• WordNet 3.6
    • adv consequentially having consequence
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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
    • Consequentially By remote consequence; not immediately; eventually; as, to do a thing consequentially .
    • Consequentially In a regular series; in the order of cause and effect; with logical concatenation; consecutively; continuously.
    • Consequentially With assumed importance; pompously.
    • Consequentially With just deduction of consequence; with right connection of ideas; logically. "The faculty of writing consequentially ."
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Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    • consequentially In a connected series; in the order of cause and effect, or of antecedent and consequent.
    • consequentially With correct deduction of consequences; with right connection of ideas; connectedly; coherently.
    • consequentially In sequence or course of time; hence, not immediately; eventually.
    • consequentially Consecutively: in due order and connection.
    • consequentially With assumed importance; with conceit; pompously; pretentiously.
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In literature:

But also at Hurstley now are found its consequential blessings.
"The Complete Prose Works of Martin Farquhar Tupper" by Martin Farquhar Tupper
Rose De Ber spied her out and came running up to greet her; tossing her head consequentially.
"A Little Girl in Old Detroit" by Amanda Minnie Douglas
One of them wore his master's sword, of which he was very proud, and he strutted about in a most amusing and consequential manner.
"Three Months in the Southern States, April-June 1863" by Arthur J. L. (Lieut.-Col.) Fremantle
Like Don Sebastian, George read this precious effusion of a pompous, consequential, pig-headed official twice before commenting upon it.
"The Cruise of the Nonsuch Buccaneer" by Harry Collingwood
The consequential air had given place to an expression of quiet serenity which was by no means unbecoming.
"Sisters Three" by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
Its snuffle was consequential and its sneeze oracular.
"Jacob Faithful" by Captain Frederick Marryat
As soon as we were on the deck of the cutter, the lieutenant commanding her inquired of us in a consequential manner who we were.
"Peter Simple" by Frederick Marryat
The pastor playfully walked up and down the room with a consequential air, to the great amusement of the children.
"Little Tora, The Swedish Schoolmistress and Other Stories" by Mrs. Woods Baker
Then the door opens, and Mr. Buscarlet, with a sufficiently subdued though rather triumphant and consequential air, enters.
"Molly Bawn" by Margaret Wolfe Hamilton
Nobody could mistake the consequential strut, the flapping linen suit, the white hat with its band of crape.
"Lippincott's Magazine, Vol. 22, September, 1878" by Various
She looked very pretty and plump and consequential.
"A Daughter of the Vine" by Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton
In both cases it was consequential and more or less remote.
"The Middle Period 1817-1858" by John William Burgess
Rarely have the voters been called upon to participate in a more consequential election.
"Socialism and Democracy in Europe" by Samuel P. Orth
The most consequential wager was arranged between Mr. Humphreys and Sir Charles Venner.
"First Person Paramount" by Ambrose Pratt
He is consequential enough now, but the Homfrays will not have much to say to him presently, you will see.
"The New Rector" by Stanley J. Weyman
No longer is it consequential in the markets of the world.
"The Personality of American Cities" by Edward Hungerford
The fall of Jerusalem was a most natural and consequential thing.
"The Trial of Jesus from a Lawyer's Standpoint, Vol. II (of II)" by Walter M. Chandler
What a curse is consequentiality when out of season!
"My Danish Sweetheart, Volume 3 of 3" by William Clark Russell
His manner was consequential, but dignified.
"Makers and Romance of Alabama History" by B. F. Riley
Every year she grew a little stouter, a trifle more consequential.
"A Little Girl in Old St. Louis" by Amanda Minnie Douglas

In news:

