• WordNet 3.6
    • adj connected joined or linked together
    • adj connected stored in, controlled by, or in direct communication with a central computer
    • adj connected plugged in "first check to see whether the appliance is connected"
    • adj connected being joined in close association "affiliated clubs","all art schools whether independent or attached to universities"
    • adj connected wired together to an alarm system "all the window alarms are connected"
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Another letter connecting Gissibl with a German propaganda agency Another letter connecting Gissibl with a German propaganda agency
Places of Interest in Connection with Columbus's Earlier Life Places of Interest in Connection with Columbus's Earlier Life
Connections for a Bi-unial Lantern Connections for a Bi-unial Lantern

Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
  • Interesting fact: The Sears Tower consists of nine framed tubes, which connects nine skyscrapers as one building
    • p.adj Connected joined: united
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  • Junius
    “Notable talents are not necessarily connected with discretion.”
  • Adrienne Rich
    “The connections between and among women are the most feared, the most problematic, and the most potentially transforming force on the planet.”
  • Søren Kierkegaard
    Søren Kierkegaard
    “Marriage brings one into fatal connection with custom and tradition, and traditions and customs are like the wind and weather, altogether incalculable.”
  • Erich Fromm
    “We live in a world of things, and our only connection with them is that we know how to manipulate or to consume them.”
  • Don Campbell
    Don Campbell
    “The more connections that can be made in the brain, the more integrated the experience is within memory.”
  • Mary Chapin Carpenter
    Mary Chapin Carpenter
    “It's a marvelous feeling when someone says I want to do this song of yours because they've connected to it. That's what I'm after.”


Connect the dots - When you connect the dots, you understand the connections and relationships.


Chambers's Twentieth Century Dictionary
L. con, together, and nectĕre, to tie.


In literature:

Out of this grew a regular butcher's business in connection with the farm.
"The Rainbow" by D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence
He often remembered Herbert in connection with one of his odd anniversaries.
"The Life of Sir James Fitzjames Stephen, Bart., K.C.S.I." by Sir Leslie Stephen
The gills are rather broad, subdistant, adnate, grayish-white, often transversely veiny above and venosely connected.
"The Mushroom, Edible and Otherwise" by M. E. Hard
Rome is the connecting link between antiquity and mediaevalism.
"The Railroad Question" by William Larrabee
Loose terminal connections cause a loss of energy due to their resistance, and all such connections must be well made.
"The Automobile Storage Battery" by O. A. Witte
Other motives than those connected with knowledge entered from the first into man's worship.
"History of Religion" by Allan Menzies
This fact shows more than any other the intimate relationship which connects all living organisms.
"The Sexual Question" by August Forel
How it is connected with impressions of beauty.
"Modern Painters Volume II (of V)" by John Ruskin
The geologist distinguishes, and in distinguishing connects them.
"Modern Painters Volume I (of V)" by John Ruskin
The terms are connected by the copula.
"Monophysitism Past and Present" by A. A. Luce
In more recent times we have the dancing and singing connected with the Methodist revival.
"Religion & Sex" by Chapman Cohen
Roots, silage, and other succulent feeds are useful in this connection.
"Special Report on Diseases of Cattle" by U.S. Department of Agriculture
Catamarca is connected by railways with Rioja and Patquia and with Cordoba.
"Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 5, Slice 5" by Various
Connection with the theater.
"Woman's Club Work and Programs" by Caroline French Benton
Now, it is to St. Paul that we turn for light upon the connection between the Old Testament and the New.
"The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus" by G. A. Chadwick
A click followed as the connection was broken.
"Whispering Wires" by Henry Leverage
His victory over the Quadi (174) is connected with a famous legend.
"The New Gresham Encyclopedia. Vol. 1 Part 3" by Various
Alexander Morris's connection with Manitoba as Lieutenant-Governor.
"The Canadian Portrait Gallery - Volume 3 (of 4)" by John Charles Dent
It has no special trade beyond that connected with the dockyards and Government works.
"The New Gresham Encyclopedia" by Various
The North Sea and Baltic ship canal connects its estuary with Kiel Bay, and there are other important connected canals.
"The New Gresham Encyclopedia" by Various

In poetry:

But poverty ---- — evil
Will keep you in bondage for life,
Twill change your connection ----
And make a poor slave of your wife.
"The Misanthrope's Reverie" by Joseph Warren Watson
He cannot, nor do they, the tale connect;
For never singer in the land had been
Who him for theme did not reject:
Spurned of the hoof that sprang the Hippocrene.
"Bellerophon" by George Meredith
Not a cloud stairway, nor ladder long,
Connects this earth with the land of song;
The Saviour bends from the opening skies--
He smiles in love, and our souls arise.
"The Clouds" by Joseph Horatio Chant
Fain would I feel an union in thy fate,
Fain would I seek to draw an Omen fair
From this connection in our Earthly date.
Indulge the harmless weakness—Reason, spare.—
"To The Memory Of Mrs. Lefroy Who Died Dec: 16 -- My Birthday." by Jane Austen
'Tis an inspiring, glorious thought to me,
Which raises me above this earthly clod,
To think the cords which bind our souls may be
Connected some way with the throne of God.
"The Intellectual Telegraph" by David John Scott
No winter birds or midges dot the snow.
I understand: the earth has long lain chill
And dead. For whom do I conserve
The breath within my chest? To whom did death
Return me? What's my mind
Connected to? And what's its final purpose?
"Never" by Afanasy Afanasevich Fet

