• WordNet 3.6
    • n contester someone who contests an outcome (of a race or an election etc.)
    • ***


  • Lord Byron
    “It is odd but agitation or contest of any kind gives a rebound to my spirits and sets me up for a time.”
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne
    “All brave men love; for he only is brave who has affections to fight for, whether in the daily battle of life, or in physical contests.”
  • Geoffrey Gaberino
    Geoffrey Gaberino
    “The real contest is always between what you've done and what you're capable of doing. You measure yourself against yourself and nobody else.”
  • Alexander Pope
    “For Forms of Government let fools contest; whatever is best administered is best.”
  • Georg C. Lichtenberg
    “That man is the noblest creature may also be inferred from the fact that no other creature has yet contested this claim.”
  • Georg C. Lichtenberg
    “I believe that man is in the last resort so free a being that his right to be what he believes himself to be cannot be contested.”


In literature:

His Contest with Artabanus.
"The Seven Great Monarchies Of The Ancient Eastern World, Vol 7. (of 7): The Sassanian or New Persian Empire" by George Rawlinson
The French and Venetians took it, but not without a very severe contest.
"Elements of Military Art and Science" by Henry Wager Halleck
To say that in all contests the decision will of course be in favor of the greater number is by no means true in fact.
"The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. VII. (of 12)" by Edmund Burke
The contest between France and England for American soil was about to begin.
"Historic Tales, Vol. 1 (of 15)" by Charles Morris
Nothing is so disheartening to a team as to lose a closely contested game on a technicality of rules.
"Outdoor Sports and Games" by Claude H. Miller
But in the late contest we were divided between Fremont and Fillmore.
"A Short Life of Abraham Lincoln" by John G. Nicolay
This produced a contest which ended in a battle, wherein Re'mus was slain.
"Pinnock's Improved Edition of Dr. Goldsmith's History of Rome" by Oliver Goldsmith
The wives of the contestants heat water and prepare pinole, which they hold out in drinking-gourds to the men as they pass.
"Unknown Mexico, Volume 1 (of 2)" by Carl Lumholtz
The contest between French and Spanish factions became cruel.
"Renaissance in Italy, Volumes 1 and 2" by John Addington Symonds
He was destroyed in the contest.
"King Alfred of England" by Jacob Abbott
Impatient of this, a sally in force was made by the garrison, headed by the two robber chiefs, and an obstinate contest ensued.
"Historical Tales, Vol 5 (of 15)" by Charles Morris
In this way the various winners can race against each other, making an interesting contest.
"School, Church, and Home Games" by George O. Draper
There was no hope of her emerging victorious from the contest.
"The Shadow of the Czar" by John R. Carling
The contest on this bill was long and severe.
"The Life Of Abraham Lincoln From His Birth To His Inauguration As President" by Ward H. Lamon
The war of 1894 was really a contest between Japanese progress and Chinese stagnation.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 15, Slice 3" by Various
Two causes of discontent brought about the renewal of this contest.
"The Two Great Republics: Rome and the United States" by James Hamilton Lewis
This latter contest decided the fate of the campaign.
"Military Career of Napoleon the Great" by Montgomery B. Gibbs
Higginson Peabody, in conference with Jack, said that he thought of starting a baby contest.
"The Sunset Trail" by Alfred Henry Lewis
It was too much like introducing professionals into an amateur contest.
"The Dogs of Boytown" by Walter A. Dyer
Luther's friends conjured him not to persist in the contest, and he had promised to comply.
"History of the Reformation in the Sixteenth Century, Vol 2" by J. H. Merle D'Aubigné

In poetry:

I see Abercrombie grandly brave
With his fifteen thousand men,
Glide swiftly, silently over the wave
To contest from which many came not again.
"Lake George, N. Y." by Jared Barhite
When th' elements did for place contest
With Him, whose will
Ordain'd the highest to be best:
The earth sat still,
And by the others is opprest.
"Employment [II]" by George Herbert
This contest, proudly fought and won,
Left one just claim uncanceled yet,
Before the world-wide shout, well done!
Would ring from freedom's minaret.
"The Triumph Of Liberty" by James Madison Bell
Oh! direful and strange will the contest appear,
Big with freedom to nations afar;
The good, who confide, and the guilty, who fear,
Shall join in the conflict of war.
"The Fury Of Discord" by Sir John Carr
THE demon was before our farmer placed;
The sight was by the prince in person graced;
The wond'rous contest numbers ran to see,
And all the world spectators fain would be.
"Belphegor Addressed To Miss De Chammelay" by Jean de La Fontaine
... so what the lame four-poster gathered here
Between the lips of stale and seasoned sheets
Startles a memory sunlit upon the wall
(Motors and urchins contest the city streets)
"Obituary" by Allen Tate

