• WordNet 3.6
    • n conspiracy a plot to carry out some harmful or illegal act (especially a political plot)
    • n conspiracy a secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act
    • n conspiracy a group of conspirators banded together to achieve some harmful or illegal purpose
    • ***
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: When he resigned in 1923 because of illegal behavior in the Teapot Dome Affair, Secretary of the Interior Albert Fall was offered an appointment to the Supreme Court by President Harding. In 1931, Fall was tried and found guilty of conspiracy to defraud.
    • Conspiracy A combination of people for an evil purpose; an agreement, between two or more persons, to commit a crime in concert, as treason; a plot. "When shapen was all his conspiracy From point to point.""They made a conspiracy against [Amaziah].""I had forgot that foul conspiracy""Of the beast Caliban and his confederates."
    • Conspiracy A concurence or general tendency, as of circumstances, to one event, as if by agreement. "A conspiracy in all heavenly and earthly things."
    • Conspiracy (Law) An agreement, manifesting itself in words or deeds, by which two or more persons confederate to do an unlawful act, or to use unlawful to do an act which is lawful; confederacy.
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n conspiracy A combination of persons for an evil purpose; an agreement between two or more persons to commit in concert something reprehensible, injurious, or illegal; particularly, a combination to commit treason, or excite sedition or insurrection; a plot; concerted treason. In legal usage a conspiracy is a combination of two or more persons, by some concerted action, to accomplish some criminal or unlawful purpose, or to accomplish some purpose not in itself criminal or unlawful by criminal or unlawful means. The term was formerly used in English law more specifically to designate an agreement between two or more persons falsely and maliciously to indict, or procure to be indicted, an innocent person of felony.
    • n conspiracy Hence Any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result.
    • n conspiracy Synonyms Intrigue, cabal, machination.
    • n conspiracy An ancient writ which was issued against parties alleged to be guilty of a conspiracy to indict a party for treason or a felony.
    • ***
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Conspiracy the act of conspiring: a banding together for an evil purpose: a plot: concurrence
    • ***


  • John Updike
    “America is a vast conspiracy to make you happy.”
  • John Buchan
    John Buchan
    “Civilization is a conspiracy. Modern life is the silent compact of comfortable folk to keep up pretences.”
  • Alexis De Tocqueville
    “In countries where associations are free, secret societies are unknown. In America there are factions, but no conspiracies.”
  • Jim Henson
    Jim Henson
    “Nobody creates a fad. It just happens. People love going along with the idea of a beautiful pig. It's like a conspiracy.”
  • Martin Amis
    Martin Amis
    “Money doesn't mind if we say it's evil, it goes from strength to strength. It's a fiction, an addiction, and a tacit conspiracy.”
  • George Bernard Shaw
    “All professions are conspiracies against the laity.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
See Conspiration
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. conspirārecon, together, spirāre, to breathe.


In literature:

Indeed, the charge of conspiracy was proved beyond the shadow of a doubt.
"The Swedish Revolution Under Gustavus Vasa" by Paul Barron Watson
The conspiracy was crushed, and crushed, happily, without bloodshed.
"The Reign of Mary Tudor" by James Anthony Froude
It was a conspiracy... "My counsel was a fool too," he added.
"Chance" by Joseph Conrad
The glory of a grand conspiracy shone in their eyes.
"A Little Girl in Old New York" by Amanda Millie Douglas
He formed a conspiracy to seize the persons of Mary and her husband.
"A Modern History, From the Time of Luther to the Fall of Napoleon" by John Lord
A conspiracy was on foot to murder the father of the armies, the greatest and best of Caesars.
""Unto Caesar"" by Baroness Emmuska Orczy
The Babington conspiracy had been detected the year before.
"Sir Walter Ralegh" by William Stebbing
He was given the nickname of Malagrida, a Portuguese Jesuit who had been executed for conspiracy in 1761.
"The Political History of England - Vol. X." by William Hunt
A conspiracy was organized against him by a soldier named Caius Cassius and others of the discontented.
"Historic Tales, Volume 11 (of 15)" by Charles Morris
The offences principally cognizable in this court were forgery, perjury, riot, maintenance, fraud, libel, and conspiracy.
"The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 11" by Various

In poetry:

Theirs is a blest intrigue,
They are in league,
God and my conscience, in conspiracy
To parch my corporal being utterly.
"Keepers On The Tower" by Benjamin Musser
To them it was revealed how they had found
The kindred nature and the needed mind;
The mate by long conspiracy designed;
The flower to plant in sanctuary ground.
"The Hueless Love" by George Meredith
Low strips of mist that mesh the moon
Above the foaming waterfall;
And mountains, that God's hand hath hewn,
And forests, where the great winds call,—
Within the grasp of such as see
Are parts of a conspiracy;
"The Age Of Gold" by Madison Julius Cawein

In news:

Among the conspiracy theories floating around the 2012 election is this one: That in Wood County in northwest Ohio, more voters voted for President Obama than there were eligible voters.
He said that Chafin's lawsuit is part of a conspiracy that she, Jeananne Gilco and Sherry Frye came up with while they were housed together in a regional jail.
In Jerry Sandusky trial, the jury would have to believe in one outlandish conspiracy theory to find him not guilty.
Mark Wilson/Getty Images For the jury to find Jerry Sandusky not guilty, it will have to believe in a wild conspiracy theory.
Overheated politics cooks up conspiracy theories.
More than a century ago, a conspiracy surrounding drug prohibition helped undo the Hawaiian monarchy.
Denver Police Chief Gerry Whitman might just be part of a conspiracy to cover up information that could be embarrassing to Governor Bill Ritter and his pick for Colorado's next US attorney, Stephanie Villafuerte.
PCP conspiracy alleged in KC area.
Audi Pineda, 38, of Pawtucket, was convicted of possession with the intent to distribute oxycodone and conspiracy, federal prosecutors said.
Conspiracy theories about 9/11 permeate the Muslim world.
I'm not much of a con­spir­acy the­o­rist, but does any­body remem­ber when DST was just a sum­mer thing.
Louisiana Institute of Film Technology founder Malcolm Petal pleaded guilty Friday, December 12, 2008 on conspiracy charges stemming from a $65,000 bribe paid to Louisiana's former Director of Entertainment Economic Development, Mark Smith.
Rubio has had enough of Trump's birther conspiracies.
In retrial, Arthur J Chappell was found guilty of sex trafficking a minor and conspiracy to make child porn.
A Capitol Heights woman and her younger brother were found guilty of first-degree murder and conspiracy in the beating and stabbing death of a Northeast Washington pizza parlor owner Wednesday.

In science:

If, in addition, there is a stage of grandunification, since there is no reason for a conspiracy between contributions of different nature, such processes should eventually be enhanced.
Lepton Flavour Violation
They do not, as often stated (see for example Lalo¨e’s review article, ref. ) require “conspiracies” between the detectors.
The "Chaotic Ball" model,local realism and the Bell test loopholes
Thus if we assume higher order terms become increasingly small, then barring a conspiracy of cancellation between terms ′ | ∼ (nS − 1)2 or less.
Next-generation test of cosmic inflation
Measuring the locations of multiple peaks makes this conspiracy of power spectrum parameters more difficult, however, and for the best experiments the correlation disappears.
Next-generation test of cosmic inflation
This conspiracy of two ∼ 20% effects produces a sizable shift in the ratio of the Λb and B -meson lifetimes.
Spectator effects and lifetimes of heavy hadrons