• WordNet 3.6
    • n contraception birth control by the use of devices (diaphragm or intrauterine device or condom) or drugs or surgery
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  • Spike Milligan
    Spike Milligan
    “Contraceptives should be used on all conceivable occasions.”
  • Julie Burchill
    “The freedom that women were supposed to have found in the Sixties largely boiled down to easy contraception and abortion; things to make life easier for men, in fact.”


In literature:

Moreover the contraceptive measures, according to the law that every "solution" breeds new problems, have their place in causing nervousness.
"The Nervous Housewife" by Abraham Myerson
Probably this was the first recognition by the New Zealand Government of contraceptives.
"Report of the Special Committee on Moral Delinquency in Children and Adolescents" by Oswald Chettle Mazengarb et al.
Forel has in this connection compared the use of contraceptives to the use of eye-glasses.
"Little Essays of Love and Virtue" by Havelock Ellis
Whether or not it succeeds in changing the law it will, like the Bradlaugh-Besant episode, spread contraception widely.
"Applied Eugenics" by Paul Popenoe and Roswell Hill Johnson
It is not true of any of the modern contraceptives.
"Woman" by William J. Robinson
There's a new oral contraception technique he's evolved which may be quite efficacious.
"This Crowded Earth" by Robert Bloch
One factor of great importance we believe to be the widespread use of contraceptives amongst the unmarried.
"Report of the Committee of Inquiry into the Various Aspects of the Problem of Abortion in New Zealand" by David G. McMillan
Contraception, and ethics, 219.
"Sex-education" by Maurice Alpheus Bigelow
The Methods of Contraception.
"Private Sex Advice to Women" by R. B. Armitage

In news:

Insurers Must Now Cover Contraception Without Copays.
What Else, Besides Contraception, Is Covered.
Usha Ranji, associate director for Women's Health Policy at the Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation, looks at what, besides contraception.
Caesar invaded God's realm to disavow freedom of conscience over contraception.
Over-the-counter sales of oral contraceptives will cut off a disingenuous attack line.
Conditions at Colorado Springs, CO. President Obama has conceded to religious leaders outraged over a new health care policy regarding contraceptives, offering a compromise Friday.
They were given their choice of a range of contraceptive methods at no cost - from birth control pills to goof-proof options like the IUD or a matchstick-sized implant.
Democratic Assemblymember Holly Mitchell says she wants the Food and Drug Administration to approve over-the-counter sale of oral contraceptives as soon as possible.
Four potential downsides to selling oral contraception over the counter.
Obama boasted that the Affordable Care Act gives insured women free contraception coverage, and said Romney thinks employers should decide whether women can get contraception through insurance.
Contraception is and always has been a thorny social issue, especially for Catholics and politicians.
Catholic hospitals and universities are unwilling to purchase insurance plans that provide contraceptive coverage.
Today the Catholic Health Association released its comment (.pdf) on the Department of Health and Human Services proposal to accommodate religious employers' objections to the contraception mandate.
Contraception Is an Economic Issue.
Republicans on the Sunday talk show circuit spent a lot of time insisting that contraception isn't a real issue for women voters, that it's unimportant and will take a back seat to the economy.