In news:

Royalty contestants, crafters sought for Backwoods Fest.
KIMBOLTON The Kimbolton Backwoods Festival is seeking entrants for its queen, king, prince and princess contest.
Whale carcass picture wins Alaska photo contest.
Contestants are judged on speed, proper bagging techniques, and great customer service.
"We look forward to the best bagger contest," Thueringer says, "because it's a fun way to celebrate the important role baggers play in creating a pleasant shopping experience.".
Jeff 'Ox' Kargola, 27, of San Clemente sustained major injuries in a crash on the second day of the Rip to the Tip contest.
0Eric Hanson, one of last year's winner of baconfest's recipe contest, shows us how to make loaded baked potato soup.
PARIS — The explosive contest between Balmain and Balenciaga got down and dirty on Thursday, as both designers, in strong form, displayed their fashions for summer 2011.
You can vote daily in "Buster's Ballfield Makeover Contest".
Antjuan Ball wins High Schoool Slam Dunk Contest.
Monopoly Pass Go Contest at Bally 's.
One was from a spokesperson for Green Mountain Naturals informing her that she had been selected as America's Most Inspirational Teacher in the company's Apple for a Teacher contest.
CORDOVA — Donna King, a special education teacher at Bankhead Middle School, is a top five finalist for a national "Apple for a Teacher" contest sponsored by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.
If you win this contest, they'll do it for free.
HTML Contests Sign Up To Win contests.

In science:

In this contest, we believe, simplicity is a virtue and this is the reason for using a qubit.
Secure self-calibrating quantum random bit generator
In our contest, we solve this problem by means of the notion of two–scale convergence, which is particularly fruitful when dealing with homogenization problems on singular structures.
Random walks and exclusion processes among random conductances on random infinite clusters: homogenization and hydrodynamic limit
Introduced by Nicholson in 1954 , scramble and contest are types of intraspecific competition models that differ between themselves in the way that limited resources are shared among individuals.
Generalized exponential function and discrete growth models
In the contest competition, stronger individuals get the amount of resources they need to survive.
Generalized exponential function and discrete growth models
This model describes well scramble competition models but it is unable to put into a unique formulation the contest competition models such as Hassel model , Beverton-Holt model and Maynard-Smith-Slatkin model .
Generalized exponential function and discrete growth models
Contact, W UMa, binaries earn first prize in the “well, you can’t have formed that way” contest.
Astrophysics in 2006
Following the dissonance theory of Festinger , we assume that an agent with an opinion very different from the average of its own group (|ϑi − OI | > ε) can feel uncomfortable in this contest and can decide to change group.
When group level is different from the population level: an adaptive network with the Deffuant model
This paper is based partially on a talk given by T.P.S. at the 1st Mediterranean conference on Classical and Quantum gravity following the lines of Ref. and partially on an essay prepared for the “FQXi essay contest: What is Ultimately Possible in Physics?” .
Destroying black holes with test bodies
There are several contested states around 2.1 GeV that are left out of the PDG summary tables.
Study of kaonic final states in $\pi^-p$ at $190\,\textrm{GeV}$
Another approach akin to ours is the TrueSkill system (Herbrich et al., 2007), which uses a graphical model to estimate the relative skill levels of people based on past contests.
How To Grade a Test Without Knowing the Answers --- A Bayesian Graphical Model for Adaptive Crowdsourcing and Aptitude Testing
Quality expectation-variance tradeoffs in crowdsourcing contests.
How To Grade a Test Without Knowing the Answers --- A Bayesian Graphical Model for Adaptive Crowdsourcing and Aptitude Testing
Cheng-Lin Liu, Fei Yin, Da-Han Wang, and Qiu-Feng Wang, “Chinese Handwriting Recognition Contest,” in Chinese Conference on Pattern Recognition, 2010.
Fast Image Scanning with Deep Max-Pooling Convolutional Neural Networks
However, the question arises: is this approach correct? This structure suggests that background fertility and mortality acts directly after the contest and is a last part of a causal chain started by the game.
Background fitness, eco-evolutionary feedbacks and the Hawk-Dove game
Perhaps we should have a contest to come up with a replacement for the standard model.
Theory Summary and Future Directions
Limiting the tenor: Further, only behavior evinced during the course of a natural conversation on the single specified topic would be required to be duplicated faithfully by the contestants.
Lessons from a Restricted Turing Test