In news:

18 Stethoscopes, 1 Heart Murmur and Many Missed Connections.
Regulars at the Kingwater Market were shocked to learn that police have arrested Elias Abuelazam in connection with the Flint serial stabbings.
This 1981 Express-News file photo was taken during construction of the Paseo del Alamo, a pedestrian water garden that connects the Alamo with the River Walk.
A 20-year-old Winona man is facing felony drug charges in connection with an incident that took place August 21st.
Stanley Hoffmann, in his review of The Israeli Connection, managed to spell my name correctly eight of nine times, and I am grateful for that.
AMONG online networking sites, LinkedIn stands out as the specialized one — it's for professional connections only.
The Belgrade Lakes region is one of those Maine locales that's a natural for summer recreation: verdant greenery surrounding seven inter-connected lakes.
(AP) — The FBI says authorities have arrested a man in Montana in connection with the kidnapping of a Wyoming girl.
DETROIT—The left cleat of Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh connected with Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub in his groin area in their Thanksgiving game.
Mike Tyson connects to the groin area of Kevin McBride during their heavyweight bout at the MCI Center June 11, 2005 in Washington, DC.
Connection with mentors brought benefactor , businessman Min Kao back to UT.
According to a report from the Philadelphia Inquirer, a housekeeper has been arrested in connection with the theft of a $3 million bust of Benjamin Franklin from a Pennsylvania home in August.
It's been a year since Blue Jeans Network emerged from stealth mode into a crowded field of competitors pushing simplified A/V conferencing connectivity.
The Blue Water Bridge connects Port Huron with Ontario (Courtesy: Nathan Holth, Blue Water Bridge, Aug 22, 2012).
Connected by friendships and geography, these young sailors learn to get their feet wet.

In science:

Given any symplectic connection ∇ on (M , ω), we define an induced connection ∇P which is a Ricci-flat symplectic connection on (P , µ).
Reduction,Induction and Ricci flat symplectic connections
Let G1 be the connected and simply connected group of algebra g, and let H ′ be the connected subgroup of G1 with Lie algebra h′ .
Reduction,Induction and Ricci flat symplectic connections
If g1 = g ⊕ R is the central extension of g defined by this 2 cocycle and G1 is the corresponding connected and simply connected group let H ′ be the connected subgroup of G1 with algebra h′ = { (X, 0) | X ∈ h } ∼= h.
Reduction,Induction and Ricci flat symplectic connections
When the average connectivity hki per node is constant, the exponent α increases when the minimum connectivity m increases; (2) To the minimum connectivity m = 1, the exponent α decreases when the average connectivity hki of the network increases.
Optimization of scale-free network for random failures
Elements of all types belong to three classes: 1. Automaton/node, port, and connection/edge constants. 2. Automaton/node, port, and connection/edge variables. 3. Automata, ports, and connections with variables. Example 5.1.
Mathematical Models in Schema Theory
This rule however is not applicable to the randomly connected fiber i.e., if the randomly connected neighbour of a broken fiber is already broken, the stress then is given only to its directly connected neighbours.
Critical behaviour of mixed random fibers, fibers on a chain and random graph
We will use a complex structure on the connected sum surface with a very long connected sum length (and in fact, we will move the connected sum point v1 close to the circle β in S , as explained below).
Holomorphic disks and link invariants
If the network of U values is connected and the network of V values is connected and the distance between the U(1) and −V(1) is less than r , then the network will be connected.
On the topological Properties of the One Dimensional Exponential Random Geometric Graph
Merging step: Move all the out-links connected to j , so that they connect to i instead and move all the in-links of j so that they randomly connect to other nodes (excluding i).
Models and average properties of scale-free directed networks
Pick w(n) from the connected component of B that contains n; then pick w(n − 1) from the connected component of B |[n]\{w(n)} that contains the maximal element of [n] \ {w(n)}; then pick w(n − 2) from the connected component of B |[n]\{w(n),w(n−1)} that contains the maximal element of [n] \ {w(n), w(n − 1)}, etc.
Faces of Generalized Permutohedra
Starting with an one-dimensional ring lattice of N nodes in which every node is connected to its k/2 nearest neighbors, we randomly rewire each connection of the lattice with the probability p such that self-connections and multiple connections are excluded.
Random matrix analysis of complex networks
N two-connected terms in the product, x2N three-connected terms in the product, x3N four-connected terms in the product, and so on.
A random walk on the permutation group, some formal long-time asymptotic relations
It is worth to note here that the evolution of connectivity in the dynamical setting described in Section 3 is not Markovian, in the sense that staying connected for a large number of steps does have an impact on the probability of being connected at the next step.
Dynamic Random Geometric Graphs
Further q 6= ˜g, the group L is connected reductive with simply connected derived subgroup, and the fixed points subgroups Lh , Qh are connected.
Finite dimensional representations of DAHA and affine Springers fibers : the spherical case
Suppose, therefore, that G∗ is a graph with connected components of size at most 2, u edges labeled +1, v edges labeled −1, and w edges labeled 0, with either u > 0 or v > 0, so there u + v + w connected components consisting of two vertices and s − 2(u + v + w) connected components consisting of a single vertex.
Spectra of random linear combinations of matrices defined via representations and Coxeter generators of the symmetric group