• WordNet 3.6
    • v consort keep company "the heifers run with the bulls to produce offspring"
    • v consort keep company with; hang out with "He associates with strange people","She affiliates with her colleagues"
    • v consort go together "The colors don't harmonize","Their ideas concorded"
    • n consort a family of similar musical instrument playing together
    • n consort the husband or wife of a reigning monarch
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Consort (Naut) A ship keeping company with another.
    • Consort An assembly or association of persons; a company; a group; a combination. "In one consort ' there sat
      Cruel revenge and rancorous despite,
      Disloyal treason, and heart-burning hate."
      "Lord, place me in thy consort ."
    • Consort Concurrence; conjunction; combination; association; union. "By Heaven's consort .""Working in consort .""Take it singly, and it carries an air of levity; but, in consort with the rest, has a meaning quite different."
    • Consort Harmony of sounds; concert, as of musical instruments. "To make a sad consort ';
      Come, let us join our mournful song with theirs."
    • Consort One who shares the lot of another; a companion; a partner; especially, a wife or husband. "He single chose to live, and shunned to wed,
      Well pleased to want a consort of his bed."
      "The consort of the queen has passed from this troubled sphere.""The snow-white gander, invariably accompanied by his darker consort ."
    • Consort To attend; to accompany. "Thou, wretched boy, that didst consort him here,
      Shalt with him hence."
    • Consort To unite or join, as in affection, harmony, company, marriage, etc.; to associate. "He with his consorted Eve.""For all that pleasing is to living ears
      Was there consorted in one harmony."
      "He begins to consort himself with men."
    • v. i Consort kŏn*sôrt" To unite or to keep company; to associate; -- used with with. "Which of the Grecian chiefs consorts with thee?"
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • n consort A companion; a partner; an intimate associate; particularly, a wife or a husband; a spouse.
    • n consort Nautical, a vessel keeping company with another, or one of a number of vessels sailing in conjunction
    • consort To associate; unite in company; keep company; be in harmony: followed by with.
    • consort To join; marry; espouse.
    • consort To unite in company; associate: followed by with.
    • consort To unite in symphony or harmony.
    • consort To accompany.
    • n consort An assembly or company.
    • n consort Specifically A company of musicians; an orchestra.
    • n consort Concert; concurrence; agreement.
    • n consort A former spelling of concert, by confusion with consort.
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Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
    • n Consort kon′sort a partner: a companion: a wife or husband: an accompanying ship:
    • v.t Consort (Shak.) to accompany: to associate (with)
    • v.i Consort to associate or keep company: to agree
    • n Consort kon′sort (obs.) a number of people: an orchestra: former spelling for concert
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  • Ovid
    “Majesty and love do not consort well together, nor do they dwell in the same place.”


Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
L. consore, -sortis,; con-, + sors, lot, fate, share. See Sort
Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. consors, from con, with, and sors, sortis, a lot.


In literature:

Sarasvati, consort of Brahma; Devi (Parvati, Durga, &c.), consort of Siva; and Lakshmi, consort of Vishnu.
"Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official" by William Sleeman
The consort was more unfortunate.
"The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898: Volume XVII, 1609-1616" by Various
As we pass Flamboro' Head, two sails in sight S.S.W., which the men say are he and his consort.
"Atlantic Monthly, Volume 14, No. 84, October, 1864" by Various
By Juno sent I come, consort of Jove.
"The Iliad of Homer" by Homer
The Egyptian Nu is vaguer than his consort Nut, and the Babylonian Apsu than his consort Tiamat.
"Myths of Babylonia and Assyria" by Donald A. Mackenzie
But blood is thicker than water, and the young naturally consort together.
"The Lost Treasure of Trevlyn" by Evelyn Everett-Green
The news that a Venetian merchant ship, without consorts, is weather bound here, would bring them upon us like bees.
"The Lion of Saint Mark" by G. A. Henty
Suspecting nothing, Hawkins with his four consorts sailed, as before, in October 1567.
"English Seamen in the Sixteenth Century" by James Anthony Froude
It was many years after her accession that the Queen revisited the town, but the Prince Consort came frequently.
"Personal Recollections of Birmingham and Birmingham Men" by E. Edwards
The Prince sat at one end faced by his beautiful consort.
"The Mummy and Miss Nitocris" by George Griffith

In poetry:

Where labor faints and bows her head,
And want consorts with crime;
Or men grown faithless sadly say
That evil is the time.
"The Present Age" by Frances Ellen Watkins
I am no link of thy great chain,
But all my companie is a weed.
Lord, place me in thy consort; give on strain
To my poore reed.
"Employment" by George Herbert
His Gods are many or are none,
Saturn and Mithra, Christ and Jove,
Consorting, as the Ages run,
With Vestal choir or Pagan drove.
"The Door Of Humility" by Alfred Austin
Be to thy lawful consort true,
With no one else have ought to do,
Nor of the Spirit's temple dare
To make the fiend's unhallow'd lair.
"Advice To A Youth" by Rees Prichard
My highway is unfeatured air,
My consorts are the sleepless stars,
And men my giant arms upbear,
My arms unstained and free from scars.
"Hymn Of The Earth" by William Ellery Channing
But She in Heaven, and I on earth,
Still journey on, but each alone;
She, maiden Queen of sacred birth,
Who with no consort shares her throne.
"The Door Of Humility" by Alfred Austin

In news:

The consort 's four members presented instrumental and vocal/instrumental music that demonstrated a fascinating intermingling of the cultures and religions of Europe and the Middle East.
Monrovia Recorder Consort performed at Descanso Gardens.
09 George Frideric Handel Linde-Consort Buy Now.
Nancy Nolan in 'consort ' in her hometown of Langley.
The Headwhiz Consort Moderne Internationale .
Now the Oxford English Dictionary wants to know whether the British royal consort is responsible for coining a memorable entomological term.
Some 10 years ago, Marsteller said, he began hearing tales from villagers of other fishing outfitters luring underage females onto their boats to consort with their clients.
The Palace in Denmark has announced that His Royal Highness the Prince Consort Henrik of Denmark will visit Solvang on Saturday, June 11, 2011.
The Prince Consort was admitted with a bladder infection, though much of the rest of the Royal Family was present.
Better reporting of harms in randomized trials: an extension of the CONSORT statement.
The Monteverdi Consort performs spiritual music in which the solfege syllables - do re mi - play a structural and often symbolic role.
North Creek — The Muddy River Consort will present a concert at the Tannery Pond Community Center at 1:30 pm Saturday, Aug 11.
Before becoming the "liberal lion" of the Senate, a young Edward Kennedy would reportedly jaunt to Central and South America to consort with communists and prostitutes.
That same year, he took on the corrupt political bosses who controlled Tammany Hall, as the Democratic Party organization was known, blasting them for consorting with criminals and using their power to monopolize the hiring of city employees.
In Nomine for consort of viols – Fretwork.

In science:

Indeed, the consort statement on reporting in clinical trials (Begg et al., 1996) recommends that reports include assessments of balance on variables of possible prognostic value.
Covariate Balance in Simple, Stratified and Clustered Comparative Studies
Campbell, M. K., Elbourne, D. R. and Altman, D. G. (2004). consort statement: extension to cluster randomised trials.
Covariate Balance in Simple, Stratified and Clustered Comparative Studies