George W Bush once said a presidency ought to be "consequential.".
A campaign about big, consequential ideas comes to a close.
The Year of Consequential Debates.
Health-care ruling will cap a consequential week for Obama.
0 T he Pelosi-Reid Congress, it's clear, fancies itself among the most consequential Congresses ever.
This is where ACORN 's absence is being quietly but consequentially felt.
War, bin Laden, and "the aura of the consequential".
Every constellation of ritual, belief, and ethical practice that we call "religion" finds its way to inventing something like blessings for children, of more or less consequential form.
"Show me your papers" stands, but more consequential provisions -- such as ID requirements and warrantless arrests -- are defeated in today's ruling.
On Tuesday, the most consequential election in the history of Western civilization, pitting a radical socialist revolutionary against a misogynist plutocratic reactionary, will finally be over (God willing).
At this time last year, many pundits predicted that the 2011 term would be the most consequential of any for years to come.
The question is, at the moment, more consequential than it might normally be.
Thus, the pollution and consequential contamination of the regional drinking water supply and its aesthetically and economically vital waterways continue to increase.
REINS on Regulators Congress should oversee the most costly and consequential regulations.
The EC has announced a new revision of EU GMP Annex 11 Computerised Systems, and consequential amendment of EU GMP Chapter 4 Documentation.

In science:

To bound P(b ≤ w+1 2 |a = w), we fix a set of w+1 2 vertices and bound the probability that w consequentially randomly selected vertices were in that set.
The Rank of Random Graphs
Consequentially, to use these polynomials for defining invariants of knot and link quandles and biquandles, which are typically infinite, we must first convert to finite quandles in some way.
Generalized quandle polynomials
We present a simple agent-based model to study the development of a bubble and the consequential crash and investigate how their proximate triggering factor might relate to their fundamental mechanism, and vice versa.
How to grow a bubble: A model of myopic adapting agents
If a constant action rack is a quandle, then we have x (cid:46) x = x and consequentially x (cid:46) y = x for all x, y ∈ R; such a quandle is called trivial.
Link invariants from finite racks
The results of this paper are consequential to those collected in , where a throughout revision of the theory of electromagnetism in vacuum has been presented.
The Fractal Structure of Matter and the Casimir Effect
We use the theorem to derive a special consequential result and, then, we proceed with the proof of Theorem 1.
On Approximations and Ergodicity Classes in Random Chains
Using Feynman or retarded propagators does, however, make a consequential difference for the wave functions of the equal-time bound states.
The hbar Expansion in Quantum Field Theory
After taking pause to revel in the landmark discovery of the Higgs boson, we arrive now at potentially the most consequential inflection point in the dual effort to reveal the definitive imprint of supersymmetry upon natural processes.
Testing No-Scale F-SU(5): A 125 GeV Higgs Boson and SUSY at the 8 TeV LHC
Consequentially the individual apparent moduli µV i (Gal) and µI i (Gal) (based on the Galactic P-L relation) and the µV i (LMC) and µI i (LMC) (based on the LMC P-L relation) increase with log P .
Cepheid Distances to SNe Ia Host Galaxies based on a Revised Photometric Zero-Point of the HST-WFPC2 and New P-L Relations and Metallicity Corrections
CP < 1) and consequenty the obtained errors are highly non-Gaussian when the central value is close to the boundary.
Averages of b-hadron and c-hadron Properties at the End of 2007
Although consequential character of this scenario might be doubtful, it is still convenient to analyze the above three steps separately as simple consequence of these events.
Aerodynamic Models for Hurricanes IV. On the hurricane genesis and maturing
Many results to this end were in contexts where manipulations with first order formulas, or infinitary formulas, were pertinent and consequential.
Upward Stability Transfer for Tame Abstract Elementary Classes
There may not be a mid point b between points a and c such that d(a, b) + d(b, c) = d(a, c) and consequentially we cannot naturally measure path lengths.
Measuring thermodynamic length
Consequentially, the square root of Jensen-Shannon divergence between two thermodynamic states gives a lower bound on the thermodynamic length of any path between those same states, and the Jensen-Shannon divergence is a lower bound to the thermodynamic divergence.
Measuring thermodynamic length
The term Xij , accounting for the relaxation of the elastic strain uij , is rather more consequential.
From Elasticity to Hypoplasticity: Dynamics of Granular Solids