" by Lewis Madison Terman
Settle, With Convenient Shelves.
"Carpentry for Boys" by J. S. Zerbe
The particular location of the apple orchard is largely a matter of convenience.
"Apple Growing" by M. C. Burritt
The chief aim in both methods should be to secure in the most convenient manner the best-paying plants.
"Agriculture for Beginners" by Charles William Burkett
For convenience of comparison the various details of housebuilding for the two groups will be treated together.
"Eighth Annual Report" by Various
A convenient size has a 2-1/2 inch blade.
"Handwork in Wood" by William Noyes
This may conveniently be called the Hesperian division.
"The English Language" by Robert Gordon Latham
The old-fashioned traveller by railway will, however, find the order here set out the most convenient one.
"Stained Glass Tours in France" by Charles Hitchcock Sherrill
Then there are two or three longer shelves placed in convenient locations.
"Woodcraft" by E. H. (Elmer Harry) Kreps
The scrip could be paid for at Sir John's convenience.
"The Squire's Daughter" by Silas K(itto) Hocking
It is convenient for balloon purposes, and for use at mountain stations, being of course a special construction.
"A Treatise on Meteorological Instruments" by Henry Negretti
Moreover, at Etah the landing is more difficult, and it was not nearly so convenient for my purpose as a base.
"My Attainment of the Pole" by Frederick A. Cook
Descriptions are also given of various methods of enlarging a finger print to a convenient size, when it is desired to examine it closely.
"Finger Prints" by Francis Galton
Platitudes were not a background against which he might posture to his convenience.
"Gargoyles" by Ben Hecht

In poetry:

"By any reasonable plan
I'll make you happy if I can;
My own convenience count as NIL:
It is my duty, and I will."
"Captain Reece" by William Schwenck Gilbert
What, was it all for naught, those awful years
That drenched a groaning land with blood and tears?
Was it to leave this sly convenient hell,
That brother fighting his own brother fell?
"To The South" by Paul Laurence Dunbar
The watchful bear, perceiving that
The gnat lit on her master,
Resolved to light upon the gnat
And plunge him in disaster;
She saw no sense in being lenient
When stones lay round her, most convenient.
"The Confidant Peasant And The Maladroit Bear" by Guy Wetmore Carryl
The husband, and a friend in store,
Burst from behind the cellar door,
Where through a chink, convenient made,
They knew whate'er was done or said.
Cursing and blasting he began,
Like any carrier, or his man.
"The Milkman" by William Hutton
A land where Virtue in distress
Owes much to uncles in disguise;
Where British sailors frankly bless
Their limbs, their timbers, and their eyes;
And where the villain doth confess,
Conveniently, before he dies!
"Partant Pour La Scribie" by Andrew Lang
Then there's a large number of bathing coaches there,
And the climate is salubrious, and very warm the air;
And every convenience is within the bathers' reach,
Besides, there's very beautiful walks by the sea beach.
"Beautiful Nairn" by William Topaz McGonagall

In news:

There is no conveniently simple definition of drought.
Palletizer and wrapper are a convenient coupling .
Apply for your 2012 PRI Exhibitor & Guest credentials today, by choosing one of the 2 convenient options below.
It's all about the convenience of a cake mix and pre-sliced apples, for a bakery-fresh finish.
With this Mini Eyelash Curler , you can achieve the utmost precision in eyelash curling plus the convenience of portability.
Review with students the different kinds of sampling methods for surveys and polls, including random, systematic, convenience, and judgment sampling.
Serving 11 AM-10 PM Sun-Thu, 11 AM-2 AM Fri-Sat MC, V. For three years, Orchid's was tucked into the side of a convenience store-gas station complex on Schenectady's Altamont Avenue.
The health clinics in US pharmacies and other retail stores may be convenient, but they may also take a bite out of the traditional doctor-patient relationship, according to a US study.
For keyless convenience, Master Lock's Electronic Keypad Deadbolt (EKD) replaces standard deadbolts (no additional door prep), providing ANSI Grade 2 security with backup key access.
CLASSICAL music institutions are usually quick to seize on major anniversaries of a composer's birth or death as a convenient programming hook.
Deeming is typically used as a convenience for issues that aren't controversial.
If your dentures are not firmly placed and you would like to experience the convenience that technology can offer, call the office of Dr Butler today at 614-876-MINI (6464).
What was meant to be ease and convenience for customers has turned into a nightmare for one Sun City Center couple.
For all of the conveniences that come along with modern technology, the loss of privacy may be the biggest inconvenience.
The proliferation of online banking and automated technology in the financial services industry has brought convenience to customers and operational cost efficiencies to banks.

In science:

We are therefore allowed to use a more convenient isomorphic algebra, what is the aim of the following construction.
Random walks on the braid group B_3 and magnetic translations in hyperbolic geometry
Next thing to do is to find out some convenient representation for ha, b, ci in SL(2, C) and describe it in terms of par(ha, b, ci).
Singular sets and parameters of generalized triangle orbifolds
For convenience, we will deal with relations in B rather than with generators of the ideal I .
Number Operator Algebras
The coproduct is a convenient tool to produce independent random variables .
Filtered random variables, bialgebras and convolutions
For convenience, we can identify x ∈ Al with πl (x), Pl with PΩl and φl with the expectation state hΩl , .Ωl i (see ).
Filtered random variables, bialgebras and convolutions
It is convenient to introduce the following notions.
Filtered random variables, bialgebras and convolutions
In general, in this section we will often assume for convenience that m ∈ N∗ = N ∪ {∞}.
Filtered random variables, bialgebras and convolutions
H) (the ordering of indices is used for convenience, which is possible due to the fact that the product is symmetrized).
Filtered random variables, bialgebras and convolutions
It would be very utilitarian if aspects of such scattering were indeed well approximated by a simple convenient functional form.
A simple functional form for proton-${}^{208}$Pb total reaction cross sections
It will be also convenient to introduce here the function Ψ (x) = x/( + x ) in terms of which we express [dΦ/dε]εF = (εF)−Ψ (kF/λ) .
Coherent description of electrical and thermal impurity-and-phonon limited transport in simple metals
For convenience, tidal split was done by setting ξ0 ( ~m ) = 0 outside or inside the subvolume instead of setting δ0 ( ~m ) = 0; the coherence length of the density field is so small that very little difference is made either way.
Multiscale Gaussian Random Fields for Cosmological Simulations
For convenience, let us set the minimum of the energy scale at zero by defining ǫi,j = −J (SiSj − 1).
An Introduction to Monte Carlo Simulation of Statistical physics Problem
Hence W ⋆ is chosen conveniently to make the selection of the trial state simple.
Monte Carlo: Basics
M } are the prescribed values of b spanning its full range or a conveniently chosen interval in its range.
Monte Carlo: Basics
The generating function g (x) provides a convenient way to determine the size S of the giant component.
Are randomly grown graphs